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Shi Shi Shi shi, Shanghai giant Network Technology Co., Ltd. Click here to see all the pictures of the morning News reporter Cao Minjie November 1, 2007 21 o'clock, a white in the Shi Yuzhu of athletic wear in the NYSE sounded the giant Network (GA) The bell, the giant network of the company set up less than three years,  This is the most valuable company in the domestic online gaming industry.  From the "giant Hancock" of the first bucket of gold, to the "giant mansion" of the fall, and then to the rise of "brain Platinum", as well as the listing of giant networks, Shi Yuzhu, the once "most famous loser", is undoubtedly China's most legendary more than 20 years a businessman.  Calendar 1962 was born in Anhui Huaiyuan, 1984 years of undergraduate degree in the Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University, January 1989 graduate students graduated from Shenzhen University Soft Science Management department, immediately into the sea to start a business.  1991, the establishment of the Giants company; in early 1994, the giant building groundbreaking, soon, only to the ground three floors of the giant building shutdown, the Giants group in a non-existent.  2000, and the original team in Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang Enterprises, began to sell brain platinum and other health care products.  2004 back to the IT industry, independent research and development operations of the first online game "Journey" was a great success, January 2007, the company's "Journey Network" renamed "Giant Network", November 1, 2007, giant network in the United States New York Stock Exchange successfully listed. Road July 1989, Anhui Youth Shi Yuzhu stood in Shenzhen spacious street.  His bags, only Dongnuoxijie 4000 yuan and he spent nine months of painstaking development of M-6401 desktop typesetting printing system software. Shi Yuzhu grew thin, but he is weak, but has a more than usual gambling nature. The first to Shenzhen, only 4000 yuan he to the "Computer World" call, put forward to a 8400 yuan advertisement. The only requirement is to post an advertisement and pay the money. "If the ad doesn't work, I can only pay half the advertising fee and then get away."  This is the Shi Yuzhu later to the outside explanation. Two months later, he earned 100,000 yuan. It was his "first bucket of gold" in his business career, and he put the sum of money into advertising.  Four months later, he became a young millionaire and was born a giant.   Financial writer Wu Xiaobo in his "Big Lost" book, using the above words to record the history of Shi Yuzhu.  Facing the failure, "the collapse of the giant mansion" is the most famous failure of Shi Yuzhu from the commercial history. For failure, Shi Yuzhu never taboo. He said his favorite book was the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, because he wanted to study why the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom failed. "I was a famous loser, I was afraid of failure, I failed, so I can only prepare for failure."  "Even if the giant network can be successfully listed on the NYSE, Shi Yuzhu is also due to their own failure experience." "In the eyes of Westerners, as long as you are an entrepreneur, if you fail, you will learn something." The American funds appreciate me.Past experience, they feel that there is failure experience, they dare to give you money.  Shi Yuzhu said. The spirit of the Giants online listing on the day, the media asked, "after the listing in addition to make the company more powerful, what is your biggest wish?" "Shi Yuzhu's answer is" let the company continue to be strong.  "The brain Platinum" style of the answer is actually Shi Yuzhu years of the true portrayal of entrepreneurship: the goal of single-minded, strong and vigorous morale. In the eyes of people familiar with Shi Yuzhu, his marketing cannot be separated from diligence.  He said his marketing philosophy was largely rooted in a three-year rural survey when he worked for the Anhui Provincial Bureau of Statistics. Shi Yuzhu said, he once and again ran to the mall, ask those who buy brain platinum why should buy brain platinum. In fact, in the first start of the brain platinum in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, Shi Yuzhu even personally went door-to-door to ask the rural old lady, when will buy health products. He finally concluded that many elderly people want to eat health products, but not willing to buy their own.  So, "send a gift on the brain Platinum" This sentence of advertising, it was in this thousands of surveys were born.  Strategy Giants Network: Continue to create a miracle Shi Yuzhu of the online game of Love has been widely known. "I have no other hobbies, the daily exercise is horseback riding."  "For leisure activities, Shi Yuzhu said he would not play golf, also do not love to travel abroad, or even very little fitness, sports, and his so-called riding refers to the virtual horse in the network game." "Playing games, in another society, people do not know who you are, we mix together, are equal, we go to fight together, to play strange, together to bully others, together to be bullied by others, this sense of equality is very good." My favorite role to play is the Lone Ranger, when friends need help, Good Samaritan.  Shi Yuzhu This explains his game spirit.  Shi Yuzhu of this kind of game spirit how many reappear his real world.  When the giant mansion in distress, in addition to owe more than 200 million of the debt, Shi Yuzhu no other property, if not a friend lent him 500,000 yuan, perhaps his lifetime also difficult to turn over the opportunity. "I also more than 40-year-old people, should find a home for themselves," Shi Yuzhu said, "I am the end of the rest of the net game."  "My stock is a piece of paper" Oriental Morning Post: What do you think of your own failure and your present success?  Shi Yuzhu: Others say I am rich, I said that my stock is a piece of paper, my wealth is not money, that stock is a I can exercise the right in the Board of Directors certificate. I believe that the success of today's giant network, the original failure is a wealth. After the failure there may be two kinds of people, a kind of people are mentally hit too hard, the other is failure, but the indomitable spirit is still. As long as the spirit is still there, you can climb up again.  I have always had an idea, failure is the mother of success, success is the father of failure. When the giant company's failure, I have two points of reflection: first, the strategic direction of failure, such as the development of clothing, health products, medicine, software and so onMore than 30 kinds of products, most of the end.  Second, the internal mismanagement, such as arrears of more than 100 million yuan payment can not be recovered. Now I have a rule that I should not do what I do.  For example, Zhuhai Building, from my heart to say very much want to cover, but now I give myself a plan is not to do real estate, and then make money do not do.  "See the national flag pressure is very big" Oriental Morning Post: Giant network listing that moment, what is your biggest feeling? Shi Yuzhu: Because the giant is listed, the NYSE has particularly hung a Chinese flag. The athlete is the happiest because he has finished his task and will be able to go on vacation.  I see the flag feel very pressure, because to maintain growth for the motherland, we must sleep less, sacrifice vacation, to work hard.  Oriental Morning Post: How do you get your team to keep the entrepreneurial spirit and morale after the phased goal of listing? Shi Yuzhu: I think still give our staff a good career stage, let them put the energy to play out.  A person in a company mainly pursues two points, one is the basic demand ——— treatment, can let oneself live better, the condition is better; the second is that personal self-worth can be achieved, if the latter a little done, I believe that after the listing, our talent will not be lost. When I first started this company, the industry peers looked down on us, by now we have become the market capitalisation of the industry's largest company, we are very happy in spirit; treatment, we give all the backbone, all the research and development personnel issued options, the company listed, they can immediately measure the value of the hands of options,  We are now a sudden birth of 21个亿万 millionaire, and nearly 200 million more millionaires, we can improve their lives.  The research team will add one more times to the Oriental Morning Post: What is the future of giants, and can their development meet investors ' expectations? Shi Yuzhu: The global investor is very fastidious, has the confidence to us will give the overvalued value.  Investors are very confident in our team that our team has created miracles and will then create new miracles, including the next product.  In addition to the "Journey", we have another modern war theme of the network game "giant" has entered the beta, is expected to be listed in the first quarter of next year, the third game "Wan Wang 3" is we from the Taiwan game developers in the hands of the network bought, is expected in 2008 commercial operations. In principle, we are still based on independent research and development, we will continue to strengthen research and development, I think the research and development team at this time next year will be on the scale of one more times.  In addition, we are now actively in contact with some of the major foreign production companies, will use China's sales network agent some foreign masterpiece, or overseas acquisition of some good products business. We have four main funds to raise. They are: Strengthen the construction of research and Development center, further strengthen the marketing network, buy newer and better servers, provide better service for players;Research and development team for mergers and acquisitions.
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