Star shooting 3D games ads provoke South Korean netizens dissatisfied

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Han Geng denied the new ads to the South Korean newspaper (reporter Shoupeng) before Super Junior member Han Geng starred in "Derogatory Korea" ads, attracted South Korean netizens dissatisfied. The ad was filmed for a 3D online game in China, and Han Geng decorated a young singer in a newly-filmed advertisement. He worked in a shop, but was scolded by the female boss, and beat him in the back of the head with Korean scold: "Hello!" Wake up, do you think this is your concert? Do you want to do business? If you don't want to do it, fuck off! Han changed to be a game fighter to drive away the female boss, and later became a singer, held a concert.  The female boss in the advertisement was set to be "demon" with black-framed glasses, Korean-speaking and long horns on her head.  This advertisement broadcast, by the South Korean Netizen pain batch, think is to belittle South Korea's advertisement, Netizen says Han in South Korea fame, but shoot has to slander South Korea's intention advertisement, feel betrayed.  The parties responded to the criticism of Han Senqui to the South Korean netizens accused, Han through the assistant said very wronged.  Han Geng's assistant Miss Li told reporters in the morning of the telephone interview that the content of the ads did not denigrate the meaning of the Korean people, this is just an advertising company's creativity, is only a kind of art processing, now by the Korean netizens rise to this height, it is a bit strange. Ms. Li said that when the advertisement was taken, Han Geng did not realize what was wrong with the use of Korean, he only took into account the text of advertising, content can not be involved in the country, political factors.  Language is just a way to express, if there is really derogatory content of Korea, he can not go to shoot. "If you use Chinese or English, will you be said to be alluding to China or other countries?" Not to mention that the advertising itself does not say that Koreans are bad. This is only the creative advertisers, as artists can only perform their duties, it is impossible to interfere.  "said Miss Li.  There are also South Korean netizens that Han said in the SJ period suffered by the brokerage company SM Entertainment unfair treatment, and filed a complaint, so filmed this has to slander South Korea's intentions of advertising.  For such accusations, Ms. Li said Han did not have any complaints against the Koreans because of the former brokerage company SM Entertainment, and Han still has a good relationship with the Koreans and former brokers who have helped him. Wen/journalist Shoupeng
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