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16th "> China e-Commerce Summit Forum, the wonderful content of the continuous, will be some sentiment recorded."

Tough E-commerce needs to explain, the participants proposed 8% of users do not go shopping, the growing data illustrates the transfer of user behavior. "Person" and "goods" or "service" application has a "point of contact", this contact point can be a street store, can also be a TV newspaper, individual creation of goods limited ability, in different "contact point" on the realization of transactions, "new contact point" in accordance with the human nature of the "minimum energy consumption principle", change "people" behavior habits. The internet is a kind of income, e-commerce in the "people" of the comparison and choice of growth, as the industry representative of enterprises, are not in the "people" to contribute to the evolution.

About "New contact point", can be small, 8% do not visit the store to ripen the Chinese e-commerce, online shop became a "new contact point", the next "new contact point" where? Mobile Internet may have some thinking, many applications of smartphones make people's imagination.

E-commerce is now essentially a traditional offline transplant to the Internet, is a new channel, and this new channel is more than the original channel optimization, how the effect of products vary. The front end of industrial chain-"product" and back-end-"distribution" "after-sales service", affect and even restrict the development of E-commerce.

First said before paragraph: the Internet on the goods may not be "high quality" and "cheap" and pay equal attention to, due to the Internet easy parity characteristics, standardized goods easily form the scale of purchase, which is "group buying" one of the reasons. Integrated supply chain, mastering the quality of the first segment of the product is the premise of E-commerce, China as the world's factory, overcapacity makes OEM production if the management is good, there will be a lot of "every customer." The amount of information on the Internet has also contributed to the "business" process of making consumers an expert in identifying products. "Commodity + knowledge" integration will greatly enhance brand loyalty.

And back end: The logistics cost of E-commerce is very high, for the rational and effective control of logistics will form a unique advantage of the difference, the concrete effect can be proved by data. "After-sales service" is an unavoidable problem, this meeting, a said will be Suning Gome as the online shopping mall experience shop, another said is the shop as a line of Suning Gome's comparison tool, bargain to the appropriate, or believe that the online after-sales service experience. The same means the importance of after-sales service. Taobao to reduce the user's expectations, and Taobao Mall will face the development of the expected value of a series of problems.

Jump out to see the development of E-commerce from the perspective of data, high-speed growth can not cover up the problems, the formation of the bubble from bad data to see, with a humble positive attitude, pay attention to the objective data, with open and introspective attitude compared to the same, down-to-earth to surpass competitors, "one second" "a single" or even " One click. E-commerce is a long-distance running process, many market segments have the opportunity, the data will speak, when the internet and reality overlap, the halo of E-commerce will fade, high quality and convenient, but so.

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