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Su Zi Purple Chinese Business Network-Chinese business newspaper February 18 reported "naked Mold" su purple and "Naked Girl" morning poetry satisfying, because the same 90, and because of different ways of "naked", in the last year quickly leap Red. Of course, the two people are popular at the same time also accompanied by criticism, "hype", "show" The sound has always been. Yesterday, the reporter contacted these two people, Su Zi Purple said will hold the human body Photography exhibition, the morning poem satisfying will form "The Human Body Model Association".  But in the face of "hype" questioning, two people insisted: really did not! Su Zi Violet (born June 29, 1991) "I really did not hype the team," the reporter yesterday in Baidu search "Su Violet purple", related content up to 752,000.  Renmin University of China, two of the nude model of identity, let this girl from the end of last year, become netizens, network Word-of-mouth Marketing company, the media chasing attention focus. Speculation about SU Violet purple by "WhoamI" human photography exhibition after the popular, there is a netizen disclosed, this is a hype: network Pat "Not I not I" actually know Su Zi purple, and coined a set of netizens sympathy information, such as "from childhood parents divorced, with grandparents life, junior high school that is mixed society, suck K powder, After the university to engage in human models "; and looking for a professional photographer for Su Violet to take pictures of human body art, held exhibitions at Renmin University of China;" Not me, not me. "Using the Internet to pat the identity of the exhibition video published to the website to make recommendations, using their own relationship with the media to disseminate; Find an adult products website in Beijing  Hope that the other party invited Su Zi Purple to do the endorsement, Su Zi Purple side then offer 50,000, adult supplies website too high cooperation finally failed to reach; January 6 night, "I am not me" about several media to Beijing, a flower market, Su Zi purple in front of reporters and public performance "Fish Tank show", the next day that the big news headlines. The client responded by saying, "No, I'm not me" yesterday. His work is only a record of the facts, "' The ', ' famous university ', ' nude model ' itself has news, and now her background, housework has been confirmed by the media, there is no speculation at all. I make money making video, Su Zi purple and I have no economic dealings. "and Su Zi purple friend Huang in an interview said:" The current Su Zi purple personal problems, all by me to answer. We really did not hype the team! What's she going to do? Su Zi Purple and not into the entertainment circle, she will not act, singing is to human life. If there is a businessman willing to spend a high price to buy her portrait endorsement, netizens see must feel nasty, after her road destroyed. Mr. Huang said, to su purple purple origin Suspicion, the media have been confirmed, he will no longer respond. And for future plans, "this year is ready to do four infectious series of works, if there are sponsors, next year to do the human body Photography Roadshow, she now can only rely on the sale of photos to make money, but the current price is very low, basically a piece of 5000 yuan." "Morning poem Yi (born August 10, 1991)" I do not know there is a camera on the draft "Naked" and the night of the Red Body model morning poetry Yi, before the Spring Festival photography human body Artsy, was molested by the photographer and was beaten and scolded. Recently, this "violence video" has spread to the Internet. After the "Naked Door", the morning of the second news of the poem, the content is still grabbing attention.  Yesterday, the reporter saw the video "real shoot nude model morning poem Yi suffered photographer on the spot," only in the Phoenix forum clicks on the Super 4.1 million. Speculation is unexpected, after the video exposure most netizens did not condemn the photographer, but denounced the naked model to take this hype, netizens "too enthusiastic" analysis of the video loophole, "first, the private shoot how the scene will have a camera, and the plane is facing the scene, without any jitter, this is clearly in the act." Second, the photographer's voice is very young, but has a beard, and wearing glasses, hats, he seems to the camera position is very clear, the face is hidden. Third, if the violence to the point, the photographer will release people? Four, if the photographer knows the candid Camera, the video is impossible to put out, more impossible to play mosaic. "The client responded to yesterday morning's poem satisfying an interview said:" Human photography is my job, I do not feel that naked people are more humble than clothes, the key to see whether the soul is pure. Referring to the video show, she said: "The circle is very messy, everyone has, I did not know that there is a video camera, the model of harassment in the circle of things often happen." I think we are like a child without control, after the accident do not know who to find. "Based on this, the morning poem Yi has the idea of establishing the Body Model Association, she also set up a body model on Weibo," Here, I know a lot of like-minded people, there are senior photographers, there are models, no fame there is no right to speak, no attention, I sincerely hope that through the media help to make this circle to expand the impact of On the one hand, the public's prejudice against human photography, on the one hand, hope to establish associations, to develop some measures to protect the model. Human photography is not ' can't get the table '. "Circle reviews Two people are still suspected of speculation yesterday reporters call senior Word-of-mouth marketing expert" second, "he said, from the current event development, two people suspected speculation still can not be ruled out. "In fact, judge a network event whether hype, take ' sentiment, reason, law ' standard measure, if one thing is not reasonable, unreasonable, playing the law, but the parties are willing to do, it is doubtful." To see if there is any follow-up development, one after another news events, introduction, outbreak, development, follow-up, every one knot, there is news, it is also clearly in the maintenance of the heat of the parties. ”
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