The Great Leap Forward of rural Internet: Skip PC and go directly to mobile internet

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& ">nbsp; "Shepherd" Brother: Into the mobile age

here is the revolutionary old area of Shangluo, Shaanxi, 300 kilometers from Xian, a county village.

this is my hometown.

in the deep forests, brother put more than 20 years of sheep. It turns out that the sheep must take two things every day: an umbrella, a value of 5 yuan electronic watch. If it is cloudy, do not know when to go home for dinner, if the storm comes, umbrellas can be emergency.

now, every time he went up the mountain, he also brought two things, but it really kept pace with the times: a mobile phone, a mobile charger.

"Use mobile phone can set timer alarm clock, the alarm clock rang, know to go down the mountain time." If there is an emergency at home, the phone can be handled at any time. "(There is no signal for mobile phones at home, and mobile phones and home telephones can be exchanged in the mountains.) Brother said, "because the mobile phone screen is the weather forecast, do not take an umbrella to the mountain every day." ”

remember 20 years ago, at home when herding sheep, there will always be several people together, can play poker or chess, because a lot of time is very boring. Now closed to the mountains, most people have sold cattle and sheep, only a small number of sheep can enter the mountain, the shepherd's people left him one.

However, a person up the mountain sheep, seems to be happy every day, because there is a mobile phone around. He said, to the mountain mobile phone generally have a signal, you can chat QQ, chess. He has added more than 100 friends. These people, in addition to his son and daughter, the village a few work outside, many he did not know. "In the case of some farming, sometimes, read the news, listen to the novel ..."

I saw my brother's mobile phone, is a more resistant to the gold brand of the cottage machine, calls ringing a few miles can hear. To my surprise, he kept hundreds of photos in his cell phone, with mountains and water and trees, and most of them had different pose sheep grazing scenes.

Brother said, he raised less sheep, usually, door-to-door to buy a lot of people, so, and did not think of chatting through the QQ way to sell sheep. Since last year, however, he has successfully sold several sheep through his mobile phone. "than the door to buy people every catty higher than several pieces of money," brother very excited.

I do not want to talk too much about the work of the Internet, afraid he did not know. When I said Sohu it, did not think he gave me a lot of advice. Originally he also can watch Sohu news on the mobile phone.

and his brother home, many families in the village do not have a computer, not used a day PC. However, they entered the mobile internet age via mobile phones.

QQ, Micro bo, micro-letter, not what new gadgets!

is the remote village, there are more than 150 families, only 3 computers. There are a lot of laptops, as well as 3G Internet cards. QQ, Micro bo, micro-letter, for them, is not a new thing.

Road on both sides in addition to the three major telecom operators of all kinds of 3G network propaganda, mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Nokia's outdoor advertising, it is difficult to think of the word "information".

to the village, in addition to the telecommunications Sky Wing, mobile and 2G network also lost the last signal. The young people who go out to do their mobile phones generally climb up to the mountains behind the house. On the nephew of the three, Spring Festival with mom and dad playing poker (here is my dialogue with him)

asked: Do you have Internet at home?

: One or two times in the Internet café, there is no computer at home.

asked: Do you chat in Internet cafes or on QQ? or micro-blogging?

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