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"Science and Technology" November 1 news, Shanda's large MMORPG online games Dragon Valley Open Valley for two years, from the public since the popular, Shanda game revenue pillar, has gradually faded halo, had to face the revenue and online numbers both tumbled embarrassing situation.

Dragon Valley is a grand in 2010 introduced a Korean action game, soon after the grand acquisition of its developers Korea eyedentity Games. As a grand game of the Revenue tool, but also a grand game 2009 Nasdaq launched the first "blockbuster", "Dragon Valley" meaning self-evident. However, after two years of operation, due to the excessive development of game revenue, the number of users and income of the Dragon Valley doubled.

According to a former grand staff revealed: "Shanda in the game's operation is to walk in the forefront of the industry, the general ARPU value of the industry (per user average income) in the 200-300 Yuan stage, Shanda's game products ARPU value has reached 500 yuan up and down, and like" Legend "," The Tower of Eternity "," The Valley of the Dragon " The ARPU value of these internal definitions is more than 1000 yuan. ”

The employee also said that Shanda far exceeds the industry average level of ARPU value means that it is in the development of paid user resources too quick success, and the inverse of the number of users and ARPU value of the law fulfilled the "Dragon Valley" users serious loss of the consequences.

In addition, there is the Valley of the dragon, the player criticized: "This game is the rhythm of the brush, upgrade, smashing equipment, often just rose to the top and smashed equipment will immediately open a new version, players are going to brush this, upgrade, smashing equipment, cycle." The Guild players walked a lot in the third big version last year, in the last six months after the introduction of the new level of the game, the old players go more, because the grand almost every month will launch a version of the equipment to spend more often 1 months after the outdated, but also to spend the money again. ”

Not only that, the game itself is also caused by the mishap of the players have to retreat one of the important reasons. Because the game itself is not optimized enough to cause the game to occupy a large amount of memory, players generally use 2G memory to run the game will be very difficult. Often run the valley of the Dragon, and then open a page will be due to lack of memory and cause the game dropped. Even if all the parameters of the game to the minimum, it can not be with QQ, YY and other games necessary supporting tools to run at the same time, this for a high emphasis on teamwork with the game, undoubtedly let the player very annoyed.

There is no sign of the game off the line, but also all the Valley fans have to face every day "potluck", replicas, nests, dark temples, wherever you can see a team, there will always be players "jump", so players in the formation of the team, the team name "Do not jump car" has become the most basic requirements.

Insiders believe that Shanda to save the "Valley of the Dragon" is not easy, endless troubles, the constant impact of the same kind of new products and its own operating rhythm of the imbalance will accelerate the game's downward trend. Outside the enemy, internal constantly, seems to herald the operation of the two-year action is about to expire.

Grand games for the "Dragon Valley" problem is also not taboo. In the first quarter of this year's earnings call, Tan, the CEO of the Grand game, answered the analyst, "which game is the main source of the slide in the second quarter's guiding forecasts?" "The question clearly answers:" "Dragon Valley" and casual games. ”

As the world's most classic and most successful large-scale action RPG games, Blizzard's Wow can run for 8 years still active in the first line, the quality of the game itself needless to say, the complete operation strategy is also an important part of its success. Dragon Valley If you want to become the same as the World of Warcraft success of the same game, there are a lot of things to do, there is a long way to go.

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