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"Big data can make logistics smarter", "large data security and confidentiality can not be ignored," with large data services Chongqing urbanization "--held on September 21, Chongqing mayor of the International Economic Advisory Group meeting at the Nineth Annual conference," large Data era "theme, sparked intense discussion among participants.

POSCO Group Consultant Zhengjunyang: Applying large data analysis results to decision making

Large data is an innovative tool that requires the ability to collect and analyze data in order to use the tool well. The final analysis can be used as a business insight for the business, and so is government decision-making.

There is a good example, steel enterprises in the production of new products, usually in advance analysis of a large number of data, and then production, otherwise in the production process may appear defective, resulting in waste. The conversion of this concept can be used for government decision-making.

In short, the Government should recognize the importance of data, create data-oriented decision-making, establish a team of leaders responsible for the continuous mining, analysis, utilization and accumulation of data to ensure continuous excavation of new projects and improvement of existing projects.

Maersk Executive Vice President Fei Yifan: Big Data can make logistics smarter

Chongqing's urban scale and density is increasing, logistics and transport challenges have emerged, fortunately, the new technology to solve these problems brought opportunities. Logistics enterprises can collect and analyze a large amount of data to solve these problems.

Chongqing, like many big cities, has a problem of transportation costs and needs to be further improved. This includes raising the loading rate, reducing the empty rate and so on.

Improving transport efficiency will also change the face of the city. If Chongqing can reduce the empty rate of trucks, it will greatly reduce pollution and greatly alleviate the congestion of the city. In some cities in developed countries, different logistics operators, through data to integrate capacity, the process is a large data category.

Tokyo Sea Chairman Corner Three: Learn to use large data to reduce risk

"Smart city" can bring people a convenient and comfortable life, there will be new risks. The use of large data can help people reduce risk.

For example, automatic driving relies on a variety of sensor devices, cameras, artificial intelligence to carry out automatic driving, if properly used, the probability of traffic accidents will be greatly reduced. But if one of the sensors, cameras, and artificial intelligence fails, it can cause accidents, just as the smartphone that people use sometimes crashes suddenly. This will be the use of large data collection and analysis, the occurrence of such accidents to control the minimum.

Aite Kessek, executive vice president of Jardine's group: Using large data to serve Chongqing's urbanization

It is often said that Chongqing is a microcosm of China, a mega-city that is catching up with the developed coastal areas. In the process of urbanization, Chongqing will encounter all kinds of problems that need new technology to solve. I think big data technology will have the opportunity to solve these problems.

The world renowned engineering University Zurich Federal Institute of Technology has built a huge model to simulate the traffic environment in Switzerland. Each single body in the model, like a real person, can understand and adapt to changing traffic conditions, such as traffic jams. Of course, the Swiss population is only one-fourth of Chongqing's population, and Chongqing would be much bigger to build such a traffic model and only be used to simulate one aspect of urban environment.

However, this example is enough to illustrate the feasibility of building a model of urban integration through large data, so that Chongqing can serve the urbanization process with large data technology only by bringing together the sub models of many areas of urban life.

BASF Executive Board vice Chairman Brudermüller: Grasp the database sharing and security of the balance at both ends

In the large data age, the database sharing and security, such as balance at both ends, must grasp the balance.

First, be aware of the importance of data protection and database sharing. Sharing data with partners can create great value on the one hand, and may cause serious security problems on the other hand, the Government should pay attention to the database security problem during the large data development.

The second is to expand IT infrastructure and set standards. For example, broadband penetration in 2013, China's broadband penetration rate of 39%, the government hopes to increase to 50% by 2015, network construction can increase the number of people on the Internet, promote industrial use is also the key, the development of cloud computing should focus on bandwidth, Chongqing should adopt international standards, in China to establish a model.

Finally, to cultivate the corresponding large data personnel. This requires government matchmaking, the establishment of internal communication mechanisms between schools and enterprises, and the use of large data to develop educational networks.

Sood company President Zhang Luiling: Big Data can make financial products and customers "hit"

In order to win in the competition, how can the products of financial enterprises "hit" with the most suitable customers in the shortest time?

This requires the power of large data.

With large data, you can learn about the internet search for financial investment in the content of the keyword, visit the site, participate in the discussion. Through the collection and analysis of these data, we can accurately define the audience pattern of a financial product and find some products and services that meet the needs of customers. Of course, in this process, the Government needs to introduce relevant rules and regulations to ensure the safety of personal information and company information, so that their privacy is protected.

In addition, large data can help SMEs and small micro-enterprises to credit ratings. For example, production, circulation, sales process of data generated, can let us obtain a company's credit status of the objective analysis, so that its credit rating.

Isuzu Co., Ltd. President Fine Line: sensors to collect traffic congestion hazards are all in the field of transportation, large data use many aspects.

We can install sensors on the side of the road, mainly to collect real-time road information. such as driving data, to the analysis of the database, you can get the location of frequent braking point, through the various sections of fuel consumption data analysis, can be found road surface loss and concave-convex situation, to help the road transformation and maintenance.

In foreign countries, dangerous goods transport vehicles are equipped with monitoring functions. Singapore, for example, provides for the monitoring of all dangerous goods vehicles and, when the vehicles are off the scheduled route, the staff can stop the engine on the vehicle by remote operation and reduce the risk of accidents and terrorist activities.

Chen Liming, president of BP China Region: Four uses of large data in Chongqing

First, Chongqing municipality can make use of large data to carry out a more scientific layout of urban planning;

Second, make full use of Chongqing's local resources, with the help of large data to carry out energy restructuring. For example, Chongqing Fuling shale gas in the development process, the use of large data analysis, can make energy use more environmentally-friendly and efficient, and ensure the safety of urban energy;

Thirdly, according to the characteristics of Chongqing as a mountain city, we can consider using large data to establish digital transportation system.

Finally, under the background of speeding up the urbanization process, people have higher demands on environmental protection. Therefore, the large data for the urban environment Intelligent Construction also has the important significance.

Schneider Electric Global senior vice President Charbeilleux Orne: Integrating unstructured data to build large data industry clusters

In the city, only 20% of the data is structural, and more than 80% of the data is unstructured, and these data need to be sorted out for value.

Big data is expected to unleash a huge amount of economic value, but it involves a lot of very complex, unstructured data. We can not only see the so-called "big", more to see the word "data". This data is useless if it does not produce value and does not have an impact.

The development of large data industry clusters should possess the following factors: access to capital and market, talents and education, strong regulatory environment, forward-looking government policy, public awareness promotion, technological innovation and high quality sublimation. According to the construction of many cities, these factors have their own emphasis, but industrial clusters must possess these elements.

HSBC Group managing director Hkab: Security and confidentiality of large data can not be ignored

"Intelligent City" is based on massive data and information services, so the security and confidentiality of large data can not be neglected.

The energy to release large data is first to ensure the sharing of large data. The government can achieve most of the data sharing by creating an open data portal, such as transportation, health care, social security, and so on. In general, the sharing of data is not a technical problem, it is a problem of consciousness. But the secrecy of the data is not only a matter of consciousness but also a technical one. The government should classify data that needs to be kept confidential, such as classifying business data, government data, public service data, and, by category, establishing a corresponding level of protection against hackers, spies and natural disasters.

However, at present, large data industry is still in the initial stage, lack of some key technology and talent, there is no perfect corresponding laws and regulations and regulatory measures. Since Chongqing to build "intelligent City", it is unavoidable to explore the development of large data industry path, only the effective use of colleges and universities, Scientific research Institute resources to encourage enterprises to enter the relevant fields, the Government to provide appropriate policies, financial support, and the establishment of relevant standards and rules and regulations, in order to ensure the

Hitachi Top consultant Hitachi: Finding a balance point for using and protecting large data

Large data play an important role in promoting economic development, enhancing industrial competitiveness and stimulating market creativity. But in the social security problem, the infrastructure construction and so on, the big data also has the positive influence. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the effectiveness of large data.

It is noteworthy that when using large data, the use and protection of data must find the balance point.

Take the administrative organ to open the information as an example. Japan Fushan is a city of 400,000 people. Not long ago, the city plans to draw an age-disaggregated map, along with relevant welfare measures and urban management content. In this process, how to protect the privacy of citizens, must establish the corresponding rules and regulations or laws, the use of large data and protection of the constraints and management, this is from the beginning to develop large data must be considered and put into practice.

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