The electric business industry gradually enters the stage of rational competition

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400 million netizens, 23,000 electric business enterprises, they have maintained a steady growth rate. In the ideal state, every electrical appliance business enterprise has the opportunity. But the ideal is plump. The reality is brutal, the data show: in the first half of this year, the average number of visitors visited the site is only 1317, compared with the same period last year, down about 4%.

That's the reality. The Matthew effect is spreading in the electric business industry, most of the survival pressure of the small and medium electric operators is being concealed by the prosperity of the industry as a whole. In fact, the industry without risk does not exist in real life. Countless evidence and points of view are pointing in the same direction: China's electric business industry has been in advance Shuffle, the market began to gradually enter the stage of rational competition.

Everything is possible after the audition.

"Shuffle has just begun, there are many opportunities for the electric business, there is no reason to look down on this industry." "In the wave of Gold Rush Company CEO Zhou, now the shuffle is just an audition, throw away are some no gold content of the sand, the next 3-5 years will usher in a real big shuffle," a competition in the home appliances Business Enterprise Gold qualifying. ”

Zhou that the electric business industry has been in a high-speed change, it is premature to conclude the whole industry. "The number of users involved in online shopping is now only 40% of the total Internet users, and when the data rose to 70% in a few years, only the new client size might be bigger than the current size of the entire electricity business, and who knows what will happen." I can only say that everything is possible, so the electrical business industry is far from the time to seize the top of the ranks of the capital. ”

In fact, even from the highly developed in the United States, the industry's top 10 in addition to the Amazon, the remaining is the site of traditional enterprises, the industry order is always facing remodeling. And China's electric dealers are still in the beginning, opportunities and competition is still being nurtured.

New customers, the key to the survival of the electric business

The importance of new customers to the electrical business is self-evident, who has won more new customers who have more future. In this sense, the pursuit of new customers has always been a vision of the electric business. And if the pace of growth slows down, it means the danger will come. In the overall soaring industry, electric business enterprises such as rowing against the tide, you could not rob the new guests, the likelihood is to go to another.

Zhou told reporters that this year will be the electricity dealers and group buying enterprises to obtain new customers of the golden Year, "The new customer is in the next few years, China's electricity companies have to face the topic." ”

Industry insiders said the new customer is the source of the vitality of the electric business enterprise, "even if the large, such as Jingdong Mall, also a moment dare not slack on the issue of new guests, because once the growth rate of new customers continue to lower, new customers are washed away by other electric dealers, basically means to quit the future of the competition ”

The new passenger, has become the electric trader inch the run-off focus.

Acquiring new channels for new customers of electric business

At present, the electric business enterprise attracts the new customer the channel to compare the multiple yuan. But surprisingly, traditional search engines do not have a significant effect on attracting new visitors. CNZZ released data that this May, only 17.75% of new visitors from the search engine.

Wave Gold CEO Zhou that the power of the search engine marketing efficiency is low because "the strength of the wrong place." Money does not have to spend less, the effect is not satisfactory. ”

According to Zhou, the traditional search engine marketing is only a push to the user process, its accuracy has not been able to meet the development of the industry. Now need to emphasize the effect and the relationship between the media, using the technology advantages of non-search, to touch the real needs of users, the customer directly to the appropriate platform for the electric business. More importantly, because of the precise and targeted, the cost of acquiring new customers is cheaper than the traditional alpine.

Marketing expert, Eric Company president Yang Weiqing has said, "Network marketing is one of the core aspects of E-commerce." The network marketing solves is how to obtain the user flow and the effective order by the lower cost, is the most direct influence market performance and the enterprise profit and loss link. ”

The surgery industry has specialized. In the electronic commerce into the era of modular operation, logistics, payment, warehousing have professional institutions on behalf of the governance, as the core link of the Internet Marketing module should be timely change posture, the right things to the appropriate professional bodies to do.

Zhou the wave of his own creation "general flow platform" metaphor as a day to the major electric enterprises to provide 500 million PV "arms dealers." Zhou said, "The world's top 1000 sites, daily PV is about 100,000, now you join our platform, one day you can send to a world ranked 1000 of the site passenger flow." ”

It is reported that the wave of general flow platform for the "firepower" or will overtake Google next year, to achieve 3 billion PV per day, covering almost all of the domestic media.

The "General flow platform" of the wave Gold Rush is after search engine and navigation website, can bring a lot of new customers new channels for the site, the media behind the network extends to the portal, social networks, classification sites, large forums and even clients, such as more than 10 different types of media, in its user needs mining algorithm support, Large-scale integration of the vast majority of the Internet media traffic.

Compared with search engine marketing, the general flow platform of wave gold is not only the iterative upgrade of technology, but also the efficiency of acquiring new customers is increased 2~5 times. In other words, under the same effect, the cost is only 1/5 of the amount invested in the search engine.

For the general flow platform of this proud product, Zhou modestly said, "electric dealers have completely changed the structure of the sales channels, and the wave of gold just to bring them a stream of new customers." ”

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