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Two days ago, at Granville Front, I saw a post about how to make the iphone remotely open and control the computer.  Then think of it can be logged into the World of Warcraft, so that the iphone players can use this way on the way home to enter the game queue, home directly open the group.  Many of the following tutorials refer to the original post.  To respect the original post author's tutorial, attach the original post address, interested friends can refer to (click to view).  The effect chart landing when the secret card interface into the game of these pictures are captured through the iphone screenshot, after home for everyone to complement more effect map.  Function: This method can be applied at the present stage to have the iphone user (Touch,ipad not measured, should be able to) remote open the computer, control computer Login World of Warcraft, a bit like QQ Remote Assistance meaning. and QQ Remote Assistance is the difference: you can use the iphone to control your computer on your way to work or when you wait for a bus; the computer you control does not need any assistance from others (QQ Remote Assistance needs to be identified): One of the best things about an iphone is a jailbreak, because there are two of apps that need to be installed,  Direct purchase requires $29.99+$2.99, which can be installed free of charge if escaped. It is best to open the 3G function, I use iphone4 to test, the test process does not exist in addition to the network card machine phenomenon, so the iphone version of the best higher.  [Page] Computer requirements: The higher the configuration, the better.  Your motherboard supports remote wake-up, and open remote wake-up (in recent years the motherboard has this basic function) your machine must be plugged in, the power must be ATX power supply (seemingly most of the power can meet this requirement) network environment requirements: speed at least 1M bar, or delay too powerful bird ...  ADSL students are not allowed to shut down the modem and the router to enter the theme of the following we first speak simple, is how to open the computer in your case let IP4 control your computer. First you need to go to the App Store to download the following 29.99DA0 software, how to start after downloading: 1. Create an account in (you can choose to read Chinese OH) 2. Download the LogMeIn software to your PC and Mac 4. LogMeIn Ignition 5 installed on the IP4 before opening.  Login from your Apple device to access your computer The three icons under the computer icon in the screenshot of the iphone login software represent: Remote control, access and copying of files to the iphone, viewing computer information. First look at how the motherboard is set to 1. Press DELETE to enter BIOS 2. Switch to power Bar 3.into APM revisit 4. Put all the power in by XXXXX to 5. Save exits so your computer can be awakened by the NIC and then you need to go to the App Store to download the following 2.99DA0 sleep over installed on the phone, open the software, EDIT add name and  Description fill in the following, there are 2 choices above the local LAN, the following is the wide area of the Internet [page] for local LAN is relatively simple. MAC address: That is, the physical address by looking at the router's own computer MAC addresses, Win7 words with win+r,cmd carriage return, Ipconfig/all, the top physical address of the column hostname: Do not fill in IP: Fill in their own intranet computer IP, such as mine is : OK Fix, hurriedly try must in the local area network environment computer sleep----Open the iphone sleepover---over LAN for the external network is actually not difficult, the key is similar to the ADSL dynamic IP How to deal with, but you must is connected with the router, otherwise there is no way, take my tplink router to cite example 1. Open 's Router home page, click on the left "run state" you can see currently you are assigned to address 2. Click on the network parameters--wan port settings-automatic disconnection set "0" minutes (each time the router is off, IP will be reassigned, if not set 0 minutes, routers even if not off a certain period of time will automatically assign IP) 3.  Set up the virtual server, the port information as shown below, IP is the router to your IP, and make it effective up to this all the tutorials are over.  Write in the end: This tutorial is a long time to write how to open the computer remotely, if just want to experience in the iphone environment How to control the computer, you can omit the following tutorials.  When using the iphone to control the computer login to the World of Warcraft input account password, the feeling matrix is very troublesome, because the speed is faster than screen refresh, so there is a general order will be very convenient.  In addition to using the iphone remote access to the World of Warcraft, there are many other functions, such as in front of female colleagues, control the home computer camera ... Finally, I wish you a happy game! (Digging the shell net)
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