Smartphone marathon: Starting early May not be the ultimate winner

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"TechWeb Report" March 7 News, according to foreign media reports, over the past few years, mobile phones have become more and more intelligent, function more and more close to the computer. The battle for smartphones is more like a marathon, and the first start is not necessarily the ultimate winner. In the smartphone market, Apple's iphone is a successor, but it is the most eye-catching up-and-comer. Android phones have been gongchenglvede, Windows Mobile phones started as early as a loser: Microsoft announced the launch of the Windows CE Pocket PC operating system in 2001, the company launched its smartphone 2002 operating system the following year.  In early 2002, Handspring released the Treo smartphone, which runs the Palm operating system, and has a full keyboard with wireless network browsing, e-mail, calendars, and third-party applications (synchronized with or downloaded from the computer). In 2002, RIM released its first BlackBerry, which optimized its wireless email capabilities, and reached 32 million subscribers by December 2009. Nokia launched the N95 in 2007, integrating a range of features for individual consumers, such as GPS, high pixel cameras, Wi-Fi connections, etc.  These features are standard for high-end smartphones over the next few years. In February 2011, Nokia announced a large area of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system, Meego gradually turned into a research platform, and Symbian system mainly for medium and low products.  Apple's iphone and Android are the younger generation than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, but these two products have become the strongest rivals and dominate the smartphone market. Apple launched the iphone in 2007, initially expensive and the cheapest at more than 500 dollars.  But Apple's iphone, the first smartphone to be operated primarily by touch-screen, and the first to use a multi-touch interface, is considered far superior to competing products. The Android operating system, born in 2008, is an open source platform developed by Google, which has formed a coalition of mobile phones with Intel, HTC, ARM, Motorola, Samsung and other companies.  The first handset to use the Android operating system is HTC Dream. If the iphone is a global smartphone boom, it is no exaggeration to say that the iphone 4 launched last year pushed the smartphone market into a new era.  At the March 2, 2011 ipad 2 Conference, Apple announced that it had sold 100 million iphones on a global scale. There are no exact sales figures for Android handsets, and Google's vice president announced last June that 160,000 Android phones were activated every day. The latest figures released by Nielsen, the Market Research institute, show that AndroidCan phone in the United States share the first Ultra iphone BlackBerry, and most popular with young people. Meanwhile, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 smartphones occupy 10% per cent of the U.S. market.  webOS occupies 4% per cent of the market, and Symbian Systems occupy 2% of the market. In the smartphone market, the United States began to lag behind other countries, but as Apple launched its iphone in 2007, the situation began to reverse. Although there are many smartphones around the world, the design and operating systems are basically from the United States and Canada.
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