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Sina Entertainment News by Shikeki, Tammy, Li Zonghan, Ling, Wu Yingjie, Shing Yuwu, Lo Jiaying, Dong Yijin starring the magic Love drama "painted" is the Hengdian hot beat. "The painted Skin" to the story of the Liao Zhai, tells a surprised heaven and earth to cry ghosts and spirits of the love, but, in addition to love, "painted" There are no lack of wonderful magical action scenes. According to the director Gao Lin Leopard Introduction, the skin of the action part of the whole play about one-fifth, although the proportion is not much, but each is a big scene big fight special effects, shooting up every scene to shoot for several days.  It is reported that the television version of the "Painted Skin" will appear in a few exciting fierce war, which involves a water war, fire, sand war, the scene is magnificent. Mr. Wang Pangyong showdown with the sand Bandits Rong was hijacked, Mr. Wang Pangyong together Rate Army save Peja Rong, in the desert and the sand bandits, during the battle, the sandstorm raging, both sides war tragic incomparable.  According to the director Gao Lin Leopard introduced, the sandstorm part will be completed in the late special effects, the director will be strange imagination into which will be presented as the classic adventure film "Mummy" in the effect of hundred meters sand wave. In addition, according to the introduction, that is, in this war, Pangyong found Mr. Wang accidentally dropped Peja Rong's jade, insight of his beloved Peja Rong originally always love the truth of others, so, the temperament changes, the Battle of the Sand Bandits, will be the heart of love in the fight, a human force against hundreds of sand bandits, big open slaughter.  Director Gao Lin Leopard also said that, that is, after the scene, Pangyong left Mr. Wang and Peja Rong, alone far away, the film "painted" before the story is over. The leading Longyun in the world of the Monster in the small only before, Yui is the first, and xiabing and summer old together. The first and Longyun love, but did not think of IS, the Longyun, the original is deep love, originally is a catch demon person. Know that the essence is Fox Demon, Longyun for their mission would rather sacrifice love. Lured into the trap to capture her.  The original did not think of their beloved people even set up a trap to harm themselves, deeply hit, is the original and Longyun war, launched a surprise world of ghosts and spirits of the first monster War. According to Shikeki introduced, "This is a lung-piercing battle, I played the essence and Shing Yuwu play the Longyun originally love, body shoulder catch demon mission Longyun never thought, his side of the lover is actually a fox demon." To Longyun firmly believe that the most also never thought, his beloved people unexpectedly in order to capture her set a trap to deceive themselves. When the original found the truth, heartache after the demon sex, now the original and Longyun decisive battle and personally killed the lover. The scene is too bad, I cried for a long time, I love him so how can he cheat me and catch me, to the end I asked him love me, he does not admit that, because the monster, since then I also do not believe in love, from then on constantly to seduce men, eat their hearts, because in fact my heart has been that love and the battle torn up.  "Director Gao Lin Leopard Introduction, this scene is the first big scene of the monster of the game, now finished filming, but later to add a lot of special effects, such as the main demon-shaped, such as the battle effects of two people and so on." SmallOnly in the fire save Mr. Wang in the TV version of the story of the set, in fact Yui and Mr. Wang's encounter early Upezon and Mr. Wang's acquaintance.  As early as Mr. Wang did not know Peja Rong, Mr. Wang accidentally saved Yui only once, Yui in order to repay, also in the fire will be Mr. Wang rescued from Mr. Wang's mind has been a girl's shadow, once saved their own. Director Gao Lin Leopard will Yui fire save Mr. Wang also designed into a special effects action drama, Vengeance Fire, Mr. Wang was trapped, Yui can only display demon Force, make the Sky rain, will fire extinguished, in the fire rescued out of the coma Mr. Wang, "small only exert ability rain part is our action effect, in our design, Fire needs to shoot the scene also need post-production, Yui cast demon force Rainfall is also a special effect concentration place. "Pavilion rounded up small action special effects part in addition to have psychedelic sand war, have heroic fire war, high forest leopard also specially introduced a wonderful water war, is also a catch demon battle." "This battle is Pangyong xiabing all together to round up the small Yi. Scene design in pavilion, small easy is good at the water, the lizard, shooting in the lake with gunpowder shot, special effects will also be added to the magic effect of underwater bombs, water column, curtain and so on. "It is reported that the actual shooting of this war will send out three high-pressure water tankers, from three sides to create the effect of the water column."
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