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⊙ intern Chan ⊙ intern Chan Open Low, then bottom up, wave on the attack, the tail plate turn red rise--Monday, the B-shares again to be brave, both run to win a shares and refresh the plate and closed new highs. Affected by the Friday U.S. stock fall, Monday, the Shanghai B-share slightly lower open, in a fall in the atmosphere, the market volume lower, the decline was once reached 1.4%. But only half an hour later, the plate surface gradually stabilized, index bottom rebound. The end of the fund enthusiastically admission, not only regained the early fall points, but also push the market strong turn red and touch 173.14 points new highs.  Deep card B refers to the end of a 405-point record. As of the close, Shanghai B reported 173.02 points, the increase of 0.83%, deep card B refers to 404.55 points, or 0.78%.  The exchange of small cities, Shanghai trading 436 million U.S. dollars a day, the chain to reduce 4%, Shen a day deal 277 million Hong Kong dollar, the chain of 7%. On the plate, a stock rose and fell less, as of the close, a total of 66 stocks rose, 26 stocks fell, 10 shares flat plate. Consumer stocks show bright eye, the food industry, the ancient well gong B rose 9.58%, Zhang Yu B rose 3.56%, the car industry, the trade B rose 8.2%, Suewei b rose 6.03%,*st Kama, textile industry, the *st second spinning B trading, and other home appliances, aviation, Electronics and other plate stocks also have a good performance. And some real estate stocks weakened, Shenzhen deep room B, China Merchants B, Vanke B, the decline is more than 1.13%. The shipping stocks in Shanghai *st Sea B, which led to a 3.17% decline.
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