The Gome civil war in Zhejiang businessmen's watching

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Gome's civil war continues. In addition to the interest-related nowhere, about the dispute, the most busy is probably the media. From mutation Huang's family proposed to recall Chen Xiao's motion, to Gome's senior management to hold a press conference open quite Chen, the main financial media riveting enough strength a relatively short, the cause of the debate, the interests of disputes and the probable result.  And there will be more in the future.  What I am interested in is another topic: What kind of mood ups and downs are the private entrepreneurs in the United States, and the private entrepreneur in Zhejiang province as a bystander? This topic is not directly related to the Civil war in Gome, but it is a reasonable association worthy of discussion, for two reasons: first, in Zhejiang, so far has not formed a mature professional manager culture. This may be related to the immature professional managers in China, more importantly, most of the self-made Zhejiang business, itself is an outstanding management, it is difficult to make the enterprise to the professional managers to operate the decentralization decision.  Therefore, in Zhejiang private Enterprises, we see a large number of so-called professional managers, is often a strong boss around the "staff", even the "Chief of staff" is not. Secondly, in Zhejiang, the family system of private enterprises, is in the unprecedented market impulse. Even Wenzhou, which has previously had a few interests, has a 180-degree twist on the market.  Listing means becoming a public enterprise, changing rules and conditions, and strengthening the position of professional managers.  Based on these two points, it can be expected that one side for the former boss Huang Guangyu family, one side for Chen Xiao and other professional managers (of course, but also including Bain Capital and other institutions) of the Gome Civil War, regardless of the outcome, will inevitably have an impact on the Zhejiang business.  We can make a preliminary estimate of this effect by assuming the result. As a result, Huang's family won, Chen Xiao and other current management exit. This should be a lot of Zhejiang private entrepreneurs are happy to see the results.  This will also be like a reassuring, for are actively preparing for the listing of them to smooth some disturbed, and to a certain extent to strengthen their pursuit of holding status.  Of course, this result may also have a positive effect, prompting Zhejiang private entrepreneurs to pay more attention to the benign relationship with professional managers, in view of Chen Xiao's equity incentive to many Gome management veteran defection lessons, perhaps more in the future private enterprises in Zhejiang will consider the management of equity incentives. Results two, Chen Xiao as the representative of professional managers to win, Huang Guangyu family become financial investors, gradually marginalized.  Such a result would be truly shocking and would probably force private entrepreneurs in Zhejiang to reassess their relationship with professional managers.  One kind of revaluation direction is, pursues the benign interaction with the professional manager harmonious mature, if takes the initiative to take the equity incentive, increases the management to the boss's fidelity.  Another way to reassess the trend is to be more vigilant about professional managers, relying more on their own family members, the second generation of the rich to cultivate the complex will be more strong, the most, may be to eliminate or slow down the pace of a few companies listed. Everything is possible. But whateverThe result, as a bystander of the Gome Civil War, in observing this textbook business event, it is important to remember that "this war, speaking of strength, interest, rule, is not a conspiracy."
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