Shanghai Auto Replacement policy for 10 days only 2 people

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SVW has already received 34 orders "for new" peak materials August arrived Morning Post reporter learned yesterday from the relevant departments, Shanghai issued policies to subsidize the elimination of old cars, as of yesterday, only two cars hosted all the transfer out of the updated procedures, into the subsidy allocation phase.  Industry insiders expect that most car owners are still waiting to see, with the new restrictions on the implementation of the policy in August and November new car licensing must meet the implementation of the National IV emission standards, is expected to replace the new Peak 8-October will come. Most of the car owners are still waiting to see Zhongshan North Road, the old for new reception point staff told reporters, since the implementation of the policy since June 1, hundreds of people have been consulted, of which 42 are in line with the old replacement subsidy policy requirements, with a preliminary intention, but at present, only 1 of the processing point has been completed formalities, into the subsidy allocation stage. It is understood that the current Shanghai has 5 transfer out of the update processing point, a scrap update processing point, Zhongshan North Road is the most popular one of the transfer to update the reception point.  But the End-of-life renewal processing business is only to consult mainly. Industry analysis, the current procedures have fewer owners, the main reason is that the implementation of the policy only 10 days, many car owners or do not understand the policy, or still in the wait-and-see stage, some are still in the process of preparation.  Yesterday, the head of Shanghai Volkswagen Distribution center told The Morning Post reporter, the Distributor has received 34 customers to replace the old orders. Peak material August arrives Shanghai Shang Wei said earlier, at present, the Shanghai state I and the following emission standard car holdings of 334,000 vehicles, including the non-China I emission standards of the highly polluting vehicles accounted for 200,000 units, 115,000 vehicles, private cars 85,000, Shanghai and the non-Shanghai licensing vehicles are 56,000 and 144,000 vehicles respectively.  The commercial Committee expects that 50,000 cars will be replaced by old ones, and 7 billion yuan of car consumption can be pulled. Industry estimates, with the new restrictions on the implementation of the policy in August and the November new car licensing must comply with the implementation of the National IV emission standards, the new peak will come, is expected in 8-October.  It is understood that a high pollution car before the limit of the line, but also before the limit of one months before the sale of the peak transfer. However, there are concerns in the industry, 334,000 of the country I and the following emission standards of vehicles, except to enjoy the state subsidy agencies with cars, and many are now the Shanghai C license car, these cars usually do not enter the urban area, so the old for new demand is not high.
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