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(Picture: Wang) Donews March 26 News in Beijing This kind of city taxi, more and more like in Super Mary's game constantly over obstacles, in order to reach the destination smoothly. Both of these things need to be well timed and have a bit of luck. Mobile taxi app "Shake the Car" founder, CEO Wang is trying to complete the form of a game task, so that passengers hit the car smoothly. To do this thing need to solve two problems, one is to break the passenger and taxi driver information between the state of circulation, to enhance the driver to order matching degree, reduce the empty rate of taxis. One is to set up a new game for the taxi rules to solve the peak period drivers do not want to pull live, taxis in short supply problem. Wang Introduction, "Shake the Car" positioning and purpose is very clear, that is, let passengers hit the car smoothly. Before the advent of the taxi app, drivers and passengers were not able to know each other's needs, so there was often a mismatch of time and position. "For example, the destination that the passenger is going to go to is just opposite to the driver who is going to take the shift immediately, and after shaking the taxi, the passenger's demand information can be pushed to the driver's end immediately, and the driver is more likely to take orders." On the smartphone to open "shake the car" found that only need to enter the car, destination location, or directly on the map click on the "Come here to pick me up", passengers for the time, the location of the demand can be pushed in a few 10 seconds to the nearby taxi driver. In the current "shake the Car" 60 people around the team, in addition to customer service, the most is the technical staff, they will not only continue to optimize the app design and experience, but also to ensure that the passenger information accurate, real-time push. A Beijing cabbie in a trial of a variety of taxi applications, said that the order information to shake the car to push the form more in line with the driver in the driving state, "but if you can join the passenger location and their distance, will be more convenient for the driver in a short time to decide whether to take orders." Wang said that at present, shaking the car in the user information push and so on the bus has done more mature, and then will adhere to the direct, concise style, more will be in the operation of innovation. Wang that, after breaking the information barrier of passengers and drivers, the more difficult problem is to enhance the success rate of passenger taxi, said that the specific point is to let passengers in a taxi difficulties such as peak, extreme rain and snow weather can also be successfully hit the car. Analysis, Wang built to realize that the main reason for the peak demand for taxis is the lack of motivation of drivers, "in Beijing during the period of congestion, the driver would rather find a place to chat, sleep is not willing to get out of the car, because more and more live the loss of money, so can only use the price lever to motivate the driver to take orders, to help passengers hit the vehicle. However, Wang did not directly let passengers use the form of tipping or fare increase to taxi, but set up a "bomb" game form, in the peak if the passengers submitted by taxi demand did not quickly get the driver's response, you can try to throw one or two bombs to let drivers take orders. According to the introduction, in this taxi game "bomb" setting is quite ingenious. Every single one of the passengers throws a bomb.Pay 5 yuan, shake to find a car after receiving the user to buy the bomb cost, will be cash + items + integral form to reward the driver, in order to encourage the driver in the case of traffic jam, still able to receive orders. Although the taxi drivers have questioned "shaking the car" will be paid from the user "bomb money" in part, but Wang to build calm response, "We will only stick money to reward drivers, because the current driver's enthusiasm determines the success rate of taxi passengers." Wang, the driver received a bomb similar medals, accumulated to a certain number that can be from the company to exchange for refueling cards, phone fees recharge cards and even drivers daily to buy rice flour oil. Wang did not say that the point is that, compared to some of the taxi applications directly to allow passengers to pay the driver extra tips, rocking the car this game of the operation of the way to avoid policy risks, after all, directly to the driver will disrupt the taxi market of the existing price system. And the game operation will also be reflected in the innovative function and the construction of the business model. Wang revealed that, in addition to their own taxi, passengers can also choose to "send a car to pick up", in the completion of payment, send a taxi to meet relatives and friends. And in the business model of the concept of links, although Wang built many times outside the emphasis on the commercialization, but the swing car has begun to try to work with well-known car brand manufacturers. "If a passenger took a taxi in the recent period, it might be found on the map that there would be Audi cars near you, and if they were in the same direction, the Audi would take orders immediately and passengers could enjoy a free taxi," he said. This is undoubtedly a direct advertising model, with the help of the tool, Audi and other brands to find a new way to promote, and passengers can also successfully hit the car. Wang that this kind of game operation direction not only can guarantee the benefit of the user, the driver both sides, but also can give the future development of the rocking recruit car to bring more possibility. Finish)
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