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Absrtact: Tesla Motor (TSLA), which has gained nearly 300% per cent since the year, posted a Better-than-expected two-quarter earnings announcement August 7, and the company's share price rose 14.34% and surged to a record high of 158 dollars. The sharp rise in Tesla's share price has also continued to drive the special

in the A-share market

Tesla motor, which has gained nearly 300% per cent this year, posted a Better-than-expected two-quarter earnings tsla August 7, and the company's share price surged 14.34% and washed up at a record high of 158 dollars.

The sharp rise in Tesla's share price has also continued to drive the popularity of the Tesla concept stocks in the A-share market, including Jinrui technology (600390.SH), All-Wins electronics (600699.SH), Sunwoda (300207.SZ) and other companies.

Tesla is known as the "Car", and as Apple's previous popularity brought the volume of touch-screen products, Tesla is expected to drive which new technology products market?

The results were better than expected Tesla's share price was 150 dollars.

In the eyes of US investors, Tesla's immediate losses clearly do not stand in the way of future growth.

August 7, Tesla Motor reported this year's two-quarter earnings, the two-quarter net loss of 30.5 million U.S. dollars, the same period last year net loss of 105.6 million U.S. dollars. The company, when revenue from the same period last year 26.7 million U.S. dollars soared to 405 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 14 times times.

Particularly noteworthy is that the second quarter Tesla Model S sales again high, to 5,150 vehicles. The California State has been a major market for its headquarters in the previous quarter, while the company's sales in other parts of the United States have also risen markedly in the second half. Tesla expects the third-quarter Model S to sell around 5,000 units, with sales expected to reach 21,000 this year.

Musk, the company's chief executive, predicts that if sales in Asia, especially in China, are expected to reach expectations by the end of 2014, the Model S global sales volume is expected to exceed 40,000 vehicles a year.

Despite Tesla's losses, the company's share price soared as the company's performance exceeded analysts ' expectations. On the morning of 8th, Tesla's shares rose to $158 trillion, the first time in history to break 150 dollars. The cumulative increase since this year has exceeded 350% per cent.

Its share price has soared since Tesla announced its first-quarter profit. The small business, which has been unremarkable before, has attracted a high level of concern in the industry.

"The synchronization of Tesla's performance, sales and share prices has really given people a good expectation and imagination about the future of new energy vehicles," he said. Since the new energy car has been unable to provide the market with a more outstanding value than the fuel car, its market development is not good. Tesla, however, provided the market with a practical way to develop new energy vehicles and a viable alternative. In the future, or there will be more manufacturers to join the field of new energy vehicles. "said Cai Jianming, a research fellow in the investment advisory transport industry.

In fact, for a-share investors, the more concern is Tesla's China strategy.

In an investor conference call, Musk said China was "an unprecedented potential market for Tesla electric vehicles".

He said he has already set up a physical storefront in Beijing and is expected to open in the year, when it will visit the Chinese market to study consumer demand and advice on products.

Tesla uses several new technologies to focus on a-share counterpart

Tesla has a considerable influence in the A-share market because it claims to be "Apple in the car." Although Apple's recent growth has been a weak trend, but it brought orders to the relevant companies and led to the rise in share prices, resulting in a lot of "cattle shares", so many investors are very impressive.

Unlike other carmakers, Tesla's core competencies are not in research and development, technology and manufacturing, but in industrial design and the integration of resources. From the industrial chain of Tesla pure electric cars, including upstream lithium, rare earth and other resources, as well as lithium batteries, batteries and the corresponding driving motor, downstream of the operating companies and consumers. Tesla is expected to announce China's strategy and cooperate with the corresponding domestic parts manufacturers. "Cai Jianming said.

So what are the new technology products that the "Apple of the car" focuses on?

Cai Jianming that the Tesla-related concept stocks mainly include resource companies, equipment manufacturers and operating companies. Jotesla choose to work with domestic businesses, and its partners will likely be the lithium battery-related equipment manufacturers.

"In the field of digital lithium battery, soft lithium battery will be a hot spot in the lithium battery industry for some time to come. Chen, an analyst at Dongxing Securities, said.

According to the introduction, which can be concerned about the company including billion-Wei Li (300014.SZ), Sunwoda and so on. Flexible lithium ion battery production needs a wealth of industry experience, a large amount of capital investment and strong downstream customer accumulation. Billion-Wei Li through the Electronic cigarette soft pack battery production, has accumulated rich production experience, and recently built a soft lithium-ion battery project.

Sunwoda to electric bicycle motor, electronic control items as a breakthrough point, officially entered the field, analysts believe that its future will be upgraded to new energy vehicle motor, electronic control product development.

Founder Securities released a research report that, in addition to the material and battery production requirements, Tesla in the group before the rigorous screening matching, electric car battery management system can effectively manage each monomer, maximize the consistency and stability of the battery.

The broker believes that, in addition to the battery management system, the effective use of nickel and cobalt aluminum has achieved Tesla. Nickel-cobalt-aluminum, although the energy density is high, but because of the high temperature structure of Ni-co-Al is unstable, very few manufacturers of ternary materials using the system and tend to use nickel and cobalt manganese system, and Tesla chose this product. In short, Tesla "tamed" nickel-cobalt aluminum, making long-distance high-end sports cars possible.

It is understood that Jinrui technology for the domestic only to provide nickel-cobalt aluminum matrix battery material manufacturers, and therefore in many Tesla concept has been a major concern.

In addition, Tesla's new charging pile is also worth the attention of the outside world. The company is currently upgrading its plan to cover the super charging stations in parts of the United States and Canada, allowing the power output to be upgraded to 120KWH, enabling Tesla electric vehicles to charge 20 minutes for nearly 200 kilometers of mileage. Tesla chief technology officer also said recently that the company is trying to reduce the car's charging time to an unprecedented "5-10 minutes."

From the A-share market, a-share charge pile concept stocks including the Auto (002227.SZ), Shanghai Putian (600680.SH), power source (600405.SH) and so on.

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