Seven problems in the implementation of food safety law

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Law enforcement inspection proposed that the regulatory reform is not yet in place, small workshops and food stall management Yang Huayun Food Safety Law Law Enforcement Inspection Unit to the local, various aspects of the difficulties and problems, put forward proposals, summed up as seven aspects: 1 Regulatory reform is not in place 2 supporting laws and regulations still lag behind  3 Security Risk Monitoring foundation weak 4 safety standard quantity Small Index coarse 5 financial problem influence law enforcement effect 6 part enterprises failed to implement responsibility 7 popularization of social supervision the NPC Standing Committee rarely carries out law enforcement checks on the year when a law was implemented. Food Safety Law This law in the legislative process is much concerned about, the NPC Standing Committee vice chairman Lu yesterday to conduct a law enforcement inspection report, said, "Party and government leaders at all levels have never like today to pay attention to food safety work, the public has never been so concerned about food safety." "The Law Enforcement Inspection Unit considers that the implementation of laws is generally good.  However, the National People's Congress on the issue and recommendations more than the results of the Law enforcement Inspection report, also pointed out that the current food safety law in the implementation of the seven major issues.  Comprehensive coordination mechanism to be perfected the system of sectional supervision has many criticisms in the process of formulating food safety law, the inspection team found that the supervision system reform is not in place ——— the provincial institutional reform is underway, the regulatory function has not been completed, and most municipal and county-level reform has not yet started.  And the health administrative Department of the State Council to fulfill the food safety comprehensive coordination responsibility work mechanism to be further perfected, at present has not established the strong working mechanism.    Prior to the enactment of legislation, the Division of supervision in the different departments of the regulatory boundaries are unclear, the law enforcement inspection found that there is still unclear regulatory boundaries. Supporting laws and regulations still lag in law enforcement inspection team found that because the Food Safety law promulgated and implemented for a short time, the current supporting regulations, regulations lag problem is still more prominent.  such as health food supervision, food production licensing and other related regulations and regulations have not been promulgated.  In addition, although the Food Safety Act authorizes the provincial Standing Committee to formulate specific management measures for food production and processing workshops and food stall vendors in the region, local legislation is difficult and most provinces have not yet enacted local regulations in this area.  At present, food safety risk monitoring, risk assessment and early warning work is weak, the risk of food-borne diseases, food pollution and harmful factors in food monitoring and assessment is still in the initial stage, Lu said that the uneven work around, and food safety law to determine the implementation of risk monitoring and evaluation system still has a big gap.    The Inspection Unit recommends that the relevant departments expedite the establishment of a nationwide risk monitoring network, accelerate the formation of national Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, and establish a risk assessment sub-centre in a competent area. Midwest funding gap greater food safety law enforcement regulations provide for the purchase of sample fees and inspection fees by the same level of finance, the State Council also requires the local people's governments at or above the administrative regions to implement food safety laws established by theSystem to provide financial security, but the Midwest and other difficult areas of fiscal funds in place rate is very low, the gap is very large, directly led to the supervision of the narrow range of sampling, frequency drop, batch reduction, affecting the effectiveness of law enforcement. In addition, the Law Enforcement Inspection Unit is lack and unification of food safety standards, enterprises as food safety "first responsible person" consciousness is not strong, social supervision channel is not smooth and other issues put forward suggestions. The Law Enforcement Inspection Committee recommended that the National People's Congress should again carry out the law enforcement Inspection of food safety law in 2011, in order to promote the effective implementation of law and improve food safety. Sourceph ">
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