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& ">nbsp; "Science and Technology" September 14 news, known as the DotA World "fire Captain" said the Rat King Shen Jiaqi has been exposed will return to the former Ehome team. The message was Ehome's 71 in an interview with the media.

The Rat king because of the sharp play, on the line strong, and played a stable, known as the regiment of the first engine, with the coquettish elegant play and straightforward character in DotA all have a lot of mouse powder.

Since 2009, the Rat King constantly joined the DotA team, some of the team effectiveness time is very short, but in a very short period of time, for the team to create a good result, can be seen in the example of the Rat King can not be ignored.

For the Ehome Manager 71, the Rat king in his official Weibo clarified the fact that although he wanted to do with Dai, but for everyone knows the reason, "ehome I will not go."

It has been rumored that the Rat king is likely to form their own new team, it is possible to join US team. A faithful mouse powder said that no matter where the rat king eventually went, hope that he can find a home soon, the end of wandering life, is the gold will always shine.

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