South Korea's new tour "legendary pedigree" was referred to as "Paradise" series

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(Compile/small Hee) in the 5th of this month, exc games new tour "legendary descent" recently aroused Korean media concern, the reason for its concern is not how strong the game, but some Korean media that the game from the content to the system, from packaging to publicity are complete Shanzhai ncsoft MMORPG masterpiece "  Heaven and Heaven 2. Although many of South Korea's 2D online games to imitate the "paradise."  3D games to imitate the "Paradise 2" mainly, but they are "have been in plagiarism, never beyond" the state, and this "legendary descent" to an unprecedented exaggerated cottage, plagiarism caused the player's curiosity.  The player also hopes that this game can break through the fate of the Ugly Duckling, become a swan.  The propaganda page of "legendary pedigree", the same as before "heaven" >>> Cottage from the user agreement we play each game, will be the first to read his user agreement, although the user agreement content is similar, but different vendors will be based on their own style of user agreement content changes. And after reading this game's user agreement, surprised to find ... It is the combination of heaven and Heaven 2, and the wording and the words are exactly the same.  It's just a patchwork of the two-game user protocols of the Paradise series.  The User Agreement login interface, which is consistent with the word "heaven", matches a previous version of Paradise. In addition, the task of the game to create a interface, and "Paradise 2" similar, but the task when the background of the creation of a more gorgeous decoration.  Figure 4: Login background Basic Cottage "Paradise 2" and many players said, login game, thought it was their own illusion, mistakenly published in the "Paradise 2." >>> career design and "heaven" amazing similar in addition to user agreement, the game's career settings are the same as "heaven", Samurai, Nobility, Ranger, magician.  One of the samurai's jean that with the "heaven" of the Royal royalty is basically the same, the nobility corresponds to the knight, ranger corresponding Goblin, the magician did not change the occupation name. The player can create a guild when the game is at level 10.  Each occupation has a weapon specialization and so on, and "Heaven" is the same. "Paradise" and "legendary pedigree" professional comparison >>> games several maps of the design and naming of the same two games, there are "legendary island" and "Goblin village."  And the design of the location of the two maps is exactly the same, can not help but sigh, this game play is "Lonely" Mody?  Area location, named as in addition, "legendary Blood" in the UI design, the union system design is exactly the same as "paradise", and the only difference is that this game is 3D games, so many players system, this game is the "Heaven" and "Paradise 2," The combination of research and development of the MMORPG. South Korean media believes that, now in the excellent online games scarce, many manufacturers choose to take shortcuts---plagiarism, imitation of the previous classic game, and then this pure cottage on the net is good, is bad, but also awaiting further testing of the market, but with a game industry related people,  This trend will inevitably result in the stagnation of online games, will further affect the number of excellent online games. Chat to express dissatisfaction of the players more information please pay attention to play the game network
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