Some rivers in Taihu basin polluted by Foxconn and other enterprises

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Who is polluting the Taihu lake basin? Reported yesterday that companies such as Foxconn were polluting some rivers in the Taihu basin. The report was published by the Green Jiangnan, the Public Environmental Research Center, Friends of Nature, Huan Friends Science and Technology and the University of Nature five environmental organizations, reported who is polluting Taihu Lake basin? Reported yesterday that companies such as Foxconn were polluting some rivers in the Taihu basin.

The above report is from the green Jiangnan, public Environmental Research Center, Friends of Nature, Huan Friends of science and Technology and the University of Nature five environmental protection organizations jointly released, the report said, in the Imperial Cang Jing Investigation process, from the local environmental protection organization Green Jiangnan found that the Foxconn Science and Technology group Suzhou area between two factories in the river has a large number of waste water discharged, and daily through the pumping station to the imperial Cang Jing. The discharged wastewater is pungent, the water is black and the foam is strong. The results of on-site sampling showed that the nickel concentration reached 2060 mg/kg, exceeding the limit of nearly 40 times times.

In addition, Kunshan Ding Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. and two enterprises can become a large number of sewage discharge, pollution of the Taihu River basin part of the river.

Taihu Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China, the basin has raised more than 30 million people, supporting China's most dynamic economic center. However, the water pollution situation in Taihu Lake basin is still grim, among which the pollution caused by the developed it electronics industry cannot be neglected.

Ma June, director of the Center for Public Environmental Research, said that through research, environmental groups found that some enterprises in the Taihu Basin, the heavy metal pollution in the sediments of some of the tributaries of the Taihu Lake was severely exceeded.

Ma June said that in the early research on the pollution of IT industry by the Green Choice Alliance, it had involved the sewage of enterprises on both sides of Lou Xia River and the health impact of local residents. In order to further determine the pollution and source of pollution in Lou River, the green Jiangnan has 22 trips to Lou under the river Sewage site investigation, and finally found the river bottom of the sewage pipe.

Who is polluting the Taihu lake basin? said that the two sides of the Lou River are distributed four enterprises, of which printed circuit board manufacturers Ding Xin Electronics and the electronic, the characteristics of the pollutants are copper and nickel. Ding Xin electronic because of its huge scale, its 2010 hazardous waste production in the whole Kunshan Enterprises ranked second, become the focus of investigation.

Green Jiangnan in July 15, 2013, 16th, in respect of the surrounding water pollution and community complaints, respectively, Foxconn Science and technology Group and Ding Xin Electronics, etc., hope that enterprises can make public statements, two enterprises refused to receive, after the fax email no response.

"The pollution control in Taihu Lake basin is related to the safety of drinking water for tens of millions of people, and environmental authorities should increase the monitoring of pollution emissions in the IT electronics industry in the basin, and the world's leading it brands should work with local stakeholders to promote pollution reduction in the supply chain." "said Ma June.

The environmental groups said protecting the Taihu basin requires consumers to make green choices. Environmental groups also called on local environmental authorities to increase the monitoring of the IT electronics industry in the Taihu Basin, curb excessive gross emissions of enterprises, and promote the clean-up of polluted water bodies by polluters.

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