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BCC network Jinan, October 13 According to the Voice of China "News late Peak" report, recently, the reporter from the Ministry of Housing and Urban construction learned that Shandong will be launched to promote building materials to the countryside pilot, in order to bring affordable convenience for the people, but also for the economic development of Shandong played a great role in promoting. The autumn harvest has passed, at present in the rural areas of Shandong are often visible villagers prepare, play the foundation, groundbreaking building new house.  Linyi Fei Fang Town Huacheng Village villagers Hanqi: his budget is roughly 40 tons of cement, the government to solve the subsidy of 20 tons of cement, I calculate the equivalent of 5000 dollars to solve the cement money. Reporter learned that, at this stage, the promotion of building materials to the countryside is mainly to promote the construction of agricultural housing large quantities of building materials to the countryside. Shandong Linyi Fei also aimed at the farmers from building, government tenders, subsidies to cement, steel and other in-kind. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the pilot work, in the pilot period, building materials to the countryside to promote cement products to the countryside, which led to the development of Shandong Cement and other related industries.  Linyi Yizhou Cement Vice President Zhu Yu: With the increase in rural housing, our cement in the rural proportion of increasing, we always adhere to quality first, after all, we are also a brand, the people are more assured. At the same time, building materials to the countryside to promote the cement industry listed companies are relatively stronger than the market, and for aluminum alloy and plastic profile enterprises also have a better bargaining power to enhance the role of products. Guotai Securities analyst Pan Zongyan: Building materials in the countryside after the release of the five trading days, the cement industry listed companies in the average increase of about 10%--15%.  Aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also including glass, plastics, profiles and other industries rose also formed a clear trend effect, the cement industry to promote the most obvious. Since 2009, all levels of finance in Shandong Province have taken more than 4 billion yuan to encourage rural construction of new houses. This year's preliminary statistics, Shandong province at all levels of financial support for rural housing construction will be more than 6 billion funds to guide farmers in accordance with scientific and unified planning to build their own housing, improve living conditions, stimulate and expand rural consumption, improve land use efficiency. Shandong Province Housing and Urban and rural construction department director Xu Qi: This year, the central government has issued a series of building materials to the countryside, to support farmers to build a good policy.  This year, (Shandong) will have 1.2 million households to build new homes, three years to complete 3 million farmers to build new homes is expected to achieve ahead of time. At the same time, due to the complexity of building materials to the countryside, the market can be successfully implemented there are big questions, how to ensure quality clearance, so that its real service to the people, pull the new growth point of the economy, but also need the government quality supervision, multi-pronged. Weiguo, Director of Economic Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences: strengthen supervision, tripartite supervision, government supervision, trade associations, private supervision is also possible, the establishment of a normal complaint mechanism; As manufacturers should do, the most important or should be the rural products cost-effective, to the common people have a symmetrical information of the normal mechanism,  Let the buyer know about the price of products and services, benefits, to achieve information symmetry. The Potou District town of Zhongwei city in Ningxia in the reconstruction of dangerous buildingsLuo Zhen he gou cun peasant Ma Zhihong, building materials to go to the countryside policy is tantamount to "sleepy to send a pillow", a good policy to the peasant heart Karez: The policy is very well, the farmers now living standards have improved, and some houses are old, the renovation is decorated according to the level of the building, the state is also subsidized, the farmers themselves to dig a little. In fact, from 2005 onwards, in view of the general low housing level and poor rural environment in Ningxia, Ningxia has implemented the "rebuilding of dangerous kiln in the countryside" and "plug the Peasant's new house" in the mountainous areas and the plain areas, in addition to the cash subsidy, the cumulative subsidy of cement nearly 200,000 tons, steel 4600 tons, The beneficiary farmers reached more than 607,000 people.  Not only improve the farmers ' production and living environment, improve the housing quality of the difficult masses, but also stimulate domestic demand, increase the cement, steel, brick factory and some other building materials production enterprises sales revenue, activating the enterprise development and increase the national profits tax. Ningxia Huatai Cement Group Co., Ltd. perennial for Ningxia "two major projects" to 20 to 30 yuan per ton below the market is responsible for cement distribution, rural supply accounted for the company's total sales volume of about 35%. This time, Ningxia as the building materials to the countryside pilot provinces, the company's general manager Zhao Yong said, will actively participate in the bidding process: from our business perspective, we also want to be shortlisted, entered into the first also expand our influence. The other is to work with the Government to support new rural development. In the rural market support building materials to the countryside, we have the lowest preferential prices, and then one of our services above green channel, door-to-door.  In addition, one aspect is that we give special control over quality. For the upcoming pilot project in Ningxia, building materials to the countryside policy, also some farmers expressed concern, Yinchuan farmland town new surplus village farmer Wang Master: The cement plant is now a ton 320, 330, this subsidy, heard the wind, the cement plant became 370, 380, a ton of 20, 30, or to the cement plant subsidies. Do not enjoy the benefits.  The market price is not stable, farmers still benefit from it.  In this respect, Ningxia related departments are working to develop and improve building materials to the countryside work implementation plan, will be further stringent building materials to the countryside in the bidding management, supervision and acceptance of the rules, including the farmers generally concerned about the public building materials to the countryside price and production enterprises, subsidized farmers information will be set up a public platform for the release of information, pending the approval of the State can be implemented. Ningxia Housing and urban and rural construction Office of the director of the village construction branch Wang Lin: Building materials to the countryside involves a very large, we have to make it real, I feel that this will require more money from the government, the second government should have more effective measures from the policy, in the labor, tax and other aspects of funds and policies to be more preferential, to farmers, To the construction contractor to take some more cost-effective approach. To mobilize the community to support the construction of farmers, building materials to the countryside, it is true that the party's sunshine and rain to allow farmers to enjoy, let build house farmers enjoy.
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