The future of virtual operators should not be seen as a failure

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry issued the fourth batch of mobile resale business license plate, millet, Foxconn, Youku and other eight enterprises joined the virtual operators camp. Thus, China's virtual operators have increased to 33, can be regarded as entering the Warring States era.

In China, this kind of thing, the license plate has not been issued, the one is not accepted, and more and more virtual operators are in sharp contrast with the slow development of virtual operators. Public opinion from the beginning of the hype turned into a stick kill, as if the virtual operator has been senile, but in fact the virtual operator is only just one year old.

170 carriers still in swaddling clothes

The growth of any thing needs process, also must pay the cost of growth. Compared with the overall high profile of the virtual operators at the beginning of the year, the companies are now returning to rationality. But the increasingly staid virtual operators should not be sung, and 2015 will be a vibrant year for virtual operators.

The waves are scouring the sand. Dozens of enterprises into the virtual operating market, and not all the enterprises are successful, but not all enterprises will fail, not to mention the relevant departments are not willing to see the overall failure. After a year of tempering, some of the weak or the master of the virtual operators will gradually opt out, the rest will be the elite strength. Even the remaining 35 will be enough to impact the existing communications market.

If we have to predict the competitiveness and viability of future virtual operators, then, have the channel sales ability of Alibaba, Jingdong, millet, suning and so on should be optimistic, in addition, small fast spirit of enterprises with industry characteristics such as snails, sharing communications, etc. also have the opportunity to make a difference in niche markets.

The future of virtual operators should not be seen as a failure

Time will change everything. Most virtual operators in the original industry are the best, originally thought to enter the communications market will be a duck, but came in later found that the water is not a pond, want to swim in the ocean, must have better swimming skills and endurance. Over the past year, some enterprises have been revising their own development strategy, improve marketing methods, improve the system platform, and gradually adapt to the communication market special rules of the game, these need to accumulate time, the day will have a big.

The virtual operators are the product of the national mixed ownership reform, and the policy is only to be successful and not to fail, and the environment will be more beneficial to the operation of the virtual operators next year. If we have to see things seriously, several basic telecom operators are voluntarily reduced marketing costs, cancellation of 0 yuan purchase and various subsidies, can be seen as a virtual operator to create a fair competition opportunities.

The plates are going to be worth more.

The value and gradual appearance of the licence. The Ministry of Industry has issued four licences and will continue to do so in the future, it is said that more than hundreds of enterprises in the application, visible licences are very attractive. It can be foreseen that these licences will become more valuable as long as the authorities tighten their licences or simply stop licensing. Next, foreign operators are likely to enter the Chinese market, and China's three operators to enter the overseas market is similar, some international operators are likely to borrow now virtual operators Shell to operate, that is, put on a vest, it is not necessarily recognized by the public.

China's telecommunications market in the gradual opening up, but also the most mature and market-oriented public utilities, in the face of transnational telecommunications giants may be local competition, three of basic operators should not worry, but if these international practices and Chinese characteristics combined, the impact on the basic operators will not be ignored.

Virtual operators in the process of mixed ownership reform in the forefront of the whole of China, but also the vanguard of the information industry, the future will have greater value, 170th code may not fire, but 170 operators must have the opportunity to steal.

A year too long, seize the time. Some virtual operators are gearing up, already in the Cross-border integration, product innovation and team building, talent training has achieved good results, and telecom operators are gradually liberalized with the virtual operators of the field of cooperation, virtual operators will usher in a burst of growth next spring.

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