The CEO of a rocking car: This month Beijing taxi app will share the same operation backstage

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"TechWeb Report" July 17 News, the CEO of the Red, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Transport announced the end of June, will launch a unified taxi software virtual operating platform, these taxi software data will be required to be integrated on the platform, the software virtual operating platform will likely be online this month. This means whether to tick a taxi, shake a car, or a taxi, the taxi software needs to be its core drivers and user data to the system. The system in customer orders and then in the spirit from whose client came in, and then back to whom the way to operate. Some insiders pointed out that this approach will revolutionize the taxi software market competition rules, the original companies have to spend huge amounts of data to accumulate must be entrusted to the government departments of unified distribution and management, which will strengthen the government for taxi software market supervision. But it will also greatly weaken the enthusiasm of the taxi software to continue to expand the client. "It's as if you try to fill the bottle with sand, but the bottom of the bottle is leaking." Wang said. In fact, the government's strategy to unify the taxi platform has been implemented, June 1, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Transport has the telephone call car system of the three platforms 96106, 96103, 96109 of the background system is unified, data centralized in the virtual operating platform. And then the data of the taxi software will be integrated into the virtual operating platform. Wang revealed that the virtual operating system by the design of the 12306 train ticketing system of Taiji company to undertake, the system has entered the final stage of commissioning, the current shake has been handed over the company's data, and submitted a new version of the shaking taxi waiting for the Transport Bureau audit. "In the future, whether it is a phone call platform, or a taxi software, will share a virtual operating platform." Wang said that the biggest change in the move will weaken the impact of the various taxi software brands, with different taxi software results may be similar, because the same operating platform. (Weidong)
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