The development of business is seen as a strong driver of future growth

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Among the three major Huawei businesses, the development of enterprise business is regarded as a strong driving force for future growth.

Yesterday (May 25), Xu Wenwei, Huawei's managing director and strategic marketin president, said in an interview with the reporter with the Daily Economic News that Huawei's business growth this year is expected to reach 40%, up from 32% last year.

Xu Wenwei said Huawei's business growth in the European market has now exceeded the number of local. The U.S. market probably does not exceed 20%. "The market share in the United States is not high, but we have never thought of giving up this market because of its large enough space." In addition to carrier services, our business and end products will continue to expand here. "

Xu Wenwei admitted that in the case of new technologies such as the Internet leading the transformation of financial information, finance and education are the most promising industries. The financial sector, including the banking, securities and insurance (reassuring insurance), will be one of the focuses of the future development of Huawei's business. Last year, Huawei's earnings report showed that the company's business accounted for 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue of 38.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, but the proportion of its financial businesses is not high.

However, in the first half of 2014, among the Huawei business, the growth in the financial sector was the most rapid. Both UnionPay and Bank of Communications have fully started to use financial solutions from Huawei. In the north and other developed areas, Huawei's business market share is also gradually increased.

He Daobing, president of Huawei Enterprise BG Market and Solution Sales, told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the threshold requirements of financial enterprises are relatively high, and they are still in the transitional period of the traditional financial-to-Internet financial transition and are very sensitive to technological innovation. "We are investing in innovative businesses more than any other business in our financial business."

Huawei's latest earnings report shows that its carrier business revenue accounted for 70% of total revenue, Huawei is still the main source of profits, but this business revenue growth has slowed. Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chief executive, said earlier that the company's share in the company will fall to between 50% and 60% in the future.

Fu Liang, a senior observer in the telecommunications industry, believes that since Huawei's business was independent in 2011, there have been shortages in the channel and service chain. It needs to rely on agents or partners to pick up business, in this case is difficult to get a big one. After more than two years of cultivation and accumulation, the current channels have been gradually straightened out, the effect began to show. "With these foundations, businesses should have a much faster growth, especially in industries that require a lot of data exchange, finance, education, and insurance."

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