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& ">nbsp;     The "Stone legend" development team has reached a new milestone: Complete all the new features that are planned to be added to the game before the beta test! Some of the most recently completed features include a big change in the arena pattern, including a whole new reward system--especially in the face of novice tasks--and an adjustment to the user interface for upgrades so that all players know what the underlying card is for their next unlock

      Now, although we are still excited about the completed feature development, this does not mean that the work is over. Our overall goal has shifted to bug fixes and upgrading our hardware facilities so that it can accommodate more players. We're doing very well, though it's not possible to fix all bugs before the beta test is open, but we still think it's important to solve all the problems that distract the player's attention from the core gaming experience.      that is, although the beta test will not open in a few days, it does not have to wait several months. At the press conference, we promised that the beta test would be open before the end of the summer and that the entire team would try to do everything possible to achieve it. Sometimes this means canceling the meeting to fix a major bug, and more often working overtime to finish the last layer change. Time is pressing and the reason for our efforts is that we are as excited as you are at the launch of the beta test! This is some scientifically-calculated data sample last week.:     Number of tagged bugs repaired: 187      Number of gold cards added to the game: 30      Number of doughnuts to eat: 2 big boxes      There's been a lot of discussion about North American server beta testing, but we want to remind players in Europe, South Korea and Taiwan that your feedback on the game is equally critical to us! We are planning a full localized version of the beta test in these areas. This will be followed by the beta test in North America, and we look forward to hearing what you think!      Before that, we mentioned that you can spend real money on a beta test to buy a card bag and arena tickets. Since this is only a beta test, we can't make everything perfect, so we promised that we would give beta testers a gift to thank them for their contribution to the game store test. This gift will be the gold version of the "Gelbing Mecatock", which will be available throughout the beta test. Buying a card bag or arena ticket at any time during a beta test will be the only way to get a gold version of Gelbing Mecatock-you can't get him by creating a card or opening a card bag. But at the end of the beta test, if you have enough arcane dust, you can still create an ordinary version of the big craftsman Mecatock.       Last point about the beta test: although we started out with a small number ofinvitation, but as the process of beta testing accelerates, more and more players will be invited to join. If you don't get an invitation in the first place, don't lose heart, we will frequently invite new players to join the game. In fact, every player who is interested in experimenting with the legend of the furnace will have the opportunity to join the test when the test progress has been measured by the seal. All you need is to create a war network account, download the client, you can play! No more invitations!      Although our primary goal is to open beta tests on windows and Macs, we have never been too slow on the ipad platform. In fact, just last week, our team had just started the first multi-platform battle, which meant that our ipad development had reached a new milestone. A member of the development team on his ipad through the "Furnace Legend" app client into the game, happened to encounter his network friends are playing on the PC, after a chat, they have a cross platform of fierce battle. Eventually the ipad beat the PC in 1:0, winning!      We are also studying the best improvement Program for the ipad platform touch experience. Like most of you, the avid ipad player believes that the touch experience should be intuitive and effortless, even if you are doing a multi-step operation like choosing a combat roar or flipping through pages to find the right card and add it to the card group. We are pleased to announce that we have done this and that over the next few months we will get more feedback on the touch from our internal assessment team. Please look forward to seeing the legend of the furnace running on the ipad retina!      As the beta test approaches, one thing we need to mention is that the legend of the furnace is a test of Blizzard's different attempts at game development, and the experiment is still ongoing, and we are working with our Community team to blog, News updates and various articles to share with you the various new ideas we have tried. Some of them might just give you the information you want. If so, great! Please tell us! And some may not achieve the intended purpose or contain your most interesting content, also please tell us! When we advance to the final stage of the development of the "Stone legend", you undoubtedly play an important role, as we are likely to make mistakes on the way, so please share your thoughts and help us to make the "stone legend" become a better play!
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