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October 26, Shenyang, Liaoning has a full winter breath.  No. 16th Jinhui Street, the first listed gem company Robot (300024) is located here. "Robot This company has not really heard, but Jinhui Street I know." We do not want to go to the muddy south side of the run, there is no figure, back is running empty. After a few taxi hire, finally found a willing to go to the robot driver.  Again after several setbacks, the reporter saw the company vice president, Dong Secret Zhaoliguo, his arrival of the reporter some accidents, but more cautious. On the first anniversary of the gem listing, the company is quite busy up and down. "Now for us, the IPO is a relatively sensitive period and we do not want to make too much noise in the media because we are worried about the volatility of stock prices and we are asking for a suspension."  Zhaoliguo a few questions about the reporter's question.  is the investment project on schedule?  In Shenyang, this does not seem to be a well-known enterprise, whether the local securities companies, or ordinary people, almost all of the company do not have much knowledge, and even many people do not know that there is a "robot" named "Very fun." At the beginning of the listing, Siasun robot raised 576 million yuan. In its prospectus, the company points out that the funds are used for logistics and warehousing automation equipment manufacturing engineering, rail transit automation equipment industrialization project, industrial robot Manufacturing engineering, automated assembly and inspection production line manufacturing engineering and Research and Development center construction.  All the investment projects are in the eastern side of the company. After one year, the company raises the investment project whether the progress smoothly becomes the investor more concerned topic, but the company aspect has not given the concrete answer. "The projects are now on schedule as planned," he said.  "Zhaoliguo is not willing to give detailed answers to the progress of the project, given that this newspaper is not the designated information media. October 26, the company announced in its three quarterly bulletin, the progress of fund-raising projects is still an understatement: "The company to raise capital projects in full development, is in an orderly manner." The plant that has reached or partially reached the state of use is gradually put into use to alleviate the pressure of insufficient production site. "The company originally planned to use 78.96 million yuan to raise funds in the first year. Reporters in the third quarterly note that the end of the three quarter, the company invested about 56.3 million yuan. The collection of funds for logistics and warehousing automation complete sets of equipment manufacturing project 17.31 million yuan  10.3477 million yuan for the industrialization of the automation equipment of rail transit, 13.4417 million yuan for industrial robot manufacturing project, 9.298 million yuan for automatic assembly and inspection production line, and 5.9027 million yuan for Research and Development center construction. The company's internal staff told reporters: "The company's background is relatively strong, the senior executives are basically the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Automation Institute, these people compare ' holding group ', the investment expenditure of various major projects are also determined by them." In these several fundraising projects, the development center construction should be able to end next year.  ”Subsequently, the reporter came to the company plant, the huge workshop slightly open, several machines in operation, but not too many workers. When the reporter tried to understand the specific situation of the factory, the relevant worker said it was inconvenient to receive an interview. While corporate executives and three quarterly reports have reiterated "the progress of corporate fundraising", they do not seem willing to unveil the "status of progress" veil.  October 27, the reporter visited several local brokerages in Shenyang, helpless and no analyst on the company's investment projects have a profound understanding. However, the company has done research on CITIC Investment Securities analyst Gao Xiaochun for the company's investment projects more optimistic. He told reporters: "In addition to raising funds, the company raised funds 348 million yuan, in addition to supplementary liquidity, these remaining funds may also involve the extension of the industrial chain." "Honorary chairman of the board or all of the reduction in the gem is lifted, the companies are busy arranging to reduce training." Robots are no exception.  When the reporter visits the company, the Merchant bank and the CIC staff are discussing with the company senior executives the training matters after the lifting of the restricted stock. Reporters in the public information that the robot's restricted shares of shareholders more individuals, which makes investors on the company after the lifting of the reduction of the situation more worried. The company, a senior executive who declined to be named, said on the whole, the company lifted after the lifting of the pressure is not small, but the company honorary chairman Wang Tianjin may have to hold the 4.95 million shares of all of its holdings, President Qutauqui and executive vice President Hubingde may everyone will be reduced by 1.2 million shares, according to the current 40 yuan in the stock price, Wang Tianjin  , Hubingde and Qutauqui will be close to 300 million yuan. "For the reduction, I do not encourage or call for shareholders to make their own decisions." I have learned from these shareholders that, in addition to Wang Tianjin, other individual shareholders may be slightly reduced, but not much. The executive said, "These individual shareholders may have some improved demand, buy a house to buy a car, 2 million or 3 million of dollars to reduce the amount, not all of the reduction, the state-owned shareholders in Liaoning branch industry may reduce the number of 500,000 shares, as a whole, after the lifting of the company will be 15 million-16 million shares lifted "Indeed, unlike most companies in the gem, robot shareholders are mostly individuals." Personal interest in the company seems to go far beyond the agency.  The company's three quarterly bulletin shows that as of the end of the three quarter, the top ten current shareholders in the new two institutions, but also only two institutions, respectively, is the silver Credit Suisse and the Chinese Foreign Trade Trust, and the rest are all individual shareholding. In addition, the reporter also noted that in its restricted stock shareholders, the number of shares in the second is the Stone Investment company, Stone Investment Company is a subsidiary of CITIC Securities, and the sponsor unit of the robot is Citic Securities, stone investment participation in the robot 6.96%, close to 7% of the cordon. Earlier, the media reported that the stone investment into the robot about 1.5 of the time, its profit is nearly 4 times times, the book amount from the original 25.6 million yuan to about 130 million yuan.  There are insiders believe that Citic Securities is on the gambling robot. The company stock price has the safeguard machinePeople going public can go back 3 of years.  As early as 2007, the company has tried to market in the SME, but was vetoed by the SFC, and the specific reasons for the veto, the company has not yet disclosed. According to the company's previous data, the company's total equity 40 million shares in 2007, the company expanded 6 million shares in 2008, but 2007 and 2008 earnings per share of 0.98 yuan/share, the end of 2009, the company's total equity reached 61.5 million shares, the earnings per share reached 1.36 yuan/share.  There are insiders believe that the company's financial data have "account" suspicion. At present, the company's profit growth in the first three quarters is not obvious.  Reporter in the company's third quarterly notice, the company 2010 years ago three quarters, the realization of revenue 375 million, the growth of 5.03%, operating profit of 62.6293 million yuan, an increase of 9.55% per cent, the owner of the parent company's net profit of 54.7007 million yuan, an increase of 18.09%. This, however, does not give the market any doubt about the company's prospects. Companies involved in the industry is very broad, at present, Shenyang Subway automation system, Beijing sanitation Electric Vehicle battery Exchange system are provided by the company. In addition, the company has a lot of military orders. Gao Xiaochun told reporters: "Because the company is the only robot enterprise in China, the state and local government support is very large, the company's orders are relatively full, the stock price has a certain support." "Q&a q= Huaxia Financial a= robot Vice President Dong Zhaoliguo Q: The company in the IPO, has said that the funds to be collected to carry out a number of project construction."  What is the progress of these fundraising projects at present? A: All of these projects are being put into step by step as planned. I cannot tell you the details of the progress, nor does the disclosure of information require us to announce the details of the progress. So, I can only tell you that our fundraising project is progressing as scheduled.  Everything is subject to information disclosure.  Q: At present, the company's main business in the industry status? A: Our business in the domestic is more competitive advantage, these circumstances everyone is very clear, our business orders growth is also very stable.  The three quarterly bulletin will have relevant disclosure.  Q: To the company's current status of the industry, whether there is competitive pressure? A: Competitive pressure of course, but our competitive pressure is not from the domestic, but from some foreign enterprises.
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