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Recently because of the work reason contact traditional enterprise more, the contact process gradually understood them to carry out the electronic commerce the goal and the demand, to the electronic commerce view. After all, although the trend of e-commerce is pure, but really make e-commerce mature and expand more to rely on a large number of traditional enterprises, and the traditional enterprises for many years by geographical and physical conditions, E-commerce can help them to effectively realize the goods under the sky, their business level of e-commerce needs more obvious. Just Lee elder sister published a series of articles about the traditional enterprise E-commerce tour and net goods Amoy brand, heart itch a chicken, following since say also write an article:

NET of traditional enterprises are divided into three types: traditional retail enterprises, brand and net merchant. The objectives, needs and practices of these three types of enterprises are different:

Traditional Retail Enterprises:

Traditional retail enterprises are in fact the most close to the business state, the same retail properties, similar processes, the same industrial chain position, master the power of the terminal, is the traditional enterprise to carry out E-commerce in the main force. At the same time, because it is so close, it is the most affected by the business. We should be calm and objective to realize that in the long history of business, e-commerce is not the revolution and subversion of the traditional retail industry, but the continuous improvement of the retail industry innovation, which will have the pain of change, but will bring more efficiency, faster flow, lower costs, a broader market, more sophisticated operation, More customer interaction, such as mature online shopping countries, the traditional retail enterprises on the line part of the gross profit below the line part of the same time the net profit is higher than the lower part of the line. Since it is a trend, it is easy to gain momentum. Multi-channel supplement; The competition is the traditional retail enterprise's motive, also is facing how to balance line on-line relations, the internal benefit cutting, can withstand turns the cost and so on the question, and because the business time is bigger than the long-term, the enterprise often holds the unrealistic high expectation, the word must surpass the Jing Dong remarkable, In fact, this is a very funny thing, do not forget how much time Jing Dong outstanding How much money talent to do the present scale, and the environment is not fierce competition and now the competitive environment hand-to-hand and has emerged leading giants. There is no traditional enterprise in the United States to say anything beyond Amazon, only to learn Amazon, as far as possible not to be left too much, the traditional enterprise only Wal-Mart has the ability to give Amazon a sense of crisis. Therefore, the traditional retail enterprises must have reasonable expectations, enough input, clear the internal relationship, the internal resistance to minimize to achieve the desired results. Because of the system and business angle, the electronic Commerce Department of traditional retail enterprises should be aware of their own position, supplement without substitution, and not be subordinated. And if the traditional retail enterprises must be in the E-commerce market for a long period to obtain sufficient scale, can only take independent independent company brand independent team in full accordance with the operation of pure business, the provision of resources and funds, support but not control, to help without chaos, of course, the resources required, The money and the team are by no means the previous measure of magnitude.

Brand Business:

Network Retail formula: Good goods + sell + fast send + send good. Brand of their own specific first-hand sourcing and brand resources, in good goods with natural advantages, to be clear is the positioning strategy of goods, inventory or new goods, line Nieder or custom goods, the price is unified, follow the offline brand or start a new brand, with my friend's fence old Swallow, said, a brand is a bowl of rice, Either we have a bowl of rice to eat peacefully, or two bowls of rice to eat, the important thing is that everyone has food to eat. Then three factors, the brand is often unwilling to do, but through the way of outsourcing, which has created many generations of operators to learn GSI good example. But I think that the whole package is only a transition phase, with the industrial chain each node gradually mature professional, cost reduction efficiency increase, the whole package will make way for the subcontract, after all, who also do not want to put eggs in a basket, the future trend is the online retailer as the core of the collaborative retail chain. The famous generation of operators Wuzhou has begun to transform logistics and process liberation program providers, and Lontro; the universe; SHOPEX; enrichment; the star morning is urgent; EMS and other marketing service providers; Call center outsourcing provider; system provider; logistics providers will get more opportunities. Brand merchants to enter the E-commerce way often from the beginning of Taobao, first in the Diving zone training, adapt to gradually swim to the deep water, and finally achieve no shop multi-channel sales, order unified Summary processing. In addition, given the complexity of domestic channels, Taobao is full of parallel imports of cheap goods, brand-Orthodox channel sales and the brand itself is hurt, so the brand passive for the initiative to enter the line, eliminate fake imports, the incorporation of online channels, since can not stop the trend to join in making rules, such as Li Ning and Belle on the initial results, Built up hundreds of normative online channels, now has jackjones;only;vero Moda China's sales right of the Ling also adopted a similar strategy, a friend of mine got the euro-time power, Philippines and other dozens of brands of online operation Rights, will also be according to the brand's meaning online to build channels unified commodity unified price unified delivery. And Uniqlo, Fenrich Dream in the domestic line only a few stores of foreign brands are focused on the Force line, the intention to quickly and relatively low cost of online channels to occupy the market.

NET Merchant:

In the smile curve, at both ends of the brand, design, channel, marketing has a higher value-added, while the middle of manufacturing is the lowest added value. Taobao's emergence of the lack of its own retail DNA manufacturing has the opportunity to channel marketing development, and the rise of the net goods in turn to promote the ecological chain of the great Taobao the continuous evolution of perfection. Taobao has solved the channel marketing, Amoy brand trying to solve the brand, open platform in the solution of the entire retail chain, this is the new business civilization Taobao mentioned. Taobao system, the net goods are divided into two kinds: seven Luna, etc small minority non-standard network goods, to profit-oriented for the development direction, continue to stay in Taobao service Long Tail subdivision, while the wheat bag, Juststyle, sheepskin Hall, such as mass standardized network goods, to scale-oriented development direction, with the help of capital, In Taobao continue to obtain resource flow, Taobao is an important KA customers and the main push partners at the same time, the gradual establishment of independent consumers, a large number of recruitment of Internet talent, improve the supply chain, improve the overall brand marketing capabilities, service capabilities and enterprise management capabilities, enhance brand value-added, become a real internet brand. In this process, and brand, in addition to Taobao and independent of the company, the net goods will be given to other suppliers and the way to other platforms, in increasing sales at the same time using other enterprises and platform as endorsement for their own letter, out Amoy and not fled, both Amoy and Amoy outside.

The future of the electric business giant competition is the open platform between the competition, in addition to Taobao, when this year also began to force the shop, Vancl huge sums to build the V has been online, it is said that Joyo's open platform will be online during the year, but also to the public giant. Other platforms, including Tencent Push QQ Mall, I personally do not optimistic about the Baidu and other platforms have revealed the potential. A mature E-commerce incubator will help the traditional enterprise E-commerce accelerated growth, connecting the platform between the "bridge" will also be a new opportunity.

Finally, the four core conditions of E-commerce: potential right, good goods, enough money, strong people. The trend has come, whether it is the Chinese online retail market began to soar, gradually mature industrial chain, the arrival of the department store season, good goods are the advantages of traditional enterprises; traditional enterprises not bad money, the only problem is not willing to invest money, will spend money; Talent team is the biggest bottleneck, the high-end talent is too scarce, and the existence of Internet talent and traditional enterprise fit problem, their own training can not keep up with the speed and high cost, to cultivate a quick headhunting, job-hopping title on the rise of two, package double twice times three times times four times times, the talent scramble is too intense. The solution from the angle of enterprise manpower is: the establishment of talent reserves in advance, to the core of outstanding staff to find a good backup, for grass-roots staff to develop growth plans, a set of continuous skills and career planning training, so that employees and enterprises grow together; From the point of view of employee value is: How to treat Army from trust authorization support, Treat the airborne troops with respect to the treatment opportunity how treats the army.

The chicken is frozen nonsense show long-awaited excrement out, the medium period writes exceptionally long, mostly is the summer moaning Cicada sound (this time I did not mention Zhang Gangzi, because he took my name in the fierce buys the net "the bluff" not to give me 0 yuan the ipad, nn):


1. This month's Web site: Vancl's V and Mmbuy dream Kee can, concern reason: V carrying the vancl of tens of billions of ambition, VANCL itself as the Internet brand annual sales to do the head is 152 billion (think about how many billion a year, Youngor), Maybe the future VANCL brand has good profit margins, but the scale of growth does not go, this in the capital market as an Internet company is a problem, imagine the space is not enough, if you want to do a large-scale high growth, can only play platform, this is a brand to channel the attempt; and Mmbuy just the opposite, channel to Brand, Lin Wenzin classmate of the female mmbuy flourishing at the same time, long thinking to do a net goods brand, this does not dress "dream kee can" on-line, even Madou are Taiwan. Gaumauli brand Business and a large number of channels between the integration, in the future will be more and more, more and more interesting.

2. This month's recommended book: "Give you a billion, you can do what". Recommended reasons: Teach entrepreneurs how to work with VC skin, how to feel differently, a very simple Wang Shuo is very popular with eggs book, read all night, check the great God.

3. Lang-Ping said that successful people read 50 books a year, I counted myself a year to see 20 books, since in the number of poor far, it is in quality to make up, the previous read the book once again: "Smile away from HP", "2.0 Times of profit model", "The Great defeat", "stirring 30 years", "re-acer"; The second made Acer; "The New Revolution of China", "boiling 15 years", "Yi Yi", "different", "Savage Growth", "Dream Jinshan", "Road and Dream", "internet business regulation 11" and so on, see again, feel really different. Of these, three felt the deepest: "Legend of the Clouds" in the "Big chicken" point of view: "You grow to Turkey so big, chick thinks you are same big, you grow to ostrich so big, chicken will think you are bigger than him"; "Savage growth" in the Feng View: "Value success and failure, play down right and wrong"; "Smile off HP" Rigo Jianhua's point of view: "To be outstanding, you have to be different," and vice versa, if you want to be different, you must Excel, you have the strength to have the self-confidence to insist on, different.

4. Last time in the next ridicule robust online, this continued BS Lotte. Lotte hit the chicken blood this year to force the global, at least 10 countries to enter the region, after robust and 250 million U.S. knives acquired the United States,buy is what site? America's 32-year second-tier b2c,09, which continues to slide for years, has less than $700 million trillion, with a market share of only 0.5% of U.S. online retail plates. Island countries play to get the mainland countries basically does not apply, Rakuten in Japan that point advantage completely can not help the disappointing buy, The face of AMZN and Wal-Mart and other big God only trembling. In addition, by the way BS some just on the line from China's Taiwan region, "China's first real department store shopping mall", played the supply chain? Have you ever played warehousing and distribution? Can we not even page to copy the Chinese Taiwan style? I'll poison my tongue.

5. A domestic department store giant's strategy for the Japanese is very, this year 8000 single/day, 2013 10 billion, or luxury, how to think? Throw 4 Data out: 1. The best sears,98 year on line in U.S. Department stores online, 09 but 2.7 billion US dollars (2% of AOL retail plate) 2. Korea department store online The best New World to do, 97 on line, 09 is less than 1.5 billion yuan (Korea online retail plate 1.5%); 3. Luxury goods bought by GSI rulala,99 year, 09 years less than 160 million dollars (US online retail plate 0.12% 4.MATRIXPARTNERS, now the most popular luxury goods gilt,07, is online, less than 100 million dollars (0.07% of US online retail plates) for 09 years. According to Eric's forecast, 2013 domestic market size of 200 billion, even if the domestic market rapid growth of the fast explosive force, you sell luxury to do 3 years to occupy 5%, brain? If the traditional enterprise to the present or the "aesthetic" thinking of the water, then you are not enough in a long time to fear, in the heap of your pride of NB resources out show off, first to set a reasonable expectations, than anything else.

6. Wal-Mart is a true TM, the online part of the 09 double, ranked from 13 to 6. Expanding category; price war; free shipping, axes sure, AMZN have a sense of crisis. Retailer also very NB growth of 23%, far higher than the new egg 10%, the new egg extrusion TOP10, new eggs old.

7. Take a few subway, see passengers have 1/3 playing mobile phones, most of them are iphones, not listening to music is surfing the internet or watching movies, and not otaku business man but mm uncle. This is the same as I saw in the South Korean subway a year ago, it seems that with 3G, wireless, smart, big screen development, mobile e-commerce to explode, anytime.

8. Love than net friends asked me how to see the group purchase site, before a comparison of VC to get a friend of the shopping also asked me the same question, I think, group buying channel is really suitable for comparison shopping sites, to the maximum value to users to adhere to users. Now most of the group buying site, will eventually become fertilizer, the value is to moisten the customers, help the hair coupons, fertilizer value, mmm.

9. The regional characteristics of electronic commerce is obvious, this point from the generation of the summit can be seen, the North China summit to participate in most of the pure business, the East China summit to participate in the proportion of Taobao merchants, South China Summit manufacturing.

10.511 mm MSN Signature: Garbage Taobao, breeding grounds for economic crime. I transferred to Sina Weibo, immediately attracted two Taobao large reply: Garbage 51, breeding a hotbed of physical crime. Quack, too happy.

11. We ued solemnly protested to me why my article never mentioned him. Well, thank you occasionally on the way to drive me home, and then throw me on the main road to play through, anyway, I wish you a Happy new marriage, in addition to you to grab a large member to let me flow of capital flow anomaly. And by the way, I love my colleagues: the invention of the small green Hat 51 men; single PV2 small otaku, thought 51 is 51JOB of pure male, be curtilage to betray the information cheated by the elder sister, a face economic downturn of the elder brother Ouyang, family fortune fortune-telling zombie brother, Belly Heige, reach Q Largo; , tea sister, singing Japanese songs, Dr. Ma, etc., ranked in the next few months, I will be with you to win this battle, do my best, I promise.

12. This month's recommended film: "Yeh asked 2"; "Three smiles of beauty"; "Training Dragon Master", Donnie Yen and Guo are my more admired male artists, the former Zhen Kung fu, the latter is very three vulgar, especially the "three laughs" in the rock version of the "Peach Blossom Temple song" Regardless of men and women sound version is very beautiful. Dream Factory "Tame Dragon Master" very much like Square "Blue", the dragon is very ugly ...

13. Fast to 618, we all go to Beijing east snapped up, issued coupons. Last year 618, there was a big it distributor in charge of it's brother told me that their company was the largest external visit is Jingdong ~ ~

14. Heartily arrived, all on the odd toy net to children to buy toys bar, I am ready to buy a Barbie tea sister, Mody?

15. Summer came, beauty such as clouds, legs like the forest, full of black stockings. It seems that we should also be on the internet to push the silk stockings, mm-hmm. Juststyle's old Xu said send me a copy of their latest licensing edition and harmonious harmonic T-shirt, I also did not take the matter, the first two days old Xu personally ran to my company sent me, hot day, very moved very harmonious. The drawback is, XXL also put on a little bit, old Xu you have no XXXL? The old saying is good: May does not lose weight, June Tue prefer September The sadness, embarrassed ... I guess I'll have to send the old cow of IDG to me. The company produced the left-carnitine to eat.

16. Song This month: "The dawn of the Hero", "Purple Chuan Record" (female version called "also Shadow") and "to do the world."

17. The recent Sina Weibo is not peaceful, with the words of carving ye is big cattle fight dusty, Zhou and David Zhang dozen chicken blood shouting each other scold fierce, this count micro bo PR spread? Wang Fang classmate said I am Outman, because I do not use the mobile phone on Sina Weibo, a ...

18. In the following people referral and DHgate chief product Officer Cheping Mr. Hit encounter talk about the hero to rub a spark, car students are Chinese Hong Kong people, has served HSBC Microsoft ebay, to Beijing to contribute to the building of Chinese e-commerce, this is what spirit? Is the spirit of E-commerce! It's so chicken cold! And the car alumni fortune Teller, it is said that his fortune is better than doing products, unfortunately I actually forgot to let him give me a life career marriage, 555~~

19. Doug's father is a personal sperm, he recommended me to see the Ching, is not to understand the I Ching can become spermatogonial?

China's trade unions are condoms and organize rope skipping competitions, the Mars said.

21. May 28, a memorable day, no words to thank.

22. Look together, the world is vast.

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