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This is a saying, but waiting for a chance to wait 8 years that is indeed quite a long time, but this time is not ugly daughter-in-law boil into in-laws, but cock silk become high handsome struggle history. When the network is such a start-up 8 years, "camping" mobile internet gaming community, as the mobile Internet is becoming more and more clear, when the music has finally received a return, is becoming a mobile game in the field of a strength-oriented own user platform.

GL started to use the Android App store very early on, in fact, I have downloaded more than 10 already have a certain well-known store applications to compare, but the ultimate use of the higher frequency of the music is one of them, this is mainly because when the store originally called "Sweet Potato Game", In line with the player as the author of the game's core appeal-Download the game.

The domestic Android App store goes on and on, but in fact the App Store has undergone 2 generations of changes, the first generation store features mainly downloads, search functions, and the second generation further evolved into more powerful application recommendations, social, application management, Cross-platform, The store has a more powerful operational capability, stickiness and a better user experience, so the store has a better monetization capacity.

When Le Net in late July officially released its latest version of the App Store, "The Music Game Center", this new application will be able to see all the features described above, it launched 3 Mobile platform version: Android, IOS, WP7, and the PC version is also in the plan, can be seen as the music of the "platform-wide" ambitions, Is this posture trying to choke on 91?

According to Gamelook, the Android version of the Game Center installation is close to 20 million, this application when more than 40 people's research and development team to build, after the network recommended game applications, the world load can reach 380,000 times, the application can also reach 130,000 times a day

OK, let's take a closer look at the features of this app:

A wide range of referral mechanisms

Start the application, you can see when the Game Center interface, the interface took a drag-and-drop mode of operation, from the application of recommendation mechanism, when the recommendation of the music is mainly divided into the following:

1 start the main application of the homepage recommended. To large image mixed row of the way to give users a strong visual impact, placed in the application of this page is believed to be selected by the music network of the main products, may be intermodal or perhaps the best game products.

2 Series recommended. According to the different characteristics of the game summed up, in fact, the needs of the players have a rough advance, such as "Small fresh", "hand-addicted", "boring", "essential games" and other classifications better grasp the player's mentality, users have a certain commonality, so faster to achieve the download.

3 classification recommendations. By category more conventional, you can pay attention to the following figure, the order of classification recommended: Network games, RPG, action games, adventure games, leisure sports, leisure, chess and cards. This arrangement, in fact, is focused on the recommendation of more profitable networking games, RPG games, and download a larger number of leisure games is ranked after. For Android applications, it is also helpless.

4 recommendation of Word-of-mouth and download quantity. Praise, installation, weekly download, monthly download, the total download. First recommend the game, followed by the application, and the player rated the number of installation as the first item.

5 recommended during download. Mainly used to shake the function, in the download waiting for the garbage time, can be achieved recommendation.

A brief introduction to the application of the two-enhanced socialization and sharing

The main features of the gaming Center's application presentation interface are enhanced commentary, and socialization, as shown below.

1 Application of the introduction page, very simple to provide praise, evaluation function, simple to achieve user interaction, the drawback is not show developers who.

2 Click the player comments, basically have a certain amount of download game, the comments are very many, a bit stick to the feeling, will automatically identify the user's model, very quick to comment.

3-click Sharing button to support the sharing of several mainstream social networks in China.

Three application management, version upgrade, download maintenance

When the music downloads the management aspect, to the Android handset long-term "dirty" the question to provide many humanized function.

1 For example, automatic installation, fast installation settings. I believe many users hate downloading to continue to click to determine, install the process, in particular, download a variety of applications such as pop-up pop feel very disgusting, to use this function requires root permissions. But then again, what does root mean? It is estimated that many small white again to be dizzy.

2 Another is the automatic deletion of the installation files, Android and iOS is a big difference is that the android application download installed after the installation will remain APK files in the user's mobile phone, the long-term use of mobile phone memory will often appear users can not identify the junk file, and when the music is directly simply when, Setup can be set up to remove directly, to avoid such problems.

3 users have installed the application, can be in the management function can quickly see the game, the application version of information, will be commonly used such as mobile application location, upgrades, uninstall and so on to focus on a pop-up menu, very convenient.

4 The entire Music Game Center's menu design is also very exquisite pop-up menu, the experience is good. In the download speed, when the application download speed is relatively fast, this is the application store must have the core competencies.

Through the measurement of GL above, I believe that we have a comprehensive understanding of the functional characteristics of the game center, overall, when the music game Center upgrade compared to the "sweet potato Game" era has a lot of enhancements, more application of the recommendation mechanism for the music and games developers to obtain downloads to provide a better way, And the player through this application to achieve a better mobile phone application management, comment, sharing function. When the PC version of the gaming center has not yet been officially launched, it can be expected that the PC version will realize the function of a fool to manage the application of mobile phones, the only suspense is when the music can be the application of the installation amount to do how much.

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