State Grid no longer monopolizes electric vehicle charging market

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Abstract: The State Grid Company announced 27th to open to social capital the distribution of distributed power grid engineering and electric vehicle recharge facilities two market areas. The move is the first time the natural monopoly has opened its market to social capital and is expected to promote distributed power and electric

The State Grid Company announced 27th to open to social capital the distributed power grid engineering and electric vehicle charging and switching facilities two market areas. This is the natural monopoly for the first time to open the market to social capital, is expected to promote the development of distributed power and electric vehicles, by 2020 to pry 200 billion yuan market size.

State Grid company spokesman Wang Yanfang said that the state grid companies in response to the country's electricity, oil and other public utilities to open a group of investment projects to Non-state Capital, decided to open the two markets, allowing social capital investment in the construction and operation of these two areas of the project. This will help to give full play to the role of market allocation resources, promote the distribution of distributed power supply and electric vehicles to market, industrialization, and promote the development of new energy.

She said that the selected two areas of the first open, is to take into account the distributed power network and electric vehicle charging facilities market development prospects, investment scale, technical standards clear, easy to manage operation, flexible investment, suitable for social capital investment.

The State Grid company estimates that the two markets will grow at an average annual rate of 13 billion yuan, with a market size of 200 billion yuan by 2020, while boosting the gross domestic product by 780 billion yuan.

State Grid Company issued the "on the distribution of power grid services on the work of the views" and "on doing a good job of electric vehicle charging equipment for the Telegraph installation service work," the commitment for social capital to enter the two markets to provide related services.

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