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The first China Pollution Census Bulletin, released in February this year, shows that China's water pollution sources are mainly agricultural rather than industrial, while in agricultural pollution, livestock and poultry are the most polluted, exceeding fertilizers and pesticides.  Taihu Lake pollution to the 2007 after the outbreak of cyanobacteria water crisis, Taihu Lake pollution has become the top priority of Jiangsu Province and Wuxi.  As of the first half of 2009, Jiangsu to the fierce trend, the closure of 3,401 small chemical plants, prohibited the approval of six big pollution industry, the new expansion of the project, Wuxi is the river into the lake 10 km from the range of 339 sewage outfall into the sewage pipe network.  However, the iron-fisted pollution did not change too much lake water clear. "2007 years later, every year I take my students to the Taihu Lake to investigate the pollution, perhaps because the time to scrape is the east wind, we see is still not looking at the edge of cyanobacteria."  "Wenlong, associate professor of environment and resources, Nanjing Agricultural University.  According to the survey of agricultural non-point source pollution in Taihu Lake area after the 2007 water crisis, agricultural non-point source pollution, such as fertilizer, pesticide, intensive farm pollution, and not industrial pollution, is the main culprit of pollution in Taihu Lake.  And Wenlong told reporters that the Taihu Lake basin pollution of the main indicators, such as cod (chemical oxygen demand), total nitrogen, total phosphorus and other emission indicators, agricultural non-point source pollution contribution rate are more than half, and even some indicators more than two-thirds. Coincidentally。  A further study of agricultural non-point source pollution in Taihu Lake area in recent years by Nanjing Soil Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that industrial pollution accounts for only 10% to 16% of the total external pollution in Taihu lake, while agricultural non-point source pollution has risen to 59%.  Conclusion consistent research results, the idea of Jiangsu Province to manage Taihu lake pollution, from the constant attention to industrial point source pollution, and began to pay attention to the agricultural non-point source pollution control. The establishment of an organic agriculture ring in the Taihu lake was passed in the province last year in this context.  The development of organic agriculture in Taihu Lake is an effective way to solve the problem of excessive chemical fertilizer use and large-scale animal husbandry.  And Taihu Lake is only a microcosm of the whole of China's pollution. Livestock and poultry farming is the main cause of water pollution in February 2010, the First China Pollution Census bulletin showed that agricultural emissions accounted for 43.7% of the chemical oxygen demand in waste water in 2007, 57.2% and 67.4% of total nitrogen and total phosphorus. "The conclusion of the pollution census data, in short, is that the main source of air pollution is industrial and automobile exhaust and other pollution, surface water pollution mainly from agricultural non-point source pollution." A government official in China's Ministry of Environmental Protection concludes. "The census of Pollution sources, in the agricultural source pollution, the more prominent is the pollution of livestock and poultry industry, chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen and total phosphorus accounted for 96%, 38% and 56% of agricultural pollution sources respectively."    UFA, deputy director of the China Academy of Social Sciences in rural areas, said the data show that livestock and poultry farming has become a major source of agricultural pollution. New ideas of pollution control However, how to manage the pollution caused by large-scale livestock breeding? "The best way is to breed bigThe household animal manure is made into organic manure, which can not only realize the organic fertilizer, but also avoid polluting the water.  "Zheng said. But the present industrial environment of organic fertilizer is far from mature. "We met the boss of an organic fertilizer factory in Jiangsu Province, and he said that he could make a profit if the government removed the tolls from the vehicles he was pulling manure from."  "Zheng said. Government policy support for the organic fertilizer industry is still very weak. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other four provinces and cities, most of the country has no subsidy to the organic fertilizer industry. Even in Beijing, where subsidies are plentiful, the situation is not rosy. "Beijing Organic fertilizer a ton sell 600 yuan, the government subsidy can let the farmer 120 yuan to get, but so, some organic fat enterprise also cannot make money."  "Engaged in bio-organic fertilizer promotion of Beijing Six and Shenzhou Bioengineering company technical director Juani said."  Livestock and poultry manure treatment is more serious problems caused by industrialized aquaculture. Juani's company conducted tests on livestock and feces from large farms and found that some farms, feed for fast-growing livestock, and antibiotics injected to control disease, have made these animals ' feces a common heavy metal and antibiotics, and then sodium salts exceeding the standard. "These excrement cannot make the qualified organic fertilizer, one is apt to cause two times heavy metal pollution, again is the massive application high sodium chloride's animal manure, will aggravate the soil secondary salinization."  "Juani said.  But government officials are relatively upbeat. An official at the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the animal manure treatment technology is now very mature, the key is the Government should vigorously promote and give policy support and subsidy. "In Japan, the subsidies of the environmental sector and the state, not the sales revenue, are the main income of organic fertilizer companies." ”
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