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Multi-Play network (Compile/Fall) "StarCraft 2: Freedom of the Wings of July 27 officially in the global release operation, 12, 12, waiting for the attention of the" StarCraft 2 "really came, this bearer of a generation of dreams of the game through the two-year period of jump ticket finally came to us. Some people worry that the "star 2" is divided into adult, Zerg and astral Three versions, the overall game, the quality of the game itself will be reduced. In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem, so far, "star 2" is a small memory of the best real-time strategy game.  High level of game production, mission design, a variety of upgrade systems and so on so that the game has a very strong play. In the game, the character's growth route will be completely different according to the player's own choice.  For example, a conversation in a task, a strategy in a starship, and so on, will take the player on a different route. The details of the game are excellent, and you'll find small details in almost every place.  For example, handwritten signature on the role model, the words "do not shoot the screen" under the TV, and the instructional animation embedded during the upgrade. Unlike other real-time strategy games, "star 2" as long as you choose a task, will receive a certain reward, which greatly stimulated the players to open more level task of morale.  All of the tasks in Star 2 are given by the main characters in the game, each task will have a voice-over cue, which makes the player feel that each task is very important. As for the character design, it feels a little easier. All the characters in the game are not very attractive features, most of the previous design. Renoiran is frustrated that the queen of the Blade becomes a pest and still wants to retaliate against Manny.  The Star 2 character design is good compared to other instant strategy games. StarCraft II uses branching and multi-line tasks to allow players to integrate more directly into the game's plot. The most interesting part of the game right now is that some of the task players have to make a choice, and when a task is about to be finished, a boss is going to be wiped out and the player will be asked if he or she becomes the enemy or the alliance. At this time the player must choose, in the future game, these choices will have a great impact on the player.  Before making a choice, the player should think carefully. The system of achievement in the game makes the player more motivated, which seems to apply to the World of Warcraft.  When the player completes the task, he will get some achievement value, which can exchange some items in the game.  The game also has a built-in map editor, which allows some skilled players to have more room to create their own game world.  In addition, the single battle mode of the game will continue the "StarCraft: Bloody" Story of the main axis, players will see in the game familiar faces and new heroes, they will keep writing this adventure and conspiracy of the sci-fi legend. "StarCraft Ⅱ," The English name Starcraftⅱ, was launched by Blizzard in 2010, a RTS real-time strategy game, as a sequel to "StarCraft" tells the story of the Terran, the star spirit and the Zerg Trio. "StarCraft Ⅱ" will be launched in the form of a trilogy, namely Wings of Liberty (Freedom Wing), Herat of the Swarm (the heart of the Swarm) and legacy of the void. (Edit/Ming)
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