The combination of violence and beauty--bullet plane "anatomy" reveals its internal precision structure

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Australia's photographer, Sabine Pearlman, recently created a number of close-up pieces of the bullet's vertical plane, and held a personal exhibition called "ammunition", each photo shows a bullet cut into two halves of the interior of the complex structure and composition ...

More than 900 bullets were found in the "World War II" trenches in Sweden in October 2012. The artist used the lens to capture the delicate and lethal beauty hidden in the casing. He argues that the delicate internal structure of the bullet contrasts with its inherent danger. This is the combination of violence and beauty, which is a true reflection of one side of human life.

It is reported that these bullets are the ammunition experts to use special technology to cut into two halves. Pairman reminds people that the process is dangerous and cannot be imitated blindly. See the middle warhead in the middle of the arrow-shaped steel needle, can easily penetrate the ordinary Kevlar vest, and will be in the body violently tumbling, resulting in surgery difficult to remove. Left: 0.38 Special Glaser, right: 0.223 Boz left: 9x19mm looks like British 9mm Mkiiz, Middle: 9x19mm Copper hollow shells (empty tip shells), right: 9x19mm may be some kind of flare left: The blue one is a training bullet, The middle is a strange Mauser, right: is a "wood blanks" on the Left: 450 Adams (a reader said the bullet is very strange, can not understand), right: Speer target left: 9x19mm Cobra "High Security ammunition", alloy warheads hidden 3 steel nails, Right: 9x19mm Israel riot Bomb

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