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News and Information September 11-14th, 2012 (11th session) China Internet Conference held in Beijing International Conference Center. This session "open, integrity and integration-to meet the new era of mobile interconnection" as the theme, and for the internet, mobile Internet, E-commerce, network marketing, cloud computing, things networking, network security, innovative entrepreneurship, more than 10 subdivision areas for in-depth discussion. During the conference, the Great Wall Association founder and COO Bo Yiqun was invited to receive the news and technology interview.

[VIDEO] Bo Yiqun: Optimistic about the combination of mobile internet and traditional industry

Bo Yiqun said that the mobile internet is very optimistic about the combination of traditional industries. In the profit model, the current more common one aspect of the game, one is mobile advertising. But both are small in amount. Bo Yiqun believes that the future of mobile internet will be like the internet today, become an indispensable part of all walks of life, all the traditional industries will be online to extend the way, the future will also extend to the mobile terminal.

According to Bo Yiqun, the Great Wall will organize a thousand-level international mobile Internet Conference in New York in September this year, and has received a response from companies such as Facebook and EA, which will be held annually.

The following is a transcript of Bo Yiqun interview:

News and science and technology: Everyone and news friends, in the 2012 Internet conference, we are very honored to invite the Great Wall will be co-founder and COO Bo Yiqun, please thin always first say hello.

Bo Yiqun: The Friends of the news, everyone good, I am the Great Wall will Bo Yiqun.

News Technology: Thin Total, we this interconnected Congress is the mobile Internet mentioned our topic. What do you think the Great Wall has to say about the development of mobile Internet and the environment of the entrepreneur?

Bo Yiqun: I think in fact at the end of 2008, about 4 years ago, when we decided to do the Great Wall, we determined two beliefs: the first is that the future mobile Internet must be a big trend, the second is that the mobile Internet must be a global voice, it will certainly be a global development. So when we were doing the Great Wall meeting, we decided to make a membership based network. Now it turns out that basically everyone has accepted this view, the mobile Internet must be the development of globalization. In the future I think there are several areas I particularly feel very promising, such as mobile Internet and traditional industries combined, before we see more of the various applications are for the end user, they are doing is the mode of the consumer. Now we see more and more business-to-business models, which means more and more traditional industries are moving into the mobile internet. We also believe that only after the traditional industry into the mobile internet is really a big development of the industry. For example, including your present and the news, and in fact, and Dispatch is an online media, but in fact there are a large number of traditional beauty, they slowly have mobile clients, as well as publishing industry, financial industry and so on. So we feel that in this direction the next stage is a big development.

When it comes to entrepreneurial environments, I think entrepreneurs are thinking about what we can bring to entrepreneurs. From the entrepreneurial environment, it seems that entrepreneurs are most concerned about three aspects, that is, people, money and the market. Now I think from talent, because the whole mobile internet market explosion of growth, will lead to talent development bottlenecks. Now it seems that only large companies have the strength to acquire better technical talent, it is said that a better Android developers in Beijing can get more than 20,000 of the pay, for the entrepreneurial team this is a difficult thing. With regard to capital, the aspect of money from the second half of last year, investment is not as hot as before, slowly become sensible. What we value more is not a subject, but whether the product is innovative. So this is in China's current situation, the challenge for the entrepreneur is also very big. On the market, it now seems that the Chinese market is a very large market, how many billion mobile internet users, but in fact most of the market is controlled by a number of large platforms. Now it looks like the developer will be able to work well with a large platform if it is to achieve some rapid business development. In turn, only those big platforms that are really developing can make a bigger contribution to the market. I think this entrepreneurial environment, in general, in the mobile Internet entrepreneurship, I believe that opportunities and challenges are very huge.

News and technology: thin Total, when you talk about money, in fact, I would like to ask you a question. Yesterday, a guest said, we are currently mobile internet this piece is basically only input without income, profitability is very difficult, how do you think of this matter? When do you think this phenomenon will be changed?

Bo Yiqun: In fact, the profit model, now we are more common one is a game, one is mobile advertising. But whether it's a game or a mobile ad, it's not really that big. What does a mobile gaming company do best known as an angry bird? It's a very small size compared to a traditional gaming company, but its impact is really huge. In terms of income, it is now developing other new business models, that is, the peripheral products, using its brand licensing to do the surrounding products, this becomes its rapid growth of a big business. The premise of this business model is to have a very large brand value, which for Chinese developers, I think is basically very difficult, is the global brand value, this road is difficult to go, only like plants and zombies such a company has such value. Just now I mentioned that there is a combination of traditional industries, I firmly believe that the future mobile internet will certainly be like the internet today, become an indispensable thing in all walks of life. Like the infrastructure of hydro-coal, all traditional industries will extend it online, and the future will extend to mobile terminals. In this way, the future value of this economy and some of the current mobile phone games, mobile music is not the same. So I am very optimistic about this piece, is the combination of various traditional industries.

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