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Abstract: The two days of music to pull the millet noisy, although the end of consumers do not have much perception, but in the industry or onlookers. First of all, this matter is not honest, icntv enough chicken thief, and millet belongs to lie gun. Maybe some people are strange, le Vision is not called

The two days of music to pull the millet noisy, although the end consumers do not have much perception, but in the industry or onlookers.

First of all, this matter is not honest, icntv enough chicken thief, and millet belongs to lie gun.

Some people may be surprised, music does not claim to have some content of the copyright, why is it not honest?

Not that copyright should not be protected, but that this matter is not in the pure market system, but in the radio and television department business such a special policy, the market two yuan structure.

Any attempt to swap concepts and entrainment Sihuo in the process of simplifying logical chains is bullying.

In fact, this logical chain is fairly simple, so let's get some background information:

First, in recent years, although the stock price is high, but the cash flow has been tight, otherwise there will not be bosses and executives to repeatedly to the relationship behind the Shanxi local banks and securities companies repeatedly pledged equity.

In recent years, music as a continuous spread of the line of business, from the video network to do TV, box equipment music as new, and then to the music and video films, as well as in recent years, mobile phones, routers and other projects, has been the birth of stock prices rose, but the development itself needs funds to support

At the same time, it should be noted that copyright hoarding is known as the music of the rights of the hands of the situation is also quietly changing. The year before last, 8 of the top big play solo rights, but a sharp contraction in the past, and in recent years has not been too loud. At the same time, the content of the music to see the direction of the investment has changed, before the big play to do distribution, and now began to play down the copyright purchase of TV dramas, to do the film content, that is, the music video that the business, but it is also very need of money.

Well, having said the music itself, let's take a look at what happened between Le and Icntv.

Under the popular science, CNTV is the operating entity of the broadcasting and television system, and has the license plate of the Internet TV content integrated broadcast and control platform. To put it simply, the policy of the Broadcasting System stipulates that any device that makes Internet TV or Internet box must have a license plate broadcast and control platform, and the contents of the broadcast can only be connected to the broadcast platform, otherwise it will be illegal.

Radio and television department has played a long time not to flow outside the field of the style, this license only issued 7, are given to the radio and television Department of their own, ICNTV is one of the most core, is CCTV's own, nature is also the son of the radio and television department. All along, the Lok vision and Millet access platform are ICNTV.

We from the product side (can observe the official introduction of the existing product lines) as well as the radio and television Department of the senior figures from the information show that ICNTV did stop to the music of the broadcast platform to support the license plate.

This is the statement said by the Millet and Icntv confirmed, ICNTV stop with the basis of music licensing cooperation, of course, Millet's statement also said that ICNTV with music as a license outside the content of cooperation is continuing.

Indeed, has been sold out of the old model can not be abolished, it is responsible for the consumer ah, so the old model ICNTV platform on the content is still supported.

This is also the music in the capital market to send the so-called "clarification" and CNTV cooperation also continued, but the words did not say fine, is considered "fuzzy treatment."

Music with ICNTV original cooperation for a long time, although the industry knows, they and ICNTV have been constantly, but why now suddenly fell out, so happy to take Icntv to court?

As mentioned above, Lok see the capital chain tense, to do more, continue to lift the pressure of stock prices.

There are two choices in front of the music: first, get more benefit from ICNTV; second, to make their own user-oriented model to do more, the first good to increase revenue, and second, the concept can be fired more fire, get higher share price gains.

However, these two tin road in front of the ICNTV is not very well. First of all, the policy determines that the content to be displayed on the television and the box must be placed on the ICNTV platform; At the same time, the policy stipulates that the content on the ICNTV platform does not have the management power of other devices involved in the platform.

So, the millet defendant piracy is really lying gun. It can only connect the content of the ICNTV platform, although you can say that millet will inevitably benefit from it, but in business, it can only about, to speak the rules, to tell evidence, motivational theory is not naïve, is an ulterior motive.

In fact, the legal compliance of millet equipment can not move ICNTV platform content, not to mention active piracy. Unless, le see evidence can explain, Millet initiative request ICNTV on its platform to provide pirated content ...

Back to the main topic, le See to choose another way, is to weaken the previous exclusive copyright distribution such as business-to-business business, to strengthen the user-oriented content of the C-side business, which is not good before, but it is indeed the direction of the industry, especially to do the mobile phone, such as 2 C attribute strong products, it needs to do so.

Several radio and television system old Artillery analysis is, the face of Icntv is not good, but last year because some illegal or playing edge of the small means by Sarft named criticized, and Icntv after, simply lift the table, shaking the courage to sue Icntv.

The old guns sent out the news is, music to see their own toss, also really did not forget to peer-teammate dragged down. A while ago Sarft on the TV box app pre-installed, quite a few of the name, is said to be happy as reported.

First-line camp only the remaining millet was pulled into the muddy water, Le Icntv also pulled on the millet to bear joint and several responsibility.

However, le Vision also not full madness, in front of the public still can't completely with the radio and television department Pro son decorum. Although the ICNTV, but music to see the draft is not a word of the full text of them, but the firepower are aimed at the millet lying gun.

Why is there a lot of equipment vendors Icntv platform, the only target of millet?

The reason is nothing but a few:

1, Millet is the strongest competitor, CAT Digital Cube Data 2013 years of the Four Seasons, 2014 one or two quarter of HD box sales data, millet products to more than 310,000, 480,000, 430,000 of the number of transactions won the first, to know that the days of the cat channel is not the main channel of Millet, and the music video TV to 27,000 , 13,000, 13,000 of the data only ranked 11th, 12th and 13th.

2, the highest visibility of millet, do the network media are aware that the title of the screen is not millet, PV can be at least 2-3 times worse. Pull millet water, the most can play the effect of muddy.

3, Millet is the largest ICNTV platform, the most well-known cooperative equipment business, pull millet box into the water, in fact, is in the disgusting ICNTV: your most important partners are accused, who dare to mix with you?

At this point, the logic behind this controversy is basically clear. While the claim of "safeguarding copyright" is a high tone, the policy is policy, regardless of the rationality of the policy, in the case of policy existence, it is necessary to talk about the market in the framework of policy compliance. Otherwise, it is hard to say goodness.

Therefore, le Vision is very unkind, quite a chicken thief. Shanxi people are not all kind, coal boss belly black up Abacus is indeed beautiful.

Of course, le see at this time another abacus is, recently prepared to finance, also ready to do mobile phone, hype, always right.

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