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These days are very busy, has been adjusting the server. No time to write a second article, forget everyone forgive me.

Wrote the first article many friends added me. Just ask me. The web game net earns is to rent a game? The important thing is to make money. Of course, no investment is rewarded. That's obviously not possible. Even do the website. You also need to buy space to buy the domain name to buy the program. It will take at least two hundred or three hundred dollars [AD: Buy space can find me. Professional Linxu server let PHP fly up], but if the investment is small, the return is higher? What does it matter?

Now if you bother to have a game if you don't find me to want. I give you a free web game, Demo:,QQ:712684030. But does not provide upgrades, does not provide bug fixes, does not provide functional modification, also prompts me to do the rental. is actually selling a service and upgrading.

You can start by making a start on your web game net. Note: The following my comments are for reference only.

1: Convert your traffic into game traffic.

This belongs to the practice of the old stationmaster. One of the more successful is the flying pool and the blood of the three countries, it is rumored that the number of online per cent more than 1000, monthly income over 20,000. How to bring their own traffic to the game, the specific approach because of different types of Web sites, can have a variety of. Website announcement, own QQ group. Own forums and so on. The concrete way is not expressed here. Biding Everybody is the old stationmaster.

2: Local Forum cooperation

This is the amount of experience you usually accumulate. What's the relationship between the usual and the Chief? This is why some webmasters are always asking me why the station can not improve traffic. Why do I have to pay to buy the weight of the station. These big stationmaster only then also a very precious wealth. I found a local forum where we had a local fire. They signed a partnership to allow their traffic to be converted into game traffic. and provide your own technology and services (in fact, if you are buying a rental.) The technology and services are also provided by us. The profit is 55 split. In fact, you can see that your local forum of the webmaster, often on the network is the kind of after-knowing. But they are often disturbed by a certain amount of resources and background. You can try to work with them.

3:QQ Group Cooperation

If you especially like a major. Often with some professional theme of the QQ group. You can also work with group owners. I'm sure he won't push the money out. Right. He is not a webmaster and will never know what the game is. This

4: Other

There are many ways. Perhaps the other side is not a webmaster, but only people disturb a certain popularity. Comrades, work hard. Disrupting traffic is the first step in making money.

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