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Xinhua News (Reporter Cao Jiazhi) September 3, 15 just entered the university Gate of the first year of students lucky to receive a total value of 90,000 yuan of the school "red envelopes", they are all from the Yuzhong District of the new college students in poverty, per capita access to 6000 yuan of cash.  This is a "Samsung Good Dream Circle" of public interest student donation activities by Samsung Electronics in western China and Chongqing Trading Co., electrical appliances, heavy hundred electrical appliances, new century electrical appliances jointly launched, the activity for the annual college entrance examination of poor students and established, so far has been held for 5 years.  Liu Jiaqin, deputy director of Yuzhong District, said that over the past 5 years the event had already funded 65 impoverished students to enter the University school, the total contribution amounted to 420,000 yuan.  Bai Teng anniversary of "students" week with the student card show tickets a newspaper (reporter Yang Hao) This weekend, the continuation of the entire September of the Bai Teng anniversary will usher student Week event. According to the Bai Teng introduction, students with student card, in the store after shopping, in addition to access to additional concessions and incentives, but also enjoy a free copy of a ume movie ticket.  If the student shopping full 2000 yuan, also can each four person form a group, participates in the dice game, wins the washing machine, the double shoulder bag, the recharge card and so on good gift, and each four people, then one student consumer can obtain the washing machine. Lenovo "running to the countryside" to collect Lenovo Story (reporter Yang Hao) September 3, Lenovo Chongqing "million Town" dream of fulfilling activities in Qijiang officially launched, Lenovo for the emerging markets dominated by rural "running to the countryside" strategy to start. From now on, Lenovo Group in Chongqing to collect 3 "dream family", share your experience of using Lenovo computer, there will be a chance to receive a new computer Lenovo. Just before September 20, to provide a concise text form in the use of Lenovo computer in the process of success, rich or happy story, and leave the name, contact and the purchase of Lenovo models, sent to this event designated mailbox can be.
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