The biggest threat to the PC hard drive industry is cloud-based file Synchronization Services

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With the development of cloud technology, the impact on the traditional hard disk industry is more and more big. Take a look at this: if Dropbox,icloud and SkyDrive develop very mature and fully popularized, then people will not need to install a hard disk in their personal computers. What do you know about Seagate, Toshiba and the West?

The biggest threat to the PC hard drive industry is cloud-based file Synchronization Services. I have an Apple desktop, two notebooks and a tablet, I've installed Dropbox, notebooks are flash memory, no hard drives, and all the data is backed up to the external hard drive.

I don't need a hard drive, I need my data to be stored securely and efficiently, and I can access them quickly. I appreciate hard disk technology, but it is not good enough, in the process of using my computer, the hard drive has been a lot of trouble. Now every day I use cloud-based file Synchronization Services, fast and reliable, which makes me feel like: "This thing is really good!"

I don't keep my money at home, why do I have to keep the data in my home?

When I need money, I take the credit card from the ATM machine can be taken, or by other means from the bank.

Similarly, locally, I can get data via flash, and I can access my data anytime, anywhere through a cloud-based file synchronization service.

So I'm going to jump right up and apply for a free cloud account and store all my files in Dropbox or icloud or SkyDrive or even Google? If I do, then my electricity consumption will drop: "There is no hard drive to charge." "At the same time my home is a lot less messy line:" There is no hard drive power cord. "And I don't have to worry about hard disk damage anymore."

But what stopped me? Trust and convenience. I want my hard drive to store my data handy for me to use anytime, anywhere. I am not sure that the cloud service provider can provide the data I need anytime, anywhere, or that the network provider can keep the network unimpeded anytime and anywhere. BT? Are you kidding? I prefer to store documents using Apple's time machine.

Imagine that if time machine and icloud and Skydrive,dropbox are rock-solid, network providers are rock-solid. Of course there are too many assumptions here, but I just say that all of it is realized, then I also buy a hard drive why?

Let's think about it, neither the phone nor the tablet has an external hard disk to store the backup data. And now the cloud file sync sharing and backup service speed and security can also be, so generally speaking, desktop and notebook users do not have to buy a hard disk.

Let's think again, if the reliability of the network and cloud storage vendors grows a little bit, the millions of--or even billions of desktop and laptop users--need to use their cloud storage systems. As a result, hard disk manufacturers face a disastrous outcome, and the number of cloud service providers will increase significantly.

The biggest advantage of having a hard drive is that the desktop and notebook vendors can store all the data they need, from the operating system to the picture. Now they no longer need the hard drive, because the flash memory can be stored locally, the big hard drive is in the cloud-a lot of storage space can be used to replace the hard drive.

My ultimate idea is that in the next 5 years, the hard disk business of desktops and notebooks will decay until it disappears. The consumer-level hard drive era will be over. (

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