Su Ning takes the lead into "the Life" state

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Business News (Reporter Wang Museum) take the company's ownership to make bets, and for the Jingdong Mall double pay for the price of Su Ning, the first to enter the "Life" state. Suning easy to purchase a few days ago issued the "September parity difference double return activity rules", and set up a price comparison area, parity object directly to Jingdong Mall. At the same time, "aloof" Site a Amoy network, then launched a "everyone to find" poor "" "the new comparison tool. The tool is specifically for Suning and Jingdong Mall 3C category price comparison, and gives real-time comparison results.

The reporter yesterday in suning easy to buy homepage to see, for the previous "difference double back", Suning easy to purchase has promulgated the corresponding rules, clear parity object is Jingdong Mall for sale, with brand manufacturers legally authorized, formal quality, can be issued formal invoices, and with Suning easy to buy the same goods, and even color must be the same.

The rules also show that the release price information needs to be passed by Suning Tesco executive vice President Li Bin Micro-Bo or suning easy to buy the official forum price comparison activity zone to upload, "the difference double back" will be the form of replenishment coupons returned to the consumer Suning easy to buy member accounts. However, the delivery of goods to the payment method is not involved in this event. If the same goods appear multiple proof, suning easy to purchase only the first to submit the proof of the customer replenishment coupons.

Suning easy to buy the official forum of the parity zone, the reporter saw, the most concentrated price feedback is "computer Office", "Life Home Appliances", "digital" and "TV av" four plates. As of press time, "computer Office" area A total of 479 people reply, browsing over million. "Air conditioning", "refrigerator washing machine" two large appliances in the area, the number of people involved in comparison is relatively small. The cumulative total recovery of these two plates is not yet 20% of the "Computer Office" area.

As of press, a Amoy NET data show, Suning easy to buy 4,176 pieces, Jingdong Mall has 13,364 pieces of 3C merchandise. 841 of the items were sold at the same time. In terms of price comparison, the two have a total of 252 pieces of the same price, suning easy to buy 452 pieces cheaper, Jingdong Mall has 137 prices lower. Industry insiders believe that a Amoy network of data only to count the number of low-priced goods, can not fully explain the two companies of the best or inferior.

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