The career "short-lived" is highlighted by the resignation of the manager of Jin Shuai games

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January 23 Grand Network under the Grand Game "Beauty CEO" Yu announced the resignation, Yu Foreign said, after the separation will be self-employed, although still in the field of the Internet, but the new company will "and the game has nothing to do." On the surface, Yu just like Kai-Fu Lee, choose to leave business.  However, the two can not be compared, just as before Zhu Wilian, Lei, Wang Feng and other game managers to leave business, from the back of the Jin Shuai, in fact, highlighted the game industry professional managers "short-lived" syndrome. The perplexity of professional managers in the high places in the early Tang June, Zhu Wilian, Lei, Wang Feng and today Yu "away", in fact, there is a common track, that they are serving the company gradually from not too strong industry pawns into a banner of the industry; These executives themselves have helped push the business to the right track or a business area to break the bottleneck of success, and let the world's eyes to the "wage Emperor" or the top professional managers, in order to succeed on the basis of business, but also to create their reputation status of the peak.  This in Tang June, Zhu Wilian and Yu in the grand, Lei, Wang Feng in Jinshan, are so in the field of game complement each other and achieve a total win. But when success becomes a stage of career, when reaching a certain peak, these leading game industry pioneer professional managers inevitably encounter career bottlenecks. After all, the great open doors, the most successful opportunities from the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial difficulties, conservative more difficult history of the cycle of the law has undoubtedly become a game executive dream nightmare. And in the face of a series of new attempts to face the failure, it is enough to spend the earlier on the professional managers on the head of the halo.  Tang June, Zhu Wilian in the latter part of the grand career of the external criticism that is evidence, and therefore, such as Lei, Wang Feng chose to lead Jinshan to play the field and board the peak of the new career, Jiliuyongtui, nature is not difficult to understand. Entrepreneurship? Job-hopping? The only way for a top game executive is to be sure, not all game executives have opted for their own entrepreneurial journey. More people have chosen to switch jobs. In the 2009, game executives changed jobs frequently. The original Tencent Mutual Entertainment Marketing department deputy general manager Guang, "through the FireWire" in charge of Wu Ying min. Guang has been appointed as Vice president of Shanda Games, as well as "Shushan online", "Dragon Nest" and "MFO" (code-named) three game producer positions. and Wu Ying-Min became a Grand game system General Manager, at the same time, "hero Lian Online", "Kung Fu World" and "Swallow Heaven and Earth 2Online" three game of the producers. Thunderbolt Game Operation Core He Jin quit to join the Amoy music interaction, as the CEO of the company.  Other enterprises in the middle and high level of mobility more frequent, this large area of job-hopping in fact also contains senior executives in the past work in the high place, the need to change the identity characteristics. However, the reason why not choose to start a business, the key is to choose a job-hopping executives not as good as Tang June, Yu or lei such reputation, in the past work has not accumulated enough entrepreneurialContacts, so at this moment job-hopping, on the one hand, continue to accumulate experience and contacts, on the other hand, is to prepare for entrepreneurship. such as Kirin network Shang is typical, from the Golden Hill after leaving, not strong enough he continued to fight in Sohu, so that Sohu through its leading research and development of "Tianlong eight" and realize the full dash in the field of online games, and eventually led to a tour of the spin-off listing. This also allows the completion of the final primitive accumulation, so the separation of the creation of Kirin network.  In fact, Zhu Wilian after leaving the grand, and then into the sky, the last to create a rainstorm entertainment, its trajectory is also so. The professional career "short-lived" intensifies the general "short-lived" of professional managers in talent competition game industry and the trend of leaving business of Jin Shuai, which is very close to the Internet, especially the low threshold index of the game industry, the earning ability and the easy access to venture capital.  This makes it inevitable that professional managers in the 10-year-old emerging industry will be more "short-lived" than traditional industries. With more games listed companies emerging, the Chinese game industry talent competition will be more intense. The treatment of core players in the game industry will continue to improve, and companies will develop more stimulating incentives, such as the giant to provide 49% per cent of the start-up company, the "Treasure Program" and so on, and so on, is also fuelling professional managers to the rapid entrepreneurial journey. This also makes the game industry's middle and high level resources more scarce at another level.  At the same time, also forced the loss of senior talent of the game companies to dig a large area of peer angle, thereby exacerbating the competition and mobility of talent. In fact, the game industry is not some game training schools boast of the talent gap hundreds of thousands of, the game industry is not lack of technical "workers", but the lack of creative leadership, and this dilemma in the current high and middle-level large area job-hopping and leave business more prominent. How to carry on the blood transfusion for the game industry, cultivate a group of game executives who can fight, and extend the life of their professional managers through various means, will be the problem that must be considered and faced in the future game field. Once the emergence of middle and senior talent fault, it is bound to the future development of the game industry to bring talent bottlenecks.
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