The name of the group, which has been in use for 10 years, will be formally renamed as a good future.

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We'll start again in ten years.

10 years ago, two graduate students in the student dormitory in the establishment of the "Olympiad Network", 2 years after the formal name of the institution for learning and thinking, specialized in primary and secondary school tutoring training, from then on into the cause of the development of the fast lane. 2010, learn to think of the official landing in the United States NYSE, become the first U.S.-listed primary and secondary education and training institutions.

Why change the group name? Good future official revealed: Because of the current "learn to think" name used in science, PUI-gifted division, the group of three levels, three different positioning, so many internal and external customers have created confusion, but also diluted the study and think of the competitive advantage.

Therefore, the group finally decided to "learn to think" the name left to the division, the expectation of "learning and thinking" more dedicated to the development of the Education of excellence and science, become a synonym for science education in the eyes of customers, the corresponding "music and music" and "East School" are respectively corresponding to the English and Chinese subjects.

"The renaming of the group will allow us to travel light and explore future education in a simple way, while continuing our studies and thinking about the cultural heritage of many years." "The Good future CEO Zhang Bangxin says, nowadays, the traditional classroom teaching form already can not completely satisfy the teacher and student to the knowledge exploration desire," Blackboard + Chalk + textbook "mode will be upgraded.

At present, the group's business is not limited to all types of online education products, there are some platform-type products, but also try some new products and the industry around the education market investment.

After the renaming, the good future group's new logo, the new domain name ( also released, the group brand new positioning as "a technology and the Internet to promote education and progress of the company."

Group renamed, Learn and think of the Department under the Division Three brand: Learn and think, Legale, East School. The other four business departments remain unchanged. In this way, the group currently has seven sub brands: Learning and thinking, music and music English, East School language, Chi Kang 1 to 1, learn and think of schools, Mobby thinking Hall, e-degree education network.

Zhang Bangxin that the group changed its name to "Good future", from the brand endorsement of learning and thinking, this pair of brands is a double-edged sword. On the one hand will face a certain market pressure temporarily, on the other hand the degree of freedom also promoted, can open hands and feet, forcing themselves to speed up development and innovation.

Welcome to Internet Education Spring

As a development from the website of the education enterprises, a good future has a very strong internet gene, and at the same time, the rapid development of online education in recent years, but also has been in love with the Internet Zhang Bangxin to see new opportunities.

Zhang Bangxin Frankly, the use of Internet platform to do education related things, is his initial interest and ideals. When he was still studying in Peking University, while doing personal website, while doing tutor, he founded the Mathematics Forum website in the SARS period by students, and thus developed to line off, and finally set up their own training schools.

For ten years, Zhang Bangxin has been insisting on his education internet dream, has collected the entrance Examination (, the college Entrance Examination ( to study Abroad (, English (, composition ( And many other educational domain names, although the period has also gone a lot of detours, but never thought of giving up.

"Doing Internet education is our ideal and beginner." Zhang Bangxin that online education is an opportunity. In China, the current situation of unbalanced education resources will exist for a long time, and the Internet can provide a solution to the problem of duplication and sharing of quality education resources. In addition, the Internet has an inherent advantage in promoting personalized education. The internet will certainly change education, which is his ideal and belief.

Of course, the development of Internet education should be patient. Zhang Bangxin For example, the Internet and offline are two different speeds of the train, although the Internet faster than offline, but the front is the line, because it has been driving for 2000 years. And the internet is just beginning, so from the starting point, speed, although fast, but still fall behind the education online. When the Top-down "education" is increasingly being replaced by bottom-up "learning", the spring of Internet education will come true. (Lin)

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