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One day, the player you play in the role of the game in the course of work unfortunately by a group of criminals kidnapped. Then you were locked into a dingy little room by the criminals. You overheard that if the criminals received the ransom, they would kill you. In order to live, you have to use all your ingenuity, using the various tools and objects in this room to find the exit of this room and escape from the Chamber of Secrets. 1, point right bottom corner "? The hint says: You need to find a purple key; 2. Point the pillow, get the notebook; 3, the poster on the wall, to get a square object; 4, the White square box on the desk, you can get a small box; 5, to the right side of the scene, the sofa to the left of the first cushion, get a round article; 6, Dot glass table below, get a downward spade; 7, to the right side of the scene, point to the left-hand side of the cupboard, get an upward spades; 8, to the right scene, the floor under the chair, to get a triangular pattern of items; 9, to the right side of the scene, point to the wall darts disk, get a left of the spade; 10, Double-click the notebook in the item bar, open, first write some information, and then click to get a right spade; 11, double-click the White box in the item bar, open, there is a pattern composed of four spades, in order to get the spade into the box, open the lid, get the purple key. 12, point right bottom corner "? ", hint said: You need to find a iron board, 13, came to have two cabinets of the scene; 14, the right hand side of the cabinet above the glass door of the lattice, with a purple key to open, get an X-shaped pattern objects and an iron board; 15, point right bottom corner"? , the hint said: You can use the iron plate at the entrance of the secret Road; 16, came to have a bed of the scene, 17, the bottom of the bed, see a similar iron gate of things, in the iron door with a steel board to break open a secret, a password lock; 18, hint said according to the tips in the notebook, enter the password. Look at the notebook, the above content is, April 24, 2011 seems to have a week is the eldest 41-year-old birthday. As a result, the eldest was born on May 1, 1970. 19, back to the password lock, Upper row input 1970, the next row input 0501, open the password lock, again appeared a layer of password; 20, the hint said the order and the magazine in the drawer related; 21, exit the password lock, the drawer under the desk, inside has a video game magazine; 22, back to the password lock, According to the order of the game, put four round objects into, on: Triangle, right: round, down: X-shaped, left: square; 23, open password, Secret Road appears, Escape success!!
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