The People's university has received special funding for the development of major instruments, with a subsidy of 111 million RMB

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Recently, to the People's University of China, the national "Thousand People Plan" selected by Professor Bowie as the project leader of the "cold Neutron inelastic scattering spectrometer development" project was approved by the National Natural Science Foundation, the amount of funding for 111 million yuan, the implementation cycle of five years. The project is based on the Chinese People's University as a supporting unit of the national major scientific research instruments and equipment development special, is the Chinese people's University has so far received the highest single funding funds of the National Natural Science Fund project, but also the National Natural Science Foundation to date to the university to subsidize the largest single funding projects.

Distribution of the world's main neutron-scattering user platforms and schematic diagram of the neutron triaxial spectrometer

Based on the Advanced research reactor of China's Atomic Energy Institute, the project will develop a cold neutron inelastic scattering three-axis polarization spectrometer and a wide spectral spectrometer. These two spectrometers will absorb the latest development of neutron scattering technology in the world, through function design optimization, key technology breakthrough and control system development, with the advantages of high resolution, high measurement efficiency and neutron polarization analysis, to fill the blank of cold neutron inelastic spectrometer in our country. After completion, the two spectrometers are open to users at home and abroad to study the microstructure and spectral characteristics of new functional materials and new effects of condensed matter, to enhance the international competitiveness of frontier research in China, and to train the urgent talents in the application of neutron technology in China, and promote the rapid development of science and technology in China has a very important role and significance.

After the completion of the two spectrometer will also be with the Chinese People's University of physics, the existing high pressure solid magnetic resonance, electronic Raman spectroscopy and angular resolution photoelectron spectroscopy and other high-end spectral systems together to form a very special research laboratory of condensed matter, And to form a new functional material and new effect of condensed matter in the laboratory of Quantum Association materials and high Performance parallel computational physics research organic Whole, organize the strength to work together, more effectively to the country in important basic frontier research and new functional materials exploration and other aspects of the major strategic needs, For the Chinese People's University to build a first-class university to make an important contribution.

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