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Would you like a pet?  Chinese animated film Zhen Shan epic "da Nao tian 3D" has not been officially released, the film official name of the game "Big Monkey" has been online today.  It is understood that the game West tour of the palace before and after the story for the background, to the Monkey King has a skill, but no one while hand weapons, so broke into the East China Sea Dragon Palace, took the superviser, after being received by the heavens as a-pil, but because of the deception of Heaven, the self-proclaimed title Qi Tianda Saint, finally embarked on the road against the celestial path of the main line. Game Developers in heaven, Friends of the Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Ho Wei told reporters that the game by the "Big Monkey 3D" of the production side Shadow Group authorized heavenly Friends of the adaptation of production, is a very beautiful screen, with rich Chinese traditional culture, and the collection of characters, fighting, skills, equipment, plot and other elements,  A very attractive social game. According to Ho Wei introduction, "Make Heaven" set of movies, games, social in a body, will love the Chinese fairy tales of netizens bring a new experience.  The game does not need to download the client, just want to open the browser can start the game at any time, and has selected Sina Weibo as the starting point, Sina Weibo users can directly through the "micro-game" entrance directly into the game, and with their own microblog friends to start their own myths explore the journey. "Sina Micro gaming platform is the best social gaming platform in the country, let us be happy," The Big Monkey "is the first social game in Sina Micro game platform," Ho Wei said, "through the cooperation with Sina Micro-game, I believe that" make heaven "can achieve very good results. "Sina Micro game CEO Xucheng said:" Very happy, this time has the opportunity and "the big monkey" The cooperation, believed that "the Big Trouble Heaven" this game may give the microblogging user to bring more fun and the recollection. "It is understood that the unique skills of the" monkey "system allows players to learn a variety of skills, in the battle to choose a variety of brilliant combination of skills to fight against powerful enemies, equipment Exchange system allows players to continuously improve their overall strength, against the powerful enemy, each character also has its own characteristics of equipment, such as golden, Dragonball and so on.  Players can also collect items to allow more powerful characters to join their team ... "We want users to experience more of the charm and the essence of Chinese traditional culture through this game," he said. Ho Wei said, although China has a long history and rich cultural resources, but in the field of creative industry culture promotion work has not been done enough.  And "Make the Heaven" whether the movie or the game, all strive to realize the Chinese traditional culture and the innovation technology and the expression way perfect union. According to the reporter understands, the heavenly friend Jia is a specialized in the Internet game and the social game development High-tech Enterprise, with its own intellectual property rights, mature products and teams, as well as a wealth of large-scale web site and network game design and management experience, currently has more than 140 development team, and has sold products to Southeast Asia and Europe, "noisy heaven "Is the company's successful launch of the large-scale War chess network game," the frontand an innovative social game, "Plant vs. Zombie online," is a carefully crafted game product.
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