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This reporter Zhao Yahui ASUS Chairman Shih Innovative products launched, like a rabbit, if the development of success, it can become a giant lion, otherwise it will be reduced to other people's mouth food. In the field of innovation, we must uphold the traffic lights of interactive thinking, the pursuit of rock-like quality.  Green thinking is to bring all ideas and ideas together to get the best solution; red-light thinking is a question, a challenge to find the root cause of the problem, and the answer. "Science and technology from human nature, a good innovation and technology products, to contain the charm of human nature, to pursue the perfect integration of science and technology and aesthetics, to be placed in the user's position, feel its feeling, ask for it, to create a unique life experience." Shih, an engineer-born Asus chairman, has a particularly deep understanding of innovation.  and computer play more than 30 years dealings, the body of the thin Motor department graduates, in the innovation road has countless ups and downs.  In 1979, Shih with 7 people such as Shih to start Acer, as the general manager of Acer's personal computer business; In 1994, 42-Year-old He left the struggling 15-year Acer, officially joined Asus as chairman and general manager, to start a new business. In the eyes of colleagues, born in the civil service family Shih, is gentle "Professor-type" leader, he "inculcation, everyone is very polite, the mood never ups and downs," but in the product, this elegant gentle person, has a share of choking fortitude. "Remember when Asus started out of a tiny, dim ice fruit Room." 4 of us, passionate about technology, hoping to make a world of profound technology, speaking of that difficult entrepreneurial experience, has long been accustomed to the indifferent Shih, passion is still palpable: "Remember how many nights do not sleep, we are determined to be the main board technology straightened, every detail straightened." "Insight into the huge market potential of computer motherboards, leading ASUS unusual focus, to find the breakthrough will never let go." Shih In 1995, Intel announced that it was going to sweep the mainframe market, with ASUS coping and continuing to make the product fine. 3 years later, Asus lost many of its rivals to the motherboard industry, the world's first and sales have grown 12 times times.  So far, more than 10 years in the past, technology upgrading dozens of times, Asus still lead the motherboard industry, now sold in the world's desktop computers, each of the three still have an ASUS motherboard. "The introduction of innovative products, like a rabbit, if the development of success, you can become a giant lion, otherwise it will be reduced to other people's mouth food." Shih said: "In this industry, to live a good life must be the top two."  "This is Asus's famous" Lion Theory ", and after becoming the" giant Lion "in the motherboard, Shih led Asustek to the wider world. With ambition, Asus has entered the notebook-computer market. "We were proud to think that Asus had straightened technology and that laptops were nothing. We made the first computer, very heavy, many people say like tank car, this electricityBrain function is good, followed by Russian astronauts working in space for more than 700 days, "Shih said:" But the brutal, this makes us proud of the rock-solid products, although won 18 prizes, but the first month to sell 3 units. "This experience lets Shih realize, must from the user's angle of view, according to the user's idea, takes the user's experience as the fundamental." Based on this, Shih put forward: to follow the "human-centered" design concept, an excellent engineer, must be proficient in theory, institutional system, innovation and aesthetics.  Since then, ASUS has launched a series of "people-oriented" notebook computers, rapid sales growth, becoming the world's top 500 large technology enterprises. In 2006, Shih implemented an unexpected plan to start developing a "good enough" computer: cheap enough, not too big, but not too small, with full-sized keyboards, light weight, fast start-up, no discounts on network applications, and battery endurance as long as possible. It is not easy to balance this well, Shih let Taiwan, the United States, Europe three teams, three relay every day research and development. "In a year-long development practice, we've invited thousands of consumers who are unfamiliar with the computer to try to get feedback and make specific changes." "A year later, Asus launched the small, ultra portable computer Eee PC. On the one hand is the industry's controversy--with peers calling it "waste," and a long queue at the door of the store, where the excited consumer grabs it.  The product, soon named "Netbooks," not only became the new engine of growth for the computer industry, but also forced the industry itself to rewrite the rules of the game, and Asus became the tipping point for the industry. "In the field of innovation, we must uphold the traffic light type of interactive thinking, the pursuit of rock mass, Shih said: Green thinking is to bring all ideas and ideas together to get the best solution; red-light thinking is a question, a challenge to find the root cause of the problem, and answer. Through innovative thinking and experimentation, and depending on the needs of customers as a priority, we can continue to develop innovative, user-friendly and practical products. "Asus is continuing to build innovative products, with the whole computer loaded into a keyboard Eee keyboard, as well as the host into the monitor Eee top, more like paper as soft as a bracelet on the wrist of the computer waveface. After occupying the user's living room, Asus wants to conquer the consumer's entire family through the product. "According to different scenarios, we are interested in making anything that promotes people's life experiences." "Shih said.
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