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NoSQL Movement: Database Architecture Choice

Guide: Mike Loukides is the vice president of the content strategy of O ' Reilly Media, and he is very interested in programming languages and UNIX system management, with system configured tuning and UNIX power Tools. In this article, Mike Loukides put forward his insightful insights into nosql and thought deeply about all aspects of modern database architecture. In a conversation last year, Basho, CTO of the company, Justin Sheehy, recognized ...

Piecewise relational database in cloud computing

Social media, E-commerce, mobile communications, and machine-machine data exchange make terabytes or even petabytes of data that the enterprise IT department must store and process.   Mastering fragmentation best practices is a very important step in the cloud planning process when users process data for cloud computing databases. Fragmentation is the process of splitting a table into a manageable size disk file. Some highly resilient key-value data stores, such as Amazon simple DB, Google App engine ...

Information architecture model

Recently busy graduate design, the need for document translation. I thought that before the translation of a poor, but always feel not rigorous enough. My graduation project is mainly to help the teacher's institute to be a website, already have a website, but the teacher and I think the old version of the site is very old. So volunteered. The site needs to be refactored, and the Natural Information Architecture section is an important part of it, though it has also been seen quite a bit before, such as "thinking of the OR search in the kitchen" is a sign of thought, but systematically translating the Five Simple Steps team Works of "A Practical G ...

Application and practice of cloud computing technology in software industry

China's cloud computing services market will reach $1.1 billion trillion in 2014 and will grow at a compound rate of nearly 45% per cent in the future, according to the latest figures released by US market research companies. Of these, more than 55% of the market is from the application software that is the service market contribution, mainly including the software vendors through the cloud computing way to provide SMEs with the financial, business management and collaboration applications. Cloud services for the first time to pull the domestic IT industry to the international advanced countries at the same time starting the starting line. And the domestic traditional software vendors, need to cross the cost, technology, market, talent and other heavy ...

Installing Drupal in Ubuntu

Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) running on lamp. It can build blogs, forums, etc. without any additional modules. It also has a large number of modules that can give your site additional features such as ads, chat boxes, E-commerce, various multimedia tools, instant messaging, customer relationship management, friendly print pages, webcam, and so on. Follow the instructions below to install Drupal in the Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake). Installing the old version of Drupal is still in the source, but it's not ...

On the history of Internet development from the technology of famous websites

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and development of the Internet industry, batch after group of websites or be eliminated or stand out, for those successful websites, most of them already exist nearly 10 or more than 10 years, in such a long period of development, in addition to the business facing the challenges, Technically, it's also a lot of challenges. The following selected Alexa rankings of the previous site (ranking up to April 21, 2012, by analyzing how they are technically coping with the challenges of business development process, to a deeper understanding of the development of the Internet industry in recent years. ...

Comprehensive analysis of energy management in cloud computing data center

The primary load in the data center is the server.   Server development today, adapt to a variety of different functions, different environments of the server constantly appear, classification standards are also diverse. The primary load for the server classification data center is the server.   Server development today, adapt to a variety of different functions, different environments of the server constantly appear, classification standards are also diverse. 1. Classification by application level as entry-level server, workgroup level server, departmental server and Enterprise Server four (1) entry-level ...

How to make Internet of traditional enterprise software

Microsoft James Black, serif; Font-size:10.5pt "> in the author's personal more than 10 years of it practice, is a software product and service research and development of the old dog." I have experienced the first wave of the Internet, and now this is the golden age of IT technology development, whether traditional enterprise software, or Internet services, its development is particularly rapid. These two forces in parallel development, but also a slow convergence. This article mainly discusses the internet trend of enterprise software from the view of technology, content, demand and mode.

I understand Internet applications and enterprise application development

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about the topic, but I finished, I think I still did not talk about nature, this article is a sequel.   Internet Applications (Web sites or apps), and the essential difference between enterprise applications, should be discussed from the user. The internet is a strange user, the website for them is self-service system (similar to ATM machine), do not need, and can not be mandatory training for them, such as user registration.   So they have to be absolutely retarded and try to reduce the cost of learning. Enterprise application is the company's employees, with mandatory, and before, or system before the line, a ...

Private PAAs, a software that connects private cloud and enterprise architecture

On a global scale, as the enterprise IT department deploys and employs third-party applications to service its end users and lines of business, the chief information officer needs to do what it needs to do to organize and develop its own enterprise's IT strategy to be efficient and high-quality to suit its own enterprise's cost-effectiveness. One of the most serious and important components is the application that the enterprise has begun to use. In many cases, when a third party provides an application that does not meet the needs of the business and end users, it requires the enterprise IT department to create new customizations from scratch ...

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