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Is it intended to form a joint effort to advance the WTO accession negotiations or to strengthen regional cooperation? Russia, White and Kazakhstan "bundle" The enigma of the entry into the WTO has not been solved this newspaper foreign correspondent Tan Wujun Chen Zhi-wan Li Yongqun Wen Xian newspaper editor Lu Hong Ma Jian Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently announced that Russia will begin negotiations with Belarus and Kazakhstan as a unified customs union to join the World Trade Organization. What are the considerations of "bundling" WTO entry? What are the prospects for negotiations?  The editors of this newspaper and foreign correspondents have a dialogue on this. Related to the interests of each of the editors: Russia announced and white Kazakhstan "bundle" together as a whole to join the WTO is what consideration?  How do Russian media or experts comment on this?  Tan Wujun (our correspondent in Russia): Russian media to Putin's stance also felt "very unexpected", because earlier this month, Russia and Europe to enter into contact with the WTO, Russia's chief representative Medvedkov also optimistic that if the two sides of the negotiations smooth, Russia is expected to join the WTO in six months. In this respect, Russian officials generally explained that the new approach will speed up the accession process, but analysts believe it will add more unknowns: first, the customs Union has not yet been established, which means that the WTO accession negotiations cannot start at least six months; second, while WTO rules allow the unification of Customs zones to join the organization, there is no precedent Third, under WTO rules, the unified Customs zone applying for WTO membership should have the right to coordinate all activities in the field of trade and services, while the Russian-Kazakh customs union is responsible for coordinating the trade activities of the three countries.  As a result, the customs union's eligibility for accession negotiations will be challenged. According to Russian media analysis, Russia proposed the three countries to join the WTO, there are three possibilities: first, Russia will accelerate the establishment of the customs union, and as the highest priority of economic integration. Second, the willingness of Russia to join the WTO is cold. Russia is deeply disappointed that after 16 years of efforts still failed to join the WTO. In addition to the WTO Doha round negotiations have long dragged no fruit, affected by the financial crisis, the rise of trade protectionism, Russia and China to enter into the pros and cons of the dispute is not conclusive. Therefore, Russia has doubts about the role of WTO, and the aspiration of acceding to WTO is no longer urgent. Three is not ruled out Russia "retreat" to the EU and the United States pressure. Although Russia and Belarus announced that the "binding" mode of accession to the WTO, but the three countries have not withdrawn their application for WTO entry. The chief representative of Russia's WTO accession said that from a legal point of view, the three countries only suspended their own accession negotiations, but did not withdraw from the process of individual accession negotiations.  Some experts say it is too early to assert how Russia will apply to join the WTO. Editor: Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said he would stop negotiations with countries on joining the World Trade Organization. How did Kazakhstan consider joining the World Trade Organization with Russia and Belarus?  What is the prospect of the three-party "binding" joining the WTO? Chen Zhi-wan (reporter in Kazakhstan): Kazakhstan has now completed the 70% accession negotiation process. Due to the similar economic structure between Kazakhstan and Russia, the interest concerns in the WTO negotiations have long been closely related to the relevant departments of Kazakhstan and Russia.Tune in with each other. Soroyezikin, chief expert of the president's strategy, said that in the current situation of the international financial crisis, strengthening regional economic cooperation is more attractive than joining WTO. By joining WTO, the Customs Union will guarantee the formation of joint efforts of the three countries in the WTO accession negotiations, and safeguard the economic interests of the Three Kingdoms. But he also pointed out that there is no precedent in the WTO for a number of countries to participate in the WTO negotiations as a whole, so it is unclear whether the technical hurdles can be breached.  In addition, the WTO accession negotiations is a systematic negotiation, Kazakhstan and Russia can effectively coordinate the tariffs, services, agricultural subsidies and other areas of the position, will directly affect the three parties to the overall process of accession to the WTO. Editor: Recently, the relationship between Belarus and Russia cooled down, the relationship between Belarus and the European Union heating up, this one and the Russian and white Kazakhstan "bundled" WTO seems to run counter to, there is no inevitable link?  What is Belarus's position on "binding" WTO accession to the three countries? Tan Wujun: Compared with Russia and Kazakhstan, Belarus's accession to the WTO negotiations to start the latest, the slowest progress. Since 1999, Belarus has been actively engaged in the WTO accession negotiations, a total of more than 20 countries have proposed bilateral accession negotiations with the request of white. Currently, only 10 countries have completed bilateral negotiations with Belarus, and multilateral negotiations have been stalled in recent years.  Therefore, in the white view, and once in the WTO issues in the "sprint stage" of Russia and Kazakhstan "bundle" accession to the WTO, will not drag the white accession process. On the issue of economic integration, Belarus has attached more importance to the unified economic space in the Eurasian economy. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said the White will do his utmost to promote the establishment of the customs Union. In the CIS region, Belarus has a certain price advantage in machinery and agricultural products. After the establishment of customs union, white-related products are free to enter the Russian Harbin often recently, a dairy dispute between Russia and Belarus.  White thinks that its essence is Russia to protect the domestic dairy enterprises to take the protectionist action, and the establishment of customs union can effectively avoid the occurrence of similar problems. Belarus has improved its relations with the EU, in the eyes of the EU's technology, loans and investments. White has little hope of entering the EU market for its goods. And Russia is not only a major market for white goods, but also an important energy supplier.  Therefore, despite the recent economic disputes, Belarus will never give up the establishment of a unified economic space with Russia. European Union puzzled US editor: The EU recently said that Russia's accession to the WTO negotiations to make positive progress, but to Russia and Belarus announced the "bundle" of accession to the WTO, asked the Russian white Kazakhstan to clarify. What does the EU say about the progress of Russia's accession to the WTO?  What is the position of "binding" the WTO to the Russian and white Kazakhstan? Li Yongqun (newspaper in Belgium): Today, Russia has basically completed the accession to the WTO technical negotiations. However, Russia's accession to the WTO has been postponed repeatedly, which is related to the political will of the European Union and the United States, that is, some Western countries lack the political will to end the technical negotiations. Therefore, "Russia's accession to the WTO negotiations to achieve positive progress" is not a technical issue, but a political vane. If Russia is on international issues or regional issuesWith the Western discord, then "Russia's accession negotiations will not be progress."  On the contrary, Russia and the West to ease relations, the West needs Russia's accession to the WTO, "Russia's accession negotiations will make positive progress." The EU to Russia suddenly announced that Russia and Belarus "bundled" accession to the WTO is very confused, eager to understand the true intentions of the Russian move in order to take corresponding countermeasures.  At present, the EU analysis of Russia to make such a declaration of three possible: one is Putin's political manifesto, which will not affect the process of Russia's accession to the WTO; The second is a strategy of Russia, hoping to speed up the process of accession to the Russian Federation, or to control the accession of Belarus and Kazakhstan; Third, Russia intends to stop the accession process and return to the starting point.  Editor: How does the United States view the "binding" of Russian and white Kazakhstan to join the WTO? Wen Xian (US correspondent): The current attitude of American officials is tight-lipped. In contrast, the attitude of the U.S. media is somewhat "about him", and his focus on the recent dairy disputes in Russia and Belarus. In fact, one of the unresolved issues in the U.S.-Russian relationship is Russia's accession to the WTO, a problem that goes well beyond purely economic scope. The United States has played a dominant role in Ukraine's accession to the WTO, with political factors greater than economic considerations. In the face of the new progress of "bundling" the WTO, the Obama administration is bound to assess the adjustment of the strategic relationship between the United States and Russia. In addition to Obama's upcoming visit to Russia in early July, the issue of Russia's accession to the WTO should be cautious. Whether the United States continues to "stumble" on the issue of Russia's accession to the WTO has become an important aspect of the future of U.S.-Russian relations.
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