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Bolt Creative Two founder: Allen Dai (left) and Dave Castelnovo Popular reasons: 1, maintain the version of the continuous, rapid update; 2, the application of the pay is the trend of the tide, 3, the rapid development of peripheral derivatives. Article | Jason Ankeny (Sand Island) seems to be a tourist destination, but no one wants to live here. This remote tropical community is home to the pygmy people of the Ooga Chaka tribe. You can find the epitome of primitive culture in the Ooga Chaka tribe, where people are born to bear the terrible test of the demon of fate-volcanic eruptions, meteor showers, hordes of cannibal fire ants ... Everything can be destroyed by the impermanence of fate. The island of Paradise is one of several places in the pocket God that is filled with a dreamy exotic atmosphere. The growing smartphone game gives players the supremacy of control over the Ooga Chaka World and encourages them to indulge their most "evil" impulses. The game is derived from the spoof magazine "MAD" and the satirical cartoon "South Park", with its comic overtones of subversion and undisguised inattention. The founder Dave Castelnovo developed "pocket God" in just a week, but the 99-cent game has become one of the most popular feature games in the iphone era, with downloads exceeding 13 million, and a growing number of peripheral products such as T-shirts, toys and comic books. "A lot of people have a bad idea about the characters in the game," he said. Castelnovo said while laughing. He was a gentle but distinctive software programmer, and he founded Bolt Creative, who launched the pocket God in early 2009. "The game is very simple, you can quickly finish the task in the bar, and then tell others, ' Look, this is so crazy, the whole content of this game is to kill these little ones!" "Pocket God" can be a great success and have the status of today, in the near future is like a dream. In the past, Nintendo, Sony, Sega and other multinational companies set up the game brand in the game consoles for the game industry dominated the hardware. Over the years they have invested heavily in the development of games consoles and PC products, and a game is usually priced at 50 dollars ~60 dollars. But Apple's iphone in 2007 changed everything: Almost overnight, millions of consumers bought handheld devices that let digital games out of the living room and appear anywhere in the world. Apple then launched the app Store, allowing Third-party developers to write apps for the iphone and set up a direct consumer-facing program distribution platform to further rewrite the rules. The App Store saves business places and expensive programming costs for third-party developers, while also helping them overcome other hurdles. In the past, the development of obscure small startups was always limited. But 2012 app SThere are more than 120,000 games on the tore, and new products are rising at 150 a day, with an average price of 1 dollars. North American mobile gaming revenues were only $462 million trillion 5 years ago, but at a high rate in 5 years it will surpass $1.2 billion trillion this year, the PWC survey shows. The direct reason for rising incomes is the popularity of smartphones. About 110 million users in the United States have smartphones that represent iphones, Android, and more than One-third of the U.S. population, according to research firm comscore. Nintendo has sold 5 million sets since it launched its 3DS gaming console in March 2011. However, Nintendo and Sony remain committed to the development of proprietary platforms, which is tantamount to a green light for the bolt creative boom. A recent report by Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, says 68% of smartphone users choose to move game products, which is no doubt detrimental to companies that are still expanding their existing gaming business on other hardware. "Making games on traditional hardware, the team has excellent communication, to get countless ideas, but in this way, executives tell you, ' This is not unique ', ' This is too alternative ', ' these are already similar products. "The advent of the iphone is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Castelnovo said. With it, the cost of the game is zero, and the retailer gets the full revenue. This is a creative experience for us. We do not deliberately create a business model and according to the level of wealth to separate people measured. We just want to do something interesting and hope people enjoy it. "The details are kingly. A few months ago, we walked into Castelnovo's home in the San Francisco Sunset Zone, where bolt creative headquarters. He had three monitors on his desk, a wacom drawing board and a set of Apple devices, a bit crowded, and a statue of superhero plush toys and the Japanese anime heroine on the office shelves. Castelnovo's devotion to popular culture profoundly affects the continued evolution of pocket God: In the aftermath of the public crisis at Sheen (the man in the two and a half of the popular American sitcom), Pocket God launched a character-boring pygmy character named Sheen; this June, Bolt Creative, in collaboration with the lead singer of punk pop band Nerf Herder, released a pygmy theme electronic single and sold it on itunes. Castelnovo, 42, never dreamed that pocket God could carve his own imprint on the field of pop culture. As a student, he majored in aerospace engineering and taught himself programming. 2001, Castelnovo founded Bolt Creative, animation program for the website. Previously, he has accumulated experience in gaming. The advent of the iphone allowed Castelnovo to see the creative and business opportunities of the mobile platform. He wasIs a freelancer, is to be called "World Golf Tour" (Golf Tour) online games to do the program. To accumulate experience, he began developing a series of one-off applications for Apple's iOS mobile operating system. As one of the products, "pocket God" was born. "I spent 10 hours researching the iphone and then creating the simplest apps to post to the app Store." "Castelnovo recalls," The first product is a ' fwarp! ' Applet-This is a naïve image morphing program that sold about 150 sets a day. I realized that if I had 10 of these products, I could make a living from it. "Fwarp!" Released in October 2008, after one months, Bolt creative from small program spirograph to get inspiration, launched a sketch design class application Slinky Ink. But whether it's "fwarp!" Or slinky Ink, the user comments are very harsh. "For them, these apps don't make sense. I have made some updates, but their attitudes have changed little. Castelnovo admits. "Pocket God" is the third game unveiled by Bolt Creative in the App Store, inspired by Castelnovo and his partner, Allen Dai, an e-learning project created by the customer ask learning. In this project, users drag and drop characters that look like numbers 0 to different platforms to create binary numbers and toss them back and forth to make fun of them. Dey, who is in charge of the design and animation business of pocket God, sketched out a pygmy image in a brainstorming session, and Castelnovo completed the programming in just a few days. "The Pocket God" was designed to take it as a springboard. Although we know that if it succeeds, we can add more features and expand it, but we don't have time to plan in our minds. "Castelnovo recalls," to a large extent, we think it's okay to just do it. "Pocket God" has attracted the attention of App store users, but Bolt Creative's carelessness has also been criticized. "A user in the iOS game Forum Touch Arcade channel said, ' This looks cool, but it's not good, so don't waste time on this game." Others say ' look at their other works and they don't give them support. The game is the future of the short promises to sell their own selling point. Bolt Creative pay no attention to credit, don't trust them. What do you do in this situation? "I think I have to be honest and take a low stance to look at the problem to regain the support of people," he said. I said in the touch arcade, ' We only have one or two men, but we're serious about this.We really like the development of this game, but also want to do some more updates. Please believe us '. "Castelnovo and Dey for 14 consecutive weeks to update the" pocket God "to prove they mean it. "We see each update as a chapter, a sitcom, and lines." Every time we update, we add new features that enrich the Ooga Chaka World and further strengthen the sense of unfettered gaming. "We're all used to being close to each other." "We work very fast and know what our abilities can do, so we can quickly add content," Dey said. This gives us the ability to build the world quickly. In large companies, the division of labor is very detailed, it must not be easy to do their own work. "Bolt Creative has provided free updates to users who have already paid 99 cents to download, to counter negative comments-they have been using this model for more than 3 years and have updated it by a total of 46 times." Castelnovo a great value on these massive updates, and thinks it's good for nurturing a loyal fan base that keeps the game in the forefront of the App Store's sales charts. "These updates have created legends for us. Although we've never had any major news stories or promotions from Apple, people are starting to talk about us, ' and these guys are more focused on the apps they're developing than everyone else in the App store. ' Even 12-year-old children are talking about the game, the user enthusiasm burst, and this word-of-mouth propaganda effect far more than advertising. "he said. The continued heat of the pocket God has allowed Castelnovo to rethink his original "Springboard plan"-to develop bigger, better-than-anything games. "If I stop being a pygmy, he'll die." We have to do something unusual. It would be a pity if we didn't put all our efforts into it. If we have been working on it, can we also design ' Sonic the Hedgehog ' or launch our own ' Mario Bros '? Many companies do not learn from the lessons, blindly imitate the game giants, the continuous launch of the sequel. "If we have an enduring application, we can learn from the traditional game developers and let the game pass on for generations," he added. "Bolt Creative promises to be responsible for" pocket God ", leaving the toughest challenges that mobile startups face-retaining users-to solve. Earlier this year, a study published by Localytics, an analyst firm, showed that 22% of consumers use only once when they download mobile apps, and 13% of consumers use only two times, but 31% have access to 11 or more applications. Every time a new episode is introduced, "pocket God" will give players a reason to return. "Pocket God" is of great value. Peter Farago, vice president of marketing at Flurry, said, "Players can get the game for 99 cents, and bolt creative is constantlyAdd content and keep the game fresh. This model makes Bolt creative a company of interest. "The temple legend, of course," pocket God "is not the only phone game that has been famous for the iphone. The product is ranked 9th in the app Store's list of the best 25 paid apps in history, with independent game development companies in front of it including Rovio's Angry Birds, Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja and ZeptoLab's "Cut Rope". But with fewer mobile games depending on the pay model, more App Store developers opt for the so-called "free value-added model"-free downloads, but pay for transactions within the game-such as virtual currency, weapons, extra checkpoints and life times. Flurry provides data that shows that 87% of the App store blockbuster games use free value-added mode. "Free value-added is a good model for consumers to try out applications you develop without paying upfront." "If they like it, they are likely to be willing to spend money to speed up the game," Farago said. "The Escape of the Temple" by Case Shepard's Imangi studio was popular in the app Store. "The Temple Escape" is an adventure game using the free value-added model, developed by the Imangi studio. Imangi is headquartered in North Carolina State Raleigh, led by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Razianova. Similar to the Indiana Jones Expedition, the "Temple Escape" is a challenge for players to observe the walls of the ancient temples, steep cliffs and traps, while collecting coins to ward off the evil monkeys ' attacks. In July this year, its downloads exceeded the 100 million-time mark, less than a year before the game was first released. "Set the game as a free product, clearing away all the obstacles to downloading." "We found no end of the run mode, 3D effects and gestures, and other elements were never before," said Shepard. It's definitely an ideal game to play at any time. "In 2003, Shepard met Razianova when he was a medical software developer in Vecna technology," he said. "I went into the software industry to develop games. "Before the iphone, the process of making a game was similar to shooting a movie: Everything had to be done in a huge studio, millions the budget was essential, and marketing was a big problem," says Shepard. Without the support of large companies, publishing retailing cannot succeed. The amazing thing is that Apple has filled the gap in the game area. "Shepard left Vecna a few months before the launch of the App Store, created Imangi with Razianova and launched a crossword puzzle that he now rejects as" really not funny. " Subsequently, Imangi launched a series of paid products, but whenever there is a bit of development will suffer a setback, such as "Harbor Master" there is noHow many people like it? The three-dimensional racing game "Little Red Riding Sledge" was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2008, but it was not listed until the end of February 2009 due to several delays within the company. "Our ideas are a little Toda. "Shepard admits. Imangi, who spent nearly a year developing the adventures of Max, has also fared poorly. "Max's Adventures" user interface is more complex. But from the "Temple Escape", Imangi tried to simplify the complex user interface. "We want to develop a more intuitive interface, and realize that if you create a character that's always moving forward, it's great to use a swing when you turn, like you're driving this person around the world." "How to use this control scheme and make it a game?" Our idea is to randomly create a maze (temple), which twists and turns. If you don't turn in time, you'll run into a dead end. "In addition to the jungle, the Aztec and a tireless fanatic chasing the priceless idol of the adventurers, such as the" Temple Escape "was born. The game was launched in August 2011. The game, like the one previously released by Imangi Studios, is not a fire, even though it has received praise from App Store users and the blogosphere's attention. The "Temple Escape" is priced at 99 cents at the App store. "The free value-added model was a new trend emerging in the market." "We want it to be a free product, even if it's not popular, and there's nothing to lose," says Shepard. "1 months later, Imangi will change the business model to a free value-added model, continue to provide application fees (such as collection of coins, etc.), and start price positioning 99 cents per upgrade." "We're making 4 times times as much money soon as we've got," he said. "The downloads are getting bigger," says Shepard. The "Temple Escape" opened a red tour, spread like a virus, people everywhere talk about the game. At the same time, it has climbed in the App Store rankings and has become a top-ranked and best-selling application ranking (ie the highest-earning) double crown in the 2012 New year. Shepard attributed the success of the "Temple escape" to the simplicity of the plot, the ease of operation, and the complexity and variability of the virtual world. "You can just play for a few minutes and run for one or two times, but there's a lot of content worth digging for in the game," he said. "You can decode different levels and roles," he explains. There are so many reasons for players to come back and play the game. The biggest difference between the "temple escape" and the other games we put out is that players will always come back. "In addition to the players, others are also concerned about the temple escape." Earlier this year, Disney contacted Imangi, saying it was willing to create a brand game named after the game, with characters and backgrounds from the "Brave Tales" filmed by Pixar's Studio (which won the 2012 Summer movie box office title). Despite Disney interaction (Disney IntEractive has developed a number of original iphone game products, including hit's "Crocodile Little Naughty Love bath", but still "brave legends" and "The Temple Escape," the formation of both the creative synergy effect is the most perfect. "Brave Legends" tells the 10th century BC Princess Melida (Mérida) with their own extraordinary bow and arrow skills opened the legendary life. "While we're trying to develop mobile games around the Big Show, it's only when we have a matching gaming experience that we're going to do it-we don't develop games just because we have a new movie," he said. "But the temple escape is a perfect match for us," said Brian Nelson, director of Interactive communications at Disney, Nelson. "Imangi and Disney have only spent a few months to develop the" Temple escape: Brave Legends "(Temple Run:brave). Both sides day and night, and finally completed the cartoon "Brave Legends" before the premiere of the project. Shepard and Razianova retained the main role of the "Temple Escape", which was introduced before Imangi. Together with Walt Disney's engineers, they updated the scene to the magical Scottish jungle in the brave tale, where players will be in control of Merida's runaway demon Bear Mordu. The "Temple escape: The Legend of Bravery" at the App Store for 99 cents, is currently ranked first in 60 countries in the best-selling products list (shepherd declined to disclose Imangi as of the total income so far). Imangi's upcoming offerings include T-shirts, toys, board games, and Ape Entertainment published by the "Temple Escape". Coincidentally, the company also published the "Pocket God" series. "We have not yet embarked on the development of a new game-the" Temple escape "is so extraordinary that it is impossible to put it aside and develop something else. "We are fortunate to have today's achievements," Shepard said. I dare not conceive of creating a thing that will make 100 million of people a witness. "The opportunity beyond the game." The Temple escapes: The brave legend is not the only mobile game moving to Hollywood. "Angry Birds" animation series is also under development, and Rovio has prepared a good plan to the bad temper of the birds as a prototype shooting a long film. Meanwhile, Sony anime, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Embassy Row are filming a video game from "You Draw Me guess" (Draw something). "You draw me guess" is a competitive feature of the sketch game, bought earlier this year by Zynga, said the transaction price of up to 200 million U.S. dollars. "Pocket God" animation series is also under development, producer Susanna Tode (Suzanne Todd) is in place. Castelnovo and Dey are working with the project's Strategic and business advisor, Jean Mar (Jean Mathews), but have nothave found the right comedy emotional writer will be mobile version of the "Pocket God" plot successfully adapted for the television version of the plot. In September, Castelnovo, Dey and Matthew unveiled two new series of pocket God Figurines, sold by toy designers Funko, Barnes&noble and Amazon retailers. Three people have been brewing the introduction of new T-shirts to catch the fashion trends. Castelnovo is a popular culture enthusiast, keen to see his work in toys, shirts and other forms of permanent existence, but at the same time he is a software programmer, this identity drives him back to develop the game. "When your fame is loud enough, there are a lot of things that will take up your time--contact more people during the day, and most of them want to talk to you about the deal," he said. "A lot of deals don't work, but you have to put a lot of effort into it before you realize that something is not going to work," he said. So you have to look at the problem in a pragmatic manner and weigh in your heart whether it's something we're interested in-if not, don't try at all. Matthew introduced most of the business, and we have no choice. "However, Castelnovo is extremely proud of the publication of the Pocket God comic book, and has planned about 100 of the content in advance with Dey." "This comic book isn't for making money--although it brings us a bit of revenue, it's actually a project that reflects our passions," he said. "I like to create stories, and I like the world where characters live," Castelnovo said. "David Hechkok, the publisher Ape Entertainment CEO David Hedgecock, after playing" pocket God "with his 5-year-old nephew, realised that the game would appeal to generations and decided to publish the Pocket God comic book. "My nephew took a little time to fully understand the game, and the little guy even came up with 3 new ways to shoot pygmies, and I've never seen anyone play that before." "I found it very interesting and contacted Bolt company on a whim," Hedgecock said. Castelnovo and Dey are comic-book enthusiasts, and they seize the opportunity to publish the Pocket God series comic books. "Ape Entertainment publishes an electronic version of the Pocket God comic book at the app Store each month, priced at 99 cents per copy and promoted in the form of an ad implanted in the original game." When the story gradually develops to the end, each period of work will be printed in accordance with the standards of the traditional printing industry paperback book for Collection. The electronic version of the "Pocket God" comic book The first issue of the publication time of August 2010, is now the cumulative circulation of more than 250,000 sets. By contrast, the most popular indie comic book of the past 10 years, the zombie apocalypse epic "Walking Dead", has a circulation of more than 383,000 in the landmark 100th issue. "On a first-term basis, we have a much higher level of income on flat-panel distribution," he said. But the electronic circulation is very big, make up the income moreLess. "Hechkok said. Castelnovo said the Bolt Creative's latest game, "Pocket God Run Edition", is expected to be released in early 2013, highlighting some of the characters and stories in the Pocket God comic book series. "Pocket God Run Edition" is a single button operation of the automatic parkour game, the theme is similar to "Super Mario Brothers"-the latter is a game on the platform to operate the classic game. Castelnovo said: "The new game Guancado, many varieties, there are new props and role information." "I know that if you develop a new application, with the super popularity of pocket God, we will be able to do well," he said. "If the new app succeeds and stands alone, we'll have a great opportunity to have another enduring piece of work that will bring us a lot of revenue," he said. "However, launching the run version does not mean that the original adventure game" pocket God "will quickly decline. Castelnovo said, "Pocket God" just on the road. This is good news for the fans, but for the Ooga Chaka tribe, Pygmies are going to be abused! "We spent 3.5 of our time in this game and we did some down-to-earth work. "Like Angry Birds," says Castelnovo, "We do a ton of work every time we update." But they didn't do a whole new game; most apps did a lot of updating on content, but they didn't update the text narrative, and they didn't create a new world. As long as I've been learning new things and having fun with them, it's fresh for me-hopefully for the fans. "Translation | Li Guixiang secret American Red Hand tour related reading" Reading one "Exchange game advertising Chartboost integrates the collective power of mobile games to help developers improve adoption rates and increase income levels. In the app Store, there are more than 730,000 mobile apps available to download. This means that for developers, the need for consumer attention will be more challenging and costly than ever before. Data from W3i, which studies mobile gaming monetization and user access services, shows that the average cost of acquiring the iphone and ipad subscribers grew by 92 cents per second in the first half of 2012, compared with 59 cents per second in the second half of 2011, and a 56% per cent growth rate for the chain. W3i that the average cost rise is partly due to the fact that financially rich developers, such as the Japanese social-game giant Dena, have increased sales, and that their marketing prowess is unmatched by small, independent developers. A web site thinks it can find a solution for small developers to get out of their current predicament, which is chartboost. The start-up company, headquartered in San Francisco, has a development platform that allows developers to spread mobile games across spot ads, and developers can define the Full-screen ads themselves, at startup orTwo game operation between the gap between pop-up. This type of advertising can be linked to a variety of game products from developers and even to game products developed by other companies. As long as it is chartboost users, you can freely promote their own game. All spots are seamlessly integrated and designed in advance to minimize disruption to the user experience. "We provide technology for developers to have their own distribution capabilities." Developers can use them in all their games. Maria Allegre Maria Alegre, co-founder and CEO of Chartboost, said, "Every time you start a new game, you can make the most of all the games you play." Even the two of guys who developed a game in the garage could have created so much clout in Zynga. "In 2011, Allegre and chief technology Officer Shawn Fanan (Sean Fannan) established chartboost. Before, Allegre in mobile phone game business tapulous internship. Tapulous developed a music game TTR on the iphone platform, which was acquired by Disney in 2010. TTR can be said to be the first breakthrough in the App store of a game, and then spun out a lot of licensing follow-up products, including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, such as the repertoire of famous singers. Tapulous makes full use of each game to promote the other games in the chain, which provides a direct inspiration for the Chartboost model. "TTR, we began to work with singers to introduce the most popular music." "In Chartboost we manage distribution channels and connect all the games to one network," Allegre said. "Not all customers get Chartboost game catalogs. Start-up developers can contact other developers in the direct trading market launched by Chartboost. The direct trading market plays the role of middleman. Developers can specify the location and frequency of advertising spots, but also filter their own do not want to promote the game. In addition, Chartboost provides analysis software, including the number of ads displayed, the number of clicks and the number of times the installation was installed. The developer pays the user clicks or installs the number of times, determines each direct transaction agreement the article content, receives the catalogue sale The entire income which brings. In addition to launching the direct trading market platform, Chartboost also helped issuers sell surplus stocks and charge 30% of their revenue. "Chartboost is not a mobile ad network, we don't advertise on the customer's brand. Our business model is to allow some games to promote products with other games. "There are currently 7,000 mobile games on the Chartboost platform, with 150 million independent users in 100 countries, with 4 billion spots per month," he said., customers include Gameloft, Kabam, Booyah, TinyCo, etc. Chartboost continued to profit in 2011, raising $2 million trillion in a round of financing in October, including TransLink capital, SK and XG Ventures. "Reading two" 3 Super Mode analysis of mobile games Flurry released a report that the 2012 global revenue from Apple iOS and Google Android mobile gaming apps will reach $8.7 billion trillion, up 60% per cent year-on-year. Charging mode, free value-added mode and advertising support mode are the three main business models of mobile gaming platform respectively. Flurry expects revenue for the first two models to reach $6.7 billion trillion this year, up from $4.5 billion last year. Charging mode in this mode, the game price is 99 cents or more than 99 cents. On Apple's App store platform, 9 games used this pattern in the top ten top-selling iphone apps list. The number one is Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds. Free Value Added mode free game Downloads drive developers to earn revenue from fee-priced items such as premium features, features, or content. According to Newzoo, a market research firm, the current internal trading process accounts for 91% of the revenue from iOS and Android platforms. Ad support mode game downloads are also free, and this mode of revenue comes from integrated mobile ads. The 2012 ad is expected to generate 2 billion of dollars in revenue for mobile apps, much higher than the $980 million trillion in 2011. "Reading a" how to join the mobile game army without seconds to kill the opponent level of creativity or esoteric programming level, you can join the ranks of mobile game competition. Because the explosive development of mobile devices has brought new services and technologies, the game developers have flown to a new level. The following are the different types of roles in several industries: mobile ad networks such as Millennial Media, InMobi, Leadbolt, etc., through the developers in the game sales of advertising, brand promotion and agents linked. Social gaming platforms such as Gree, PapayaMobile, Playphone and so on, developers create online gaming communities with social features such as inviting friends, rankings, and achievement systems. Development platform such as Appcelerator, Appmobi, Kony FX, etc., help to simplify software creation, function Update, cross-platform porting, etc. Ordering service providers such as Big Fish Games, exent, etc., receive monthly fees by providing consumers with access to licensed gaming products. Mobile marketing platform such as Fiksu, Buzzdoes, Kickanotch, etc., to help developers and distributors to promote the game. Analyze suppliers such as flurry, Distimo,App Annie and so on, for developers to provide operational scope of application and parameter indicators. The mobile reward network, such as KIIP, enhances the user's participation by giving the game a good performance in terms of user rewards, discounts and discounts.
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