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Opinionaided is a very popular small application in foreign countries, the word is composed of opinion and aided, literal translation is the meaning of opinion aid, that is, can allow users to initiate a vote, and then from other users vote to obtain comments. Seems nothing special? But don't underestimate the opinionaided, it's this little voting app that has more than 1.2 million questions and answers from mobile devices in just over a year, 90 million responses, an average of 73 responses per problem, and even a monthly average of more than 2 hours and 33 minutes per user. ... In this way, opinionaided really won the user's preference, so what is it that the charm can let so many people love it? I recommend every day for everyone is the latest application, but considering the excellent application will be shared with you, whether for users or developers, so the author today for everyone to change the taste, this excellent opinionaided to share with you, And with everyone to explore the secret of the next opinionaided. Click to download opinionaided may be accidentally you miss, please kindly to your side of the Gemini bar opinionaided Real-time voting application registration account, ready to play opinionaided and general social software, like Before playing the opinionaided we need to register an account, opinionaided request to fill in the information more comprehensive, such as name, mailbox, the most important still have sex and birthday, the reason that birthday is important, That's because opinionaided to ensure that some votes are more professional and accurate may limit the gender and age of the participants, so our two messages play an important role in opinionaided applications. After creating the account successfully, we can complete our own database, such as Avatar, self-describing, geographic information and so on. Opinionaided registration interface and data interface to initiate a vote to create a opinionaided vote is actually very simple, users can follow the software prompts three steps to operate: first, ask your question, and then put this problem into a category, Opinionaided offers a very rich range of 23 types, including art, humor, sports, games, relationships, and life, and the exact label category allows more users to focus on the vote. In order to make the vote more interesting, it is also necessary to add a picture to the vote, or to take a photo or add a picture from a photo album, but when you vote, you will find that the original picture plays a finishing role in the vote. Opinionaided has up to 23 kinds of voting categories The second step is to set up who to invite to your vote, which is said to be the age group and gender, and some questions such as whether you like Maybelline lipstick may be unrelated to men, soAdding some restrictions to the problem not only avoids disturbing unrelated users, but also keeps the vote authentic. In addition to the 5 age groups, Opinionaided also allows users to invite opinionaided friends to participate in their own voting, which is also very good. After this complete step, you can post the issue directly, because the third part will vote to share to Facebook, Twitter is not related to the basic domestic users, skip this step directly click Get opinions to obtain comments. Three simple steps to complete the vote opinionaided the vote is easy to understand, but for a voting software, if no one can be embarrassed, but users do not worry, opinionaided has a large user base, And the latest questions that are pushed to the user in real time also guarantee that your vote will always be attended by someone, or that you can gather your views in a short time. I try to publish a lot of questions, and soon someone will be involved, or give comments or suggestions, and you can even chat with them. Just to be prompted here, opinionaided does not support Chinese, although you have published a vote in Chinese people to participate, but soon the problem will be closed, that is, to obtain a large number of participants, we still try to describe it in English! It is a pity that opinionaided does not support Chinese or try to publish it in English. Opinionaided's result tag column is placed in each of the results of our questions, the author in English proposed the iphone 4 is the most popular mobile phone and do you like Apple CEO Steve Jobs? Two questions, 99 and 84 in less than 1 hours, and everyone revolves around the themes of iphone 4 and jobs changing the world. The software will count the votes and ratios of support, opposition and neutrality, all at a glance, which means that opinionaided does give us all the advice that the software does not just sell a creative or an idea. Opinionaided can start conversations and discussions with people who vote
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