"Serious game" or new nuggets in the gaming industry.

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Our company in charge of Zhang Junjie Technology Co., Ltd. is busy for their new game products "PK English" to do the final public test.  The game is the first serious education game in China, but also the only selected national education science "Eleven-Five" program focus on the results of the game products. Although the concept of serious games was actually introduced into China last year, some gaming companies have started to test water serious games before.  As the domestic current full-time to do serious education game game, Zhang Junjie that the domestic serious game market is almost blank, this may be more game enterprises open a new development ideas.  One of the biggest differences between serious games, compared to traditional entertainment games, is that the business model is not the traditional consumer, but the business-to-business model. "Serious games are more about giving businesses or institutions practical operations to help them achieve specific goals," he said. For example, we recently developed a serious game for a public security school to simulate a variety of scenarios, so that students can learn more easily through computer simulation of the relevant skills.  "The serious game is to virtualize some of the tasks that are difficult to complete or consume more energy, and help trainees complete their training," Hanbing explains.  Although serious games have opened up new areas of gaming business development in the Chinese market with their new concepts, new concepts and business-to-business business models have repeatedly frustrated first-test water users. "The idea of a serious game first is very vague. Hanbing reluctantly said: "Although at home and abroad, many serious games in the field of experts have been defined, but still can not be clearly stated."  "Because the concept of serious games cannot be accurately defined, many potential customers are unwilling to risk trying this strange" cake.  Second, the serious game is a new area, lack of enough successful cases, difficult to obtain the support of investors. In addition, the main business-to-business business marketing model for serious games also poses great difficulties for serious games in the early stages of marketing.  The highly targeted business-to-business model makes it impossible for serious gaming companies to advertise much before they can produce a stable product. The serious game is still in its infancy in China, but the industry is optimistic about the open market for serious games in education and training. Chen
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