Should the consumer's remaining mobile phone traffic be zeroed out?

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Many consumers will encounter this situation: spend money to buy a few m of the flow, if the month is not finished, can only think of water drift, everyone seems to have the communication operators of this "unspoken rules" accustomed to, see accustomed to not strange, no one to dispute that this is not a violation of the rights of consumers. But recently, a "serious" people stand up. Changsha, Hunan Consumer Liu Ming will be Changsha moved to the court, he believes that the monthly 150M of mobile phone traffic, if not used up, next month will be the service provider clear zero, too unfair, "I spend money to buy the flow, but why the flow of excess to pay fees, unused flow does not accumulate?" I didn't pay for the traffic? "At present Changsha Tianxin District Court has officially filed." Consumer: The remaining flow is clear zero Liu Ming said, he was in the mobile business Hall for an Internet package, 20 yuan packet 150M traffic. By the end of July, he found that 92M of traffic remained unused. Entering August, he found that 92M of unused traffic was cleared without any notification. "The contract does not say that the remaining flow will be cleared 0 ah." "Liu Ming feels unfair," if I exceed the flow of the package, operators but according to 1m1 Yuan charges. "So, Liu Ming will be the operator to court, request to return has been purchased but not used 92M flow or cash compensation, while demanding compensation for economic losses of 300 yuan." Operator: Clear 0 is the traffic approach to the flow of the package at the end of the month, operators said the current practice. and the current package of packages are clearly listed how much traffic to settle, but for the month did not run out of the flow is not a clear hint. The reporter calls the local operator service hotline, get the reply basically is "no way, if the monthly package is used in endless, can not return, can only be wasted." In other words, it is "Qing 0". In order to avoid high flow costs, telecom operators have introduced different versions of the flow package, ranging from 30M to hundred M. Operators said that the user's understanding of the package has a certain misunderstanding, compared to the non-package price has been a lot of concessions, but the degree of freedom has been limited. "It's impossible for users to enjoy a package offer and be as free as a package." "Lawyer: This case is representative," the case is very representative, worthy of concern, "Ju Yongping, a well-known lawyer, said that operators and consumers in the signing package format contract, if expressly stated" can not refund the remaining flow in the package, "the equivalent of a disguised way to deprive citizens of property, belong to the" overlord clause "," According to the principle of fairness, the principle of good faith and the protection of citizen property in contract law, operators should return the remaining traffic "; If the operator does not make any agreement on the remaining traffic in the contract, then it belongs to" the agreement is unclear "," in this case, the remainder of the package will be regarded as the property of the citizen must be the consumer. " "In fact, the monthly flow of clear zero unreasonable, but the user complained about a point, but the more essential or high mobile tariffs for the long-term dissatisfaction." Excessively talk about the rationality of the monthly package and ignore the user's essenceNeeds and dissatisfaction, what is the point of discussion? "People micro-evaluation" way, package consumption prior engagement, the flow of ownership should have no objections. A sound inquiry attracted the response of the public, more like a concentration of dissatisfaction with the telecommunications services outbreak. If we can see the positive meaning, give consumers more bargaining power, provide them with more choice, better service, is not a good thing. Netizen: More than 80% win the case of Liu Ming "anti-Qing 0" to micro-BO, the rapid initiation of online hot discussion, within a few days time forwarding, comments have reached hundreds of thousands of. After careful browsing, it was found that more than 80% of netizens said "win", but some netizens said: "It is strange to win." What is called the package Ah, is the agreement must be used up, not to use the end of the Ah, otherwise the flow of the bag why give so cheap price. If you want to pay as much as you like, don't pack the package ... "pretty 929Apple: Yes, admire, should be more such people, Dare to find and challenge people." Poplar: flow is like eating buffet, even eat a little bit also to pay all the money. But the buffet can eat people can eat ah, traffic can it? @fysoft: The terms of the mobile company itself is the Overlord clause, unless you do not have to sign, if you want to change this situation requires consumers to fight, is essentially a counterweight to the industry's overlord clause and monopoly. Wang Jianliang: Traffic as a can buy goods, is the operator imposed on its shelf life, consumers pay to buy, with no end to waste or continue to save up later use is the rights of consumers, do not need operators to help dispose of. There is a problem with the call time and SMS of the package. Pat Armor by 21: not supported. Since it is a monthly subscription, use not to finish is your matter, all speak the rules, if you feel that the rules are unreasonable, you can make comments. @ Poor way feel the rope is threatened: money you go with 1 dollars 1 m of traffic! In fact, the problem is not in the package system unreasonable, but the price of the operators are too high! Punk 1016: From a legitimate point of view, the operator is right, the package is a good deal in advance, just like to go to McDonald's to buy a set meal can not be returned the same. However, with the continuous reduction of communication charges, service demands continue to improve, communication has already entered the 3G to 4G, package policy has long been unable to adapt to the needs of the current user, although legitimate but not public opinion. Comprehensive Yangcheng Evening News
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